SQL : The Hitch Hikers Guide To Writing SQL Queries

Get started with the SQL query language and easily master the complexities of table joins
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (3,200 ratings)
61,844 students
SQL : The Hitch Hikers Guide To Writing SQL Queries
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (3,200 ratings)
61,852 students
Proficiency in Table Join queries
A complete understanding of the structure of a SQL query
How to write aggregation based queries
Prepared and ready to learn more advanced SQL query techniques for data analysis and discovery
How to do backups and restores
Import raw data ready for analysis


  • No prior knowledge required
  • A Windows PC or (virtual box running Windows e.g. on a Mac) as you will want to code/modify the sample queries
  • This course is taught using SQLServer 2014 Express which is free from Microsoft (and later versions e.g 2016 Express can be used)
  • Only have a Mac ? You can use Virtual Box, Windows Server Trial edition and SQL 2014 express or later.

G'Day from Australia,

Welcome, this is a SQL course that I am sure you will complete and benefit substantially from. 

The course is aimed at Beginners to Intermediate levels.

It covers all the bases for you to get up to speed with writing SQL before you progress on to more advanced SQL for

transforming and analysing data.

I will explain everything step by step and in detail so you get to know SQL very well. 

The course uses SQLServer 2014 express (Later versions are compatible) , and we all know the popularity of SQL Server and the thousands of enterprises that use it.

All data are included (for download) in the course so that you can practice what I teach and more.



Data Analyst and SQL Developer 

Qld, Australia

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to start using SQL queries in their day to day work
  • Newbies to SQL and relational database technology
  • Graduates and interns
  • Technical users connecting to database back ends from Excel etc
  • Looking to start with foundation skills before getting into advanced SQL
Course content
5 sections • 27 lectures • 3h 34m total length
  • What is this FREE course about ? it's about SQL !
  • Download and install SQL 2014 Express
  • Introduction to the SQL Server management studio
  • What is a relational database ?
  • Pop quiz
    5 questions
  • Anatomy of a query
  • Where are the sample database and script files ?
  • The SELECT statement
  • Practice session with SELECT
    2 questions
  • The SELECT statement with a WHERE predicate
  • Practice session with SELECT with a WHERE predicate
    2 questions
  • The Group By clause
  • Practice session with Group By
    2 questions
  • A few tips about data types
  • Pop Quiz - Data types
    2 questions
  • Where are the sample database and script files ?
  • Review the Chapter 3 database and model (PK/FK)
  • Brain Teaser
    5 questions
  • How to do an Inner Join
  • Prac time
    1 question
  • How to do a Left Outer Join
  • How to do a Right Outer Join
  • How to do a Full Outer Join
  • Prac time
    1 question
  • How to do a Cross Join
  • Where are the sample database and script files ?
  • Counting stuff using the Count() function
  • Prac Count()
    1 question
  • Adding up using the Sum() function
  • Calculate the mean using the Avg() function
  • What the heck is a UNION ?
  • How to insert data to a table
  • Importing raw data from non database files
  • Backup your database(s)
  • How to use the Case statement
  • Award based Course Certificates

Data Analyst and Qlik Development Specialist @ awari
Paul Scotchford
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Hello and Welcome,

My name is Paul Scotchford and I am thrilled that you are reading this.

When I get reviews like this one "oh my goodness. I cracked an Interview using this course" then I know the course material is hitting the spot ...

NewsJust released - SQLServer 2019 Data Analytics & Tableau Data Visualisation , this is a deep dive for beginner Data Analysts looking to become highly proficient in SQL and data visualisation, in this course you cover everything and the display results in Tableau.

As well as my normal consulting work in business and government I teach here on Udemy, there are 3 very distinct technology specialisations I work within and these are QlikViewQlikSense and SQL Server for delivering Data Analytics and Visualisations and in my downtime I go out and fly as a private pilot (that's my passion too) .

I have also been flagged as a Top-responding instructor which means that your Q&A will typically be answered within 24 Hours. In addition my Qlik courses are now offered on Udemy For Business (UFB)  .

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Professionally I have been delivering QlikView  solutions to business and government users for the past 8 years and QlikSense since it first released in 2014. Qlik delivers these products to the market and is an industry leader in the BI and Analytics world.

SQL Server

I have been delivering data analytics with the SQL Server (Tech Stack) for more than 17 years as this technology (in my humble opinion) is the best Relational Database and Data Warehouse (Mart) product on the market and will continue to be well into the future.


Because of my passion and experience working with these technologies in the real-world you can be assured that you will be getting first class training from my courses here on Udemy.

I am super stoked and looking forward to sharing my ongoing experience and passion for data analytics with you. 

Looking forward to seeing you in one of my courses soon.

News: Coming in 2020 a highly detailed QlikSense course , stay tuned!

Stay safe and well , looking forward to you joining in the courses.

Kind Regards