Spiritual Coaching - Sacred Spiral
4.4 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Spiritual Coaching - Sacred Spiral

Gain deeper insight and practical Spiritual Knowledge regarding our true nature and for dealing with everyday life
4.4 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
652 students enrolled
Created by Paul Carlos
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Gain Spiritual knowledge to help effectively relate to and deal our-selves as well as with life's greater and lesser challenges. The material presents practical information and methods for working with ourselves for self-growth. We use altered states of awareness such as Deep Meditation, Internal Dialogue Engineering, Everyday Life Setting and more.
  • Open to everