How to Launch Your First Business
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How to Launch Your First Business

A step by step guide to setting up a business in just a few hours.
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2 students enrolled
Created by Michael Marra
Published 12/2017
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What you'll learn
  • How to Start a Business
  • Set up a professional email, domain, hosting, website, social media, and email marketing.
  • How to find your passions and purpose
  • How to pick the right business industry and model for you
  • You need to be interested in becoming an entrepreneur or business owner
  • You need to be able to use a PC at a beginner level
  • Basic understanding of domains, emails, websites, social media, and the internet in general.

Welcome, this guide and course was created to help anyone that has ever thought about starting a business or become an entrepreneur. I hope you are excited to begin. 

In this program, you will receive a step by step guide to setting up everything you need to start your business. You will literally see me go to all the sites and actually start a business in a few hours. 


NO videos of someone just giving you information and telling you what to do. I actually SHOW YOU exactly how to set everything up. It is more like a tutorial than anything.  

I show you the exact steps I go through when I start any new businesses. I have done this process over 100 times and finally refined it enough to put it in a short video course for you.

The beginning of the course is the most important because I dive in on helping you figure out who you are and creating a business model that fits your ideal lifestyle.

Please reach out and contact me if you have any questions. 

Who this course is for:
  • Millennials, College students, New Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to start their own business
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Please take this introduction very seriously because the beginning of this guide is the most important. 

Steps 1 & 2 are primary components for starting a business but also extremely important in life and happiness. I want you to start a business in one day, but today might not be that day. Don’t rush this process. Everyone deserves the freedom and opportunity to follow their bliss and purpose in life.

These first two steps were developed to help you with your inner game. If you don’t have your business aligned with your passions and purpose, you are going to be unfulfilled. Think about this: If your business is making a lot of money, but you’re unhappy, is that success?

Here’s the thing about success, it’s different for every single person in the world. You will never be successful if you aspire to live someone else’s life. You have to figure out what success means to you and you only. You cannot love yourself and judge yourself at the same time; the more we judge, the less we love.Understanding this is so important before starting a business because you will never be happy if you compare yourself or your business to others. 

This guide was created to help set you free and give you the opportunity to start something, today, that can change the course of your entire life. This is the beginning of creating your business and getting re-aligned with your purpose.

I mean, after all, don’t we all just want to know what our sole purpose in life is? The sad truth is most people will never discover it, mainly because of fear, doubt, and embarrassment. So I am asking you, please, please, please do not fall victim to one of these cognitive biases. You truly have the power to create anything you want.

Remember, most of the things you’re afraid or embarrassed about, a ton of people in the world have also experienced it. So, you’re not alone and you’re not the only one who has felt those feelings before. Even heroes and great legends have those feelings too, but they also have the will and desire to persist. 

We all love to win, but most people don’t understand their potential. Life is about the journey of being a hero. In fact, we should all strive to be heroes. Who says you can’t be a hero? Who says everyone in the world can’t be heroes? Who’s says you have to have the same “career” or “profession” your entire life? 

I believe everyone should want a life they love rather than a job that pays well and is comfortable. You must step out of your comfort zone if you want to be an Entrepreneur.

Capitalize on this NEW OPPORTUNITY to pursue your dreams and follow your curiosity. The only person you’re destined to become is the person you decide to be. Choose wisely.

Michael Marra, CEO/Founder of Millennial Entrepreneur Group

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Write down as many things you can think of that you like to do. Things that bring you joy and happiness. This should be at least 20 things.

Examples could include: playing an instrument, hiking, swimming, basketball, helping people, volunteering, investing, reading, video games, etc.. Don’t overthink it, just start writing down things that light you up or make you feel good when you’re doing them. 

Now, number them 1-20(+). The order does not matter. Next, compare the first thing(1) you wrote with the second(2). Which one can you not live without? Which are you most passionate about? If it is 1, now you compare 1 to 3 and do the same thing. If you are more passionate about 3, compare 3 to 4 and so on until you go through the whole list the first time through. 

Now you have your #1 passion. Do the process again but this time take out the one you have already chosen. Repeat this 5 times so you have 5 ultimate passions at the end. If you’re having trouble with this exercise, you can just select 5 things you wrote down that feel right at this moment. The goal here is to get the top 5 things you are passionate about. 

Once you have your top 5, for example… 

  1. Spending time with family. 
  2. Hiking and being in nature. 
  3. Assisting people to live better lives. 
  4. Working out and healthy living.
  5. Traveling. 

So maybe you could be a fitness trainer and nutritionist that takes people on retreats around the world and helps them get fit and healthy in fun, adventurous and unique ways. And THAT provides the money and lifestyle to spend a lot of time with your family or even bring them with you. You want to think of a way to integrate as many passions into your business and life as possible. This is a very important step. This exercise was created by Janet Atwood and used in her NY Best Selling Book “The Passion Test”. If you want to dive further into this subject, I recommend reading this book. 

