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Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock Linkedin
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Double Your Job Interviews
Get Calls for Jobs Without Applying
Attract Recruiters to You
Get Recruiters Hungry to Work for You and Your Job Search
Figure Out, Once and for All, if You Need a Paid Linkedin Premium Account
Job Board Optimization Tools
Dream Career Assessment Based on Skills
Bonus: Resume Template, Cover Letter, Fill in the Blanks Interview, and Salary Negotiations


  • Desire to Double Job Interviews with Passive Techniques
  • Desire to Leverage Recruiters to Get Calls Without Applying and More Successful Apps
  • Desire to Unlock The Power of Linkedin
  • Desire for Alternative and New Strategies for Career Growth


My Story and Why This Class is for You 

I have been working in the recruiting industry as an Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach since 2004, but something happened in 2015 that completely changed how I worked, literally overnight.

I had a client who was an Internet Marketing Manager  and was seeking a position in E-commerce, social media marketing, or digital marketing;  he could barely get a call for an interview after a year of job hunting. Before I started his job search campaign, I checked his LinkedIn profile to make sure it looked good. 

His LinkedIn profile was absolutely horrifying.  His picture was a selfie that looked like a bad mugshot after a night of drinking and a subsequent police interrogation. His profile had too much information that was irrelevant to his goals, his headline was meaningless, and he only had 24 connections. There was no way I could position someone that was supposed to be an expert in digital marketing with this repellent LinkedIn profile. 

My client was absolutely desperate for job. He was a nice guy and a good job candidate with a lot of related experience. I usually just give my clients tips to improve their profile but I knew time was of the essence and I needed to take control of his online image immediately. I got his login for LinkedIn as well as other online job boards and within two hours, I re-aligned everything, got a new professional profile picture, changed all of his online profiles to match his job search goals, and did a campaign to grow his connections over the LinkedIn 500+ connection display threshold. 

Within 48 hours he had over 300 connections and one job interview. By the end of the week, he had four job interviews and had hit the 500+ connection mark and … 

He had not applied for a single job! Not one! 

All the calls he got were from his online profiles. This method is now the core of my career coaching practice.

So what is the secret? It is just one phrase: Keyword-stacking. 

Once you learn how to keyword-stack your profiles in the way that recruiters search, you will get calls too.

What You Will Be Able to Do After This Class

  • Have recruiters come straight to you for great jobs
  • Get calls for jobs without applying
  • Double your interviews
  • Tap unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market

You Also Get …

  • A keyword-stacking resume template that beats the resume black hole and wows employers
  • My copyrighted ‘Core-3©’ career assessment
  • Fill-in-the-blank interview preparation scripts
  • Salary negotiation scripts
  • And so much more!

The best course I’ve ever been on.If ever there was a course that you need to go on then it is this. I am very qualified but wasn't getting the phone calls for jobs because my strategy was totally wrong...If you want to get the hits then get the course!” by Keith McClean

Concise, efficient, effective,With amazingly helpful downloadable content (just copy and paste into document)…Generates results, works for every industry and all job levels.” by Kevin Massabni,

These methods have facilitated thousands of career changes, and now you can use them too! 

I look forward to helping you achieve your career goals. 


Dr. Karen Gurney

Who this course is for:

  • College Educated
  • Years of Experience that Substitute for Lack of College Degree
  • Any Job Search that Requires a Resume to Apply


Executive Search Consultant
Karen Gurney
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  • 41,820 Students
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"Karen is a competent, compassionate, relentless professional who cares  about what she does and cares even more about the clients that she  represents. She under promises and over delivers!" Kim Johnson

As the Director of Strategic Development of Career IQ, Dr. Karen Gurney leverages a Doctorate in Economic and Workforce Development, a Masters in Business Administration, and has 20 years of combined experience in executive search consulting, career coaching, and human resources. Her work has been featured on major U.S. news networks and she currently has eight online classes that teach career and business strategies in over
100 countries assisting over 18,000 students in their career pursuits.

Dr. Gurney published the book Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn in January 2017. The book reached 'hot new trending' in its first month on Amazon and reached the top 1% of books sold within the first 6-months of its release. Stacked has signed with Ingram Publishing for international distribution. The author Dr. Karen Gurney travels within the United States and internationally to teach the Stacked methods to job seekers, professional associations, and universities.

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