Start a Home Church - All the basics to launch your ministry

Everything needed to craft the vision and launch your own home church in 30 days or less.
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How to establish a Home Church.
Craft and develop God's vision for your Home.
Carry out what God has called you to do.
Ability to launch a home church in less than 30 days.
How to biblically conduct meetings.
Practical wisdom on conducting home church meetings.
How to conduct church meetings from your home or a public place.
Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts.
Plant your own Home Church.
Reform your Community.


  • Believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord & Savior (or desire to learn about and serve him through this course)
  • A basic understanding of the Bible is helpful.


Course Overview:
This course is designed to equip you for conducting your own home ministry or ministry within your community. All the churches of old were hosted in the homes of people within the community they lived. You will be presented with the model they used and various teachings to help guide you from starting up to conducting your own meetings.

Course Objectives:
#1: Be able to clearly craft a vision for your home church
#2: Help you identify your Spiritual Identity (How God will use you/your home)
#3: Be equipped for the works of your ministry

In this course you will learn:
- You & your group's Spiritual Identity
- Developing Spiritual Sonship & Community
- Craft and develop God's vision for your Home
- How to biblically conduct meetings
- Practical ways to activate your Faith
- Overcoming obstacles
- Unlocking Gifts of the Holy Spirit
- Reforming your Community
- Testimonies of how God has moved

What theology is this course based on?
We consider the teaching of this course led and inspired by the Holy Spirit as He empowers each of His people. We believe all scripture is inspired and written by God's Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3:16) and is our guidepost and instruction for Holy living. We consider ourselves born-again Christians (John 3:3) who have inherited God's eternal salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ by God's grace through our faith (Ephesians 2:8) and our inward and outward confession of said faith (Romans 10:9). This course is designed for those who share similar beliefs or are open to learning about them.

What denomination is this teaching for?
This course is completely non-denominational. It can be applied to any Christian or denomination who desires to start a home church.

Does starting a home church mean I stop going to my regular Church?
Not necessarily, typically only if God has called you to host it during your normal church service. In most cases, we believe you will have a small meeting in addition to the regular church you attend.

Do I have to be a Christian already to take this course?
Not at all! While being a believer already is helpful, this course will also share the message of Jesus Christ to you and allow you to become the new leadership God will use in your community.

Who this course is for:

  • Believers in Jesus Christ who are looking to start church style meetings in their own homes.
  • Believers in Jesus Christ who feel their community does not have a good church presence and know God has called them to try something new.
  • People who desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and share him with their community.
  • If you want to grow yourself Spiritually with Jesus.
  • Those who want to go deeper into things of God.
  • Non-denominational, Spirit Led, or denominational Christians who want to apply these teachings.


Minister and Spiritual Coach at United Glory International
Nick Bakken
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 43 Reviews
  • 2,084 Students
  • 1 Course

Nick is an Apostolic Prophetic Evangelist burdened with reviving hearts of God’s sons & daughters, allowing them to walk eternally with Christ’s resurrection power. By the calling and grace of God he formed United Glory International, a ministry where he is called to train teams and equip kingdom warriors for the end time harvest.  He has preached the gospel and helped 1000’s receive Christ’s salvation & Holy Spirit in the USA, Central America & Asia. He currently resides in Minnesota with his wife Lexi and daughter. He also has an Uber Ministry where he brings the Father’s love & prophetic encouragement to his passengers.

Nick grew up in a divorced home that wasn’t churchgoing. Even so by age 9 he was drawn to the Holy Spirit, watching Benny Hinn Crusades on TV, observing the power & awe of God at work. After a period of separation from God and several traumatic events he found himself crying out for more. He re-received Christ after watching a YouTube teaching, began to study the word of God and realized he gave his people unconditional love & spiritual gifts.  He has embarked on a journey to see God’s children walking in it ever since. Nick interned in San Diego at the Elisha Revolution Revival under Jerame & Miranda Nelson. He studied at the School of Miracles & Ministry in Minnesota for two years.  He has also had a long career in Operations & Project Management.

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