Step 1: Find Your Passions & Purpose

You should now have your Top 5 Passions from the Passion Test. Now, look at these 5 Passions. Can any of them be turned into an actual business? Can you start a company with one of these topics? Is there a large enough audience?

For example, if one of your passions is golf then that’s definitely something you can create a company from because there are a ton of people that like golf. But, if one of your passions is hanging out with friends, this isn’t something you could create a business from. 

Once you narrow down your Passions that are in viable Business Industries, you may have 1 that stands out or even 5 that could all be businesses. Regardless, now you want to look at the different business models in these industries. Going back to the golf example, you could do a variety of businesses in the Golf Industry. So, you want to pick something that also aligns with your other passions. 

For example, you can start a golf magazine, podcast, blog, Youtube channel, sell golf merchandise, create a golf brand, or create golf products. If you enjoy writing and creating content then maybe you should go the magazine, podcast, blog or youtube channel route but if you enjoying designing and creating things maybe you should look into starting a brand, selling golf products or an E-commerce store. 

Business Models that can be started in one day include but are not limited to: E-Commerce/Online Store, Blog, Podcast, Youtube Channel, Music, Art, Consulting, Virtual Assistant, Magazine, Social Media Manager, Website Creator/Manager, SEO Manager, Freelancer, Writer, Real Estate, Stock Investing, Forex Investing, Affiliate Marketing, Sales, Apps, Influencer, and Coach/Trainer. 

You can do these first 2 exercises over and over again. They will change from the first time you do them so if nothing seems really aligned and true, I would suggest starting over with the Passion Test. You’ll think of new passions over time that you didn’t write down the first time. 

Here’s the bottom line when you’re picking your business industry and model. Ask yourself, “Am I doing something useful for other people?” A company is a group of people that creates a product or service and should only exist if that product or service is truly useful to its users. 

Act like you’re the customer. What do you really want as a product or service? That’s what you should really be thinking about.

Step 2: Pick the Business Industry and Model

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 you should have a really clear understanding of your passions and a business industry and model that aligns with them.

Don’t come to this step until you have chosen a Business that is aligned, true and authentic with your curiosity, passions and purpose. The rest of this guide is the easy part. 1 and 2 are foundational elements that are found in every successful company. 

So, if you are ready to move on… Now it’s time to choose a name. A lot of new entrepreneurs get caught up in selecting a name and think it’s one of the most important parts of starting a business. It’s not. 

Yes, it’s awesome when you create a good name that people like but there are so many cases where massively successful companies don’t have a catchy name or end up changing it all together. 

For example, Berkshire Hathaway. Owned by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, it’s one of the largest companies in the world and nobody knows what their name means or represents. It’s not catchy at all but that hasn’t stopped them from growing to be one of the best companies in the world. 

Yes, having a good name is important, but what your company does, sells, and the quality of the products and services is much more important. Don’t get too caught up on selecting a name. 

Plus, you can always change it. 

Start by writing all of your ideas on a piece of paper. Send it to 10-20 friends, family, or partners and get their opinions on what they like best, but remember, it all comes down to you. 

What name feels most aligned, true, and authentic with the company you’re starting? 

Once your business is more established, you definitely want to spend more time thinking about your name and branding overall. Don’t waste time on it now.

Step 3: Choose a Name for Your Business

Go to and create a simple Gmail. You can use this to sign up for all the services you will be needing. For example, make it rather than

In addition, I highly recommend you get a professional email as well. Google’s Gsuite service is one of the best to use for a professional email service. It’s super easy to set up and you can add unlimited aliases to your email, such as joe@yourdomain, info@yourdomain, welcome@yourdomain, hello@yourdomain, team@yourdomain, support@yourdomain, marketing@yourdomain, etc... 

You pay per user but if you don’t need separate emails you can use one with all your aliases attached to it. This is a great way to look like a professional company quickly if you only have a few or no employees. 

I have 2 Gsuite Accounts for my businesses. 

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Step 4: Get a Professional Email Account

Once you settle on a few names, it’s time to check if those domain
names are available. I suggest doing steps 3-6 together.

Go to to search and purchase your domain name. Godaddy. com is the one of the easiest and most affordable sites to buy a domain name. 

Depending on what domain names and company names are available, it may affect what you want to call your company.

If you have trouble finding an available domain name or company name, you can always try adding in a short word or letter to the name like: -now, -ly, insta-, shop-, get-, -tv, -show, -company, -group, -”your city”, new-, etc… 

Again, don’t spend a ton of time on this. You can always change your name or buy another domain. 

You can even buy a few domains like .com, .org, .net, .co, .biz, .io, etc… 

I have purchased over 60 Domains from Godaddy. 

Step 5: Select a Domain Name

Again, I suggest doing steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 together because once you pick a name, check if the domain is available, and then check if an LLC under that name is available as well. You can do this by easily just searching LLC Availability in “your state”.

Once you have a name, domain, and LLC that you like and is available, you can go to to get your LLC. Please note, I am not an attorney and can not offer legal advice so if you know an attorney or want to form your legal entity with an attorney, please do so. 

