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Gentle Introduction to Non Programmers on SQL for Analytics. 1 day Bootcamp Course Begineers Hands-on. Project: New York
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This class is an ideal class for learning group by, joins, in built functions. After taking this SQL 101 class you can take other intermediate classes or classes involving functions, procedures and views.
After attending the course, you can expect to run simple group by, joins and filtering on SQL tables.
Since everything is Hands-on the learner can do things right away after learning 312 285 6886
If you are from New York City then you can correlated with my Data which is people attending my classes in New York city (Project for this Course)


  • The bootcamp is for begineers and non-programmers


SQL 101 Bootcamp is build up based on the SQL classes for Analytics taken in NYC, New York by Shivgan Joshi. Having taught at various bootcamps in NYC and gathering feedback from students this course addresses all the major topics you need to get started for Analytics in SQL  if you have never programmed.

This course will help you answer and critically think and implement:

  1. Create a DB design for your day to day work data that you use in Excel

  2. Understand what you can do and what you cannot do. Or rather how hard or simple it is to do some analytical steps in SQL.

  3. Understand Data Wrangling using Group, Joins and UNION to get data in the format you need

  4. For any data that comes to you new tools get new insights

  5. Get Excel equivalent functions for SQL commands

  6. Understand the data wrangling terms often used in Data Analytics that remain common to all languages (Python / R / SQL)

Other areas that will be introduced to are:

  1. Understand why SQL is needed as a solution to limitation of excel

  2. Connect to the SQL Server database and execute a simple query.

  3. Include a search condition in a simple query.

  4. Use various functions to perform calculations on data.

  5. Organize data obtained from a query before it is displayed on-screen.

  6. Use New York City data for running on SQL

Who this course is for:

  • The courses teaches MYSQL using online platforms and explains querying and creating tables. Introduces with querying logic and explains group by and joins in SQL. The class is completely hands on and assumes no prior knowledge.


Free Python Class Bootcamp Big Data Science NYC 312 285 6886
Shivgan Joshi
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Executive Training / Workforce Development Services

Python SQL 101 Class Bootcamp Big Data Sciene Data Analytics Tutor NYC, New York 312 285 6886 Learn Python in NYC!

Shivgan Joshi is an expert tutor based out of NYC, New York NY. Developed various passive course for bootcamps in Data Analytics, took classes at USA (New York) and  India. Training theme centered around projects, for example, your portfolio or even themes you  are doing at work in Manhattan, New York City. Very different from the repetitive courses  given by other tutors with a fixed syllabus. The outcome of such  engagement is a product you can use in your career in NYC, New York.  And am focused to build your github portfolio. Also worked at New York Python SQL Bootcamp Coding Classes (Affordable &  Cost-effective Machine Learning).  Running the Best Free classes in NYC / India. Experience in creating and delivered for difference bootcamp: SQL 101  & Python 101 Classes, Big Data Science Classes for beginners in  Analytics & Data Science, Weekend part time full time classes in  Manhattan & Queens, 1 on 1 Tutoring, Free weekend  2hrs class, New York Python SQL Bootcamp for Non Programmers (Affordable  Machine Learning).  Python is a very popular programming language used by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Python is used for all variety of things like building websites using Django Python, web scraping, data analysis, machine learning, and natural language processing using Python. Python allows you to code fast, building complex applications with minimum lines of code and use existing libraries and use cloud infrastructure resulting true use of Infra on Cloud and code that is 5 times less than Java and 10 times less than C++ / C#.

Spark & Hadoop are becoming important in machine learning and most of banks are hiring Spark Developers and Hadoop developers to run machine learning on big data where traditional approach doesn't work.

Joshi is also an active blogger at learnpythondatasciencenyc.site & bigdatascienceblockchainnyc.site

Four level of Courses

Novice 101 Course intro

This is a novice level for professional who want to get introduced to the subject to develop intuition and understanding of the fundamentals and create a launch pad to jump at advanced calculations. This executive training assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and introduces the learners with ideas that he or she can connect. No assumptions of prior code or writing code from on blank slate is needed but at the end of the course you are expected to know what you are looking for and write and read code for your requirements.

Intermediate (102)

This training requires prior knowledge about the fundamentals and goes toward application of the subject. After this training the user can proceed on applying his knowledge and experience to develop customized project with productive outcomes that can help him or her to excel at his current role or move to new roles. For example converting code learned in 101 to your own example based on your chosen sector.

Advanced (103)

Advanced Training focuses on tuning the models that you build and uses best practices to scale up for the future. For example codes should be properly organized to make it shorter and faster. After this session you can think about the best practices learned over several years based on experienced professionals. For example converting script to functions classes and uses object oriented programming and functional programming to better manage the code.

Job Support (104)

We use dummy data for each sector available in the market to closely mimic our work and prepare prototype that could be scaled up to use. Also assistance to understand different roles and market data collected from proprietary models made by us. An example is someone moving from SQL Server to HIVE and Spark for data science.


