Start A Business in Reiki, Energy Healing or Natural Therapy
4.8 (101 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
770 students enrolled

Start A Business in Reiki, Energy Healing or Natural Therapy

Plan, Start & Grow Your New or Existing Reiki or Natural Therapy Business - Infinitely Gracious Business Certification
Highest Rated
4.8 (101 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
770 students enrolled
Created by Melissa Crowhurst
Last updated 5/2020
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  • 36 articles
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  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • How to start a new business and even grow an existing one to be a true success!
  • How to become a certified "Infinitely Gracious Business Owner"
  • Learn Melissa's marketing strategies and get access to her tools
  • Get access to Melissa's long list of business resources (ones she uses herself!)
  • How to price both services and products
  • Get access to Melissa's planning checklists and other strategy forms
  • Understand how Melissa's "5 Keys to the Kingdom" make you a true professional in both business and life!
  • Understand what business administration steps need to be taken before starting a business
  • How to brainstorm by "pre-planning" your business ideas
  • How to manage schedules, staff, as well as clients
  • How to analyse if it's time to grow your business
  • Understand where you may be going wrong with your existing business, and how to turn it around
  • Realise that you are worthy of business success!
  • Have a true desire to succeed in business
  • Have access to the internet
  • Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online
  • Be able to download and view PDF files
  • Be able to download and listen to MP3 files


  • "I have a business degree and have worked in the corporate world for a few decades and I have to say that this is the best course and resource for everyone who owns or wants to own a business, whether it is in healing energy or not." - Lisa H

  • " I have taken several courses through Udemy. You are the best teacher hands down." - Betty Jo

  • "I really loved this course! As a business owner who's just starting out this was an exceptional class to help me get ahead in my business. This was much more in depth than other courses I've taken on business especially in energy healing. Thank you Melissa, for a fantastic class and resource that I will definetly come back to! - Megan

  • "Instructions were clear and heartfelt. The information was well communicated and easy to understand. Highly recommend!" - Gina

  • "Melissa is a wonderful human being and a great instructor. The videos, information and resources available are spectacular." - Yannis

  • "One of the best courses of its kind. It grants practical and insightful information that tackles real world scenarios from planning to growing and everything in between. Absolutely thrilled with added bonuses of forms, tips and tricks along the way."- Audrey

  • I have spent many years in business, and I have run my own business. I wish that I had taken this course before starting my business - Bob

====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======

Melissa is a massage therapist, energy healer, teacher, and business coach with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in both service-based and retail industries.

In her Infinitely Gracious (+Successful) Business Owner course, you will be guided through the entire process of how to start a successful business -- from the very beginning right through to business growth.  You'll get access to Melissa's plans, checklists, strategies, and calculators which have all been designed to make your dream of becoming "your own boss" a reality! 

By the end of the course, whether you're running an existing business or just daydreaming about it, you will have all the tools you need to get the wheels in motion towards to your ultimate goal!

====== WHAT'S INCLUDED ======

As with all her courses, this one's chocked full of helpful information gleaned from Melissa's over 25 years of business expertise. The content is not theory - but real world, practical steps that Melissa uses herself.  The course is self-paced and completely digital, which means you can go as slow or as quick as you like, so it's ideal for everyone - from newbies to those with established businesses.

Once you start the course, you'll be able to access your course handbook, written by Melissa: The Infinitely Gracious Business Owner (PDF) so you can download it for future reference (because you will want to keep it handy!).

To bolster Melissa's "5 Keys to the Kingdom" teachings, she also provides you with her popular ebook Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps (PDF) to download.

What's more, Melissa always gives her students the best additional learning tools, such as: a 5 Minute Guided Meditation (via lecture and MP3 download), Pre-Planning Preparation Checklist (PDF), a Feedback and Testimonial Form (PDF),  Initial Planning Checklist (PDF), a "Making the Jump" Calculator (XLS), Set Up Checklist (PDF), Profit Margin Calculator (XLS), Marketing Budget Calculator (XLS), Growth or Expansion Checklist (PDF), and her Business Health Checklist (PDF) - not to mention access to Melissa's helpful business resources in the "Bonus Lecture" of the course!

Melissa's comprehensive manual and additional learning tools will ensure you have everything you need, not just to become a success in business - but in life!

Once you've completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures and practiced when prompted, if you choose to, you'll be able to take Melissa's Infinitely Gracious Business Owner Final Exam.  Upon successful completion, you'll receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG)!

Some of the additional benefits of this course include being able to grow spiritually, improve your self worth, and even attract abundance into your business and life!

