Teacher Cecile - Arithmetic Bonds for Improved Accuracy

Re-Building Foundations From The Beginning
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Memorize Arithmetic Bonds For Accurate Mental Calculations.
Eliminate Counting On Fingers. Use Memory Recall For Accuracy.
Mental Accuracy Will Result In Quicker Completion Of Tests & Exams.
Build A Strong Foundation For Future Grasping Of Math Concepts.


  • Counting up to 100.
  • Read Numbers up to 100.
  • Basic Understanding of + , - and = Signs.


The beginning of the Maths journey starts here. Whether you are re-building your skills from the start, or just setting out on your Maths curriculum for the first time.  Arithmetic bonds are the foundation to Maths success. Know all the rules of Maths and you will begin to see positive results. This course explains the fundamental most basic first rules which lead to accuracy for the balance of your Maths journey going forward. Follow up courses will build the next rules and knowledge as you walk the journey with me.

Who this course is for:

  • Students Who Want To Improve Accuracy & Grades Through Better Understanding.
  • Home School Students Who Need Additional Guidance.
  • Senior Students Who Need Better Understanding Of Arithmetic Concepts.
  • Pre-K Students Who Need Additional Stimulation

Course content

2 sections22 lectures2h 40m total length
  • Plus 1 Bonds
  • Plus 2 Bonds
  • Plus 3 Bonds
  • Plus 4 Bonds
  • Plus 5 Bonds
  • Plus 6 Bonds
  • Plus 7 Bonds
  • Plus 8 Bonds
  • Plus 9 Bonds
  • Plus 10 Bonds
  • How Plus Bonds Fit Together


Teacher Cecile
Cecile Lewis
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I have been involved in Maths Education for 30 years. I own and manage a learning center which focuses on re-building & strengthening students in Maths. My step-by-step approach, combined with practise worksheets for mastery, has re-built many pupils and opened up Maths doors for them. My students have requested that I place my courses online for easy access.  I believe that every person can do Maths if they undertand the rules. If you play a boardgame using the rules you can win. The same is true of Maths. Too often I see pupils who have not learn't all the rules and then they battle on and assume that they cannot do Maths. Learn every little rule from the beginning - these little rules still apply in senior school Maths. Let's go back to the basics and re-build you into a pro! When Children understand that all the concepts taught in class are connected together they tend to have a 'light bulb' moment. Usually this is when they focus more and are keen to see how Maths concepts work together. These courses are designed to show these connections to the students.