Python is a very popular programming language used by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Python is used for all variety of things like web development using Django, web scraping, data analysis, data analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing. Python allows you to quickly code and build complex applications with minimum lines of code. Using existing Python libraries and cloud infrastructure results in an amount of code that is 5 times less than Java and 10 times less than C++ / C#.

Learn Python Data Science Executive Training Bootcamp NYC (Affordable Coding Programming for Machine Learning) 1 on 1 Tutoring also available. New York Python SQL Bootcamp Coding Executive Training (Affordable & Cost-effective Machine Learning). Best Free Executive Training in NYC. SQL Level 1 - Novice & Python Level 1 - Novice Executive Training. Big Data Science Executive Training for beginners interested in Analytics & Data Science. Weekend part time and full time Executive Training in Manhattan & Queens. 1 on 1 Tutoring also available. Free weekend 2hrs Executive Training. Small group courses (2-3 attendees), free takes and 1 on 1 : Python Level 1 - Novice, Python Data Science Immersive Python for Data Analytics. VBA Macros Immersive. SQL 1 day Executive Training. Project and Portfolio Oriented on weekends and also free evening Executive Training in NYC. Upload your portfolio to get better job. Best Python Executive Training in NYC.

Our Executive Training are listed first on Meetup  and many Executive Training not posted on Eventbrite.


SQL Level 1 Executive Training for Beginners - Bootcamp New York

Please do my SQL Udemy free course before coming and bring your questions


Python Level 1 Executive Training

Create Azure Notebook Account (15 minutes)

Downloading Python Anaconda to your laptop

Intro to common terminology (AWS, Jupyter, Azure Notebook)

Hello World Practice, Variables, data types, functions, loop

Questions (Intro to adv features Part 2)

Python Level 1.2 Executive Training

Numpy & Pandas\

Importing from different sources, Cleaning Data & Handling Missing Data

Data Wrangling - Group by, Joins and Pivot

Python 1.3 Executive Training

Intro to common Datasets (15 minutes)

Visualization from Matplotlib

User defined Functions and in-built commands for Wrangling

Applying all to your dummy dataset / online dataset

Easy Revision from the notebook

Python / SQL/ VBA Small group courses at MM-BAINYC/KT/PWU

Print Hello World Azure Notebooks & Anaconda Book and Content Functions (Arguments and Return) Loops (For While) If else List/Dictionary

Intro to Python (Intermediate): 9 hours in total, 3 sessions of 3 hrs

Print Hello World Azure Notebooks & Anaconda Book and Content Functions (Arguments and Return)

Loops (For While) If else List/Dictionary Nested Loops with if else List/Dictionary (JSON) Executive Training Lambda

Functions List Comprehension Map

Python Immersive: 35 hours in total, 5 sessions of 7 hours each

Print Hello World Azure Notebooks & Anaconda Book and Content Functions (Arguments and Return) Loops (For While) If else List/Dictionary Nested Loops with if else List/Dictionary (JSON) Executive Training Lambda Functions List Comprehension File Handling Web Scraping Exception handling SQLite Capstone Project for Github Portfolio
Python Data Science Pandas Numpy Matplot Addon: 9 hours in total, 3 sessions of 3 hrs
SQL Level 1 - Novice: 3 hrs / Intro to SQL 9 hrs / SQL Immersive 35 hrs


Python Level 1 - Novice and Object Oriented Python Advanced Python 102 SQL Basics
Machine Learning Level 1 - Novice Executive Training Fundamentals Scikit Learn
EDA Charting using Matplot, Seabourne and Pyplot Python Analytics Level 1 - Novice
Python Pandas for Analytics (SQL and Excel equivalence) Level 1 - Novice
Regression and Logistic Regression - Python and the Math Behind Level 1 - Novice
SV, Stochastic Gradient Descent, Naive Bayes Executive Trainingification
Decision Trees and Random Forest Ensemble Models Executive Training Level 1 - Novice
Unsupervised Learning Clustering K-means Neural Network Executive Training Level 1 - Novice
Dimension Reduction using PCA, Lasso and Ridge Executive Training Level 1 - Novice
Big Data Hadoop Spark Mapreduce Executive Training Level 1 - Novice
Natural Language Processing Executive Training Level 1 - Novice
Web Scraping Python Executive Training using beautifulsoup and selenium web driver Level 1 - Novice
Tensor Flow and Keras Neural Network Executive Training Level 1 - Novice
Django Level 1 - Novice, Flask Python for Web Development Executive Training Level 1 - Novice

Full day Course schedule:

Sunday Python Part 1 & Part 2

Monday: Blockchain / Solidity / DApp / Crypto Investing

Tuesday: Pandas Data Analytics & Wrangling Clearning Time Series

Wed: Hadoop Big Data / SQL (Hive Pig) / Scala

Thursday: VBA Macro (Excel Analytics)

Friday: Machine Learning (Regression Executive Trainingification)

Saturday: Hadoop Big Data / SQL (MySQL, SQlite)


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