Lastly, Melissa will continue to add more helpful information to this course over time - of which you'll have lifetime access to.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who have always dreamed of starting a business but never knew where to start
  • New business owners who need more help focusing to achieve their goals
  • Existing and larger business owners who need more tips and strategies to grow their business
  • Those who want to learn how to be a true professional in their chosen modality
Course content
Expand all 64 lectures 02:13:49
+ Introduction
5 lectures 12:14

In this lecture, Melissa welcomes you to the course and gets you ready for the next steps!

Preview 03:21

In this lecture, Melissa gives you a brief explanation about her background and explains what an "Infinitely Gracious Business Owner" actually is!

Preview 02:40

In this short lecture, Melissa explains how to best use the tools provide to get the most benefit from this course, and all her others!

Preview 01:31

Melissa goes over some essential and important course information, as well as how to contact her for support through your learning journey.

Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa

In this lecture, Melissa provides the link to download her course handbook, plus provides other helpful information for your student journey.

Download your course handbook
+ Chapter 1: Melissa's 5 keys to the kingdom
6 lectures 11:08

In this lecture, Melissa explains what she feels all business owners are really after in their endeavors.

What are we really after?

Melissa teaches you the first key to unlock the first door towards your business success.

Key One

In this lecture, Melissa takes you through what the second key is for true success.

Key Two

By now, it's time for Melissa to teach you her Third Key to the kingdom, which she does in this lecture.

Key Three

In this lecture Melissa goes through her fourth key to help you towards business success!

Key Four

Melissa explains her fifth key to business success in this lecture.

Key Five

Now that you've learned Melissa's 5 Keys to the Kingdom -- it's time to see how much you remember :)

Chapter 1 Recap
4 questions
+ Chapter 2: The super basics
4 lectures 09:02

Melissa introduces you to what she calls "super basics" of business in this lecture.

An introduction to the super basics of business!

Melissa covers the importance of training and qualification in your business, even if what you're service offering is an innate, natural gift.

Training and qualification

In this lecture Melissa explains the importance of going above and beyond with practice, as well as what Continuing Education means for you and your business.

Getting in more practice and continuing education

In this lecture Melissa explains what "swimming in your lane" is when used in a business context - and why it's important.

"Swimming in your lane"

Let's see how much of the 'super basics' you've remember with this short quiz!

Chapter 2 Recap
4 questions
+ Chapter 3: Duty of care
2 lectures 05:40

In this lecture, Melissa goes over the important topic of what Duty of Care is and what it means for you, your business, and your clients.

What is your duty of care?

There's more to this course than just learning how to build a successful business! Ensuring you take care of yourself - mind, body, and soul - is part and parcel of being a true success in life!

Download my eBook: "Powerful Self Healing in 5 Simple Steps" (PDF)

Your Duty of Care for your clients is very important, so let's see how much you retained from this section!

Chapter 3 Recap
3 questions
+ Chapter 4: Pre-planning preparation
3 lectures 06:11

Melissa introduces the 'pre-planning' preparation stages for starting your business.

Pre-Planning introduction

In this lecture Melissa gets students to think about steps which many business owners forget about when preparing to launch their business.

From amateur to professional: the Pre-Planning Preparation Notepad

In this lecture, Melissa explains how important it is to get honest feedback to enhance your skills and service - as well as to obtain testimonials for future use.

Performance for feedback and testimonials

Well done getting to this point! Let's see how much you've remembered from this chapter!

Chapter 4 Recap
3 questions
+ Chapter 5: Initial Planning
3 lectures 08:10

In this short introductory lecture, Melissa explains the importance of creating your initial planning checklist.

The importance of your initial planning checklist

In this lecture Melissa explain all the components of her initial planning checklist for you.

Your initial planning checklist

Melissa helps you focus on your immediate next step, and even provides you with a 'making the jump' calculator to help you assess how soon you can transition fully into your new business!

Your next step and 'making the jump' calculator

Things are starting to get really exciting now, so let's see what you can remember from the initial planning checklist!

Chapter 5 Recap
3 questions
+ Chapter 6: Setting Up
13 lectures 32:17

Melissa introduces the set up phase of your business in this short video lecture.

Putting all the planning into action

In this lecture, Melissa goes over some of the things you should about with your accountant.

1. Your accountant

In this lecture, Melissa goes over some of the things you should consider when choosing and registering your business name.

2. Your business name

In this lecture, Melissa goes over some of the things you should consider about obtaining liability insurance for your business.

3. Liability insurance

In this lecture, Melissa goes over some of the things to consider about joining a professional membership association.