Having said that, is a fast and easy way to get your company formed and they also have attorney consultation on their site. 

Conduct your own due diligence before forming a Business Entity. Forming a company as an LLC is only a recommendation. YOU must determine which corporate structure works best for your business. 

Something else you should consider is getting your Company Name and Logo Trademarked. Legalzoom has Trademark and Copyright services too.

I have created my businesses with an Attorney but I have many partners and business associates that have used LegalZoom before with great success.

Step 6: Create your Legal Entity

A website is one the most powerful elements of a business. A great website can really help your brand and a bad one can ruin it. However, when you are just starting out, IT IS NOT A HUGE DEAL.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners get caught up in creating the perfect website before they have any sales. This makes no sense. Get a simple website up ASAP. You can always add to it. 

There are several website builders out there and some more complex and sophisticated than others. Wix is one the easiest to use and gets you someting to start for cheap. It is basically a drop and drag website builder and very easy to link your domain to the site. 

Choosing a website builder depends on your business industry and model. So, if you’re starting a blog, you may want to use Wordpress. If you’re starting an E-commerce site then you should use Shopify. If you have a course, product, membership site or just looking for a landing page builder you can use Clickfunnels. 

I have 2 simple websites with Wix, 3 on Wordpress, 1 on Shopify and all my landing pages are with Clickfunnels

Step 7: Build a Website

Hosting is something you can not go without. Here’s why.

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. 

Some website builders have hosting already built-in to their service but if the one you choose does not, you have to get it. 

There are many hosting sites available but Bluehost is very easy to use and they work on pretty much every platform as well. Some companies spend a lot of time trying to decide on hosting, don’t be one of them. 

Once you grow and have more traffic and users on your site, you can always upgrade. 

I use Bluehost for all my sites that need hosting.

Step 8: Get Hosting for Your Site

Create a company account/page for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

You can add more as you go, but these are the 4 main platforms you want to utilize in the beginning. 

I would suggest creating supplementary accounts such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn down the road. However, depending on the industry you may want to get all your social media platforms set up. 

Once your accounts are live, add your website link and your new logo, which you create from the next step. I suggest putting in a filler logo, just a picture in the general industry you are in until you have a professional logo design. 

Also, start posting content and following people in your industry ASAP. For example, if your in the fitness industry, start following people in the fitness world. Look for fitness influencers, start following their followers and post similar content. 

Do not wait around to do this, you should post once per day and follow at least 20 people per day on Instagram and Twitter. Use popular hashtags in your industry in posts to get more engagement. 

Instagram and Twitter direct messages are also a great way to connect with people.

Step 9: Create Social Media Accounts

Freelancers are such a valuable asset to a new business. They allow you to delegate tasks and assignments you may not be good at or take you a long time to finish. By utilizing freelancers, you can save time and money in the long run.

Fiverr is an amazing site that allows you to outsource every job you would need for a very affordable cost. 

I use Fiverr a lot. In fact, I hired someone on Fiverr to design this PDF you are reading right now, my logo, and many other tasks. It’s a great resource where you can find just about anything. 

You can find someone to complete most jobs for you like logos, websites, videos, photos, social media, or writing for $5-$20 per assignment. 

Delegating tasks and assignments is one thing great startups do to speed up time and efficiency. 

Also, you can keep hiring the freelancers to do other tasks in the future when they do a great job, which they tend to do!

Step 10: Hire Freelancers

Email marketing is one thing that you must have to scale your business and to grow your list. 

You may not need this right away with your business, but it is something you will need once you start getting customers and visitors on your site. Aweber is one of the most used email marketing platforms available. They provide businesses the ability to send unlimited emails at a very affordable cost. 

By utilizing email marketing and autoresponders you can turn the painful task of sending mass emails to an automated system that effortlessly delivers exactly what your clients, customers, or users need. 

Your list is the most important resource to a business. Without your list, your business is NOTHING. So, build your list and make sure you set up an email marketing software to send your list of users, clients or members everything they need from your business. 

Another great site to use is MailChimp. It is free for your first 2,000 subscribers and use can export your contacts to move to another email marketing service like Aweber. 

I have 1 MailChimp and 1 AWeber account for my email marketing. I also use the Etison Suite from Clickfunnels which has email marketing included.

Bonus #1: Set up Email Marketing

Business Cards are obvious but often quickly overlooked. Many people don’t have them or wait until their company is already successful to get them. Don’t wait. Get Business Cards ASAP.

Here’s the thing, you never know who you’ll meet and if you can hand them a professional business card, you can make a great first impression. A great first impression can go a long way, so be prepared. 

There are a ton of business card and marketing material sites available. Vistaprint does a great job and is one of the most affordable. 

You may be able to find someone locally to do your marketing materials for you, but if you are comfortable doing them online, Vistaprint lets you upload your own designs or choose from designs on their site. It is easy for any skill level and affordable. 

I have done all my business cards through Vistaprint. Get 500 Business Cards for $10 with my link. 

Bonus #2: Get Business Cards