SSH Basics for Cloud Security

Using the Secure Shell in Real Life
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Basics of what SSH is, why it used in cloud systems, how to generate your own SSH keypair and how to use a keypair in a cloud system.


  • Familiarity with using a command line interface (CLI) will be helpful, but not necessary.


This course will explain why SSH is important, why it is used and how to implement it on MacOS, Linux and Windows environments. You will learn the benefits of using SSH as compared to passwords. You will see  how SSH functions and looks at the structure of SSH keys. Finally you'll get hands on experience generating and using a SSH key pair on the platform of your choice.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that expects to need to use SSH in cloud systems but is unsure of what SSH is, why to use it or how create and use SSH key pairs.

Course content

4 sections14 lectures41m total length
  • Introduction


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