4. Professional memberships

In this lecture, Melissa goes over the various places you can have as your healing space for clients, as well as the pros and cons. She also covers some of the essential equipment in this lecture.

5. Your healing space

In this lecture, Melissa goes over the considerations you should take in working out your hours of operation.

6. Hours of operation

In this short lecture, Melissa goes over the importance of establishing response times for your customers and clients.

7. Contact and response times

In this short lecture, Melissa discusses intake forms and privacy when working with clients.

8. Intake forms and privacy

In this intro video to pricing, Melissa provides a real story for contextual learning.

9. Pricing introduction

In this lecture, Melissa goes over more pricing components to consider for your business.

Pricing continued

In this lecture Melissa provides a basic 'profit margin' example, as well as provides the download link to her profit margin calculator (XLS).

Pricing of goods example and the profit margin calculator download

Let's see how much you've retained from this hefty chapter!

Chapter 6 Recap
3 questions

My quick 5-minute guided meditation to help relieve any stress - which will then allow you to better focus on learning and absorbing your coursework. You can also download the MP3 version via the resources section.

Video Music Credit: Music for Manatees Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons. By Attribution 3.0 License:

Preview 04:59
+ Chapter 7: Marketing your business
12 lectures 23:50

Melissa introduces the marketing chapter with a little truth that she feels is important for you to know about.

The truth about marketing

In this lecture, Melissa explains two things you need to get clear on in order to understand the connection you need to make in your marketing efforts.

1. Where’s the connection?

In this lecture, Melissa walks you through how to work out who your target market, or ideal client, is.

Work out who's looking for your business

In this lecture, Melissa goes over your "tagline" and USP.

2. Your tagline and USP

Melissa briefly goes over what she considers the "essentials" are for marketing a business.

3. The essentials

In this lecture, Melissa goes over some of the 'free' marketing avenues you can use for your business.

4. Free marketing

In this lecture, Melissa covers some of the various methods of "paid" advertising you should consider for your business.

5. Paid marketing

In this brief lecture, Melissa introduces her two suggested strategies depending on where you're at with your business.

6. Strategies introduction

In this lecture, Melissa teaches you a simple yet very effective way to book yourself solid as you start your new business.

Example 1: Strategy for new or small business

In this lecture, Melissa teaches you an extremely effective way to work out your marketing spend and how to then attract new customers.

Example 2: Strategy for existing business

In this lecture, Melissa provides the links to her marketing budget calculator to help you work out what your advertising spend should be.

Download your marketing budget calculator

Melissa closes the marketing section of the course discussing the importance of ensuring you continue to market your business.

7. Ongoing marketing

There was quite a lot to take in with marketing your business, so let's recap a few things now!

Chapter 7 Recap
3 questions
+ Chapter 8: Running your business
10 lectures 12:11

Melissa introduces this section about how to run your business in this short video lecture.

Go you!

Melissa explains how important creating process is in the efficient operations of your business in this lecture.

Create processes

In this lecture, Melissa provides advice on how to best manage your schedule for professionalism and a good work-life balance.

Manage your schedule

Melissa provides a general process for you to follow when conducting any service-based session in this lecture.

Conducting a session

In this lecture, Melissa briefly goes over the 'client intake form' and provides an example of her own.

Client intake form

Melissa explains why post session follow-ups are important for service-based businesses.

Post session follow-up

In this lecture, Melissa explains the importance of both listening and responding to feedback and reviews.

Responses and reviews

Melissa goes over the various kinds of operating expenses and touches on wages and other expenses in this lecture.

Operating costs, wages, and other expenses

Managing staff isn't always easy, so Melissa goes over this topic for those who plan on employing or contracting others to work for them.

Managing staff well

Melissa covers self-care in this lecture because it tends to be an often-forgotten element in most business owner's lives.

Self-care and rest

This was a content-heavy section so let's see if you remember some of the main bits in this recap!

Chapter 8 Recap
3 questions
+ Chapter 9: Growing with your business
4 lectures 04:51

Melissa introduces this next chapter which is all about growing your business, or turning it around if it's not going in the direction you want.

Introduction to growing your business

In this lecture, Melissa helps you work out where you're at now in your business journey, and identify where you want to go - if you're not there yet!

Where are you at now, and where do you want to be?

Melissa helps you work out if it's time for you to grow your business in this lecture.

Is it time to grow and expand?

In this lecture, Melissa touches on the topic of 'turning your business around' for those who need help getting back on track. She also includes her "Business Health Checklist" (PDF) for download here, too.

Business Health Checklist: What if you need help turning things around?

Well done getting to this point, let's a quick recap of what you've learned!

Chapter 9 Recap
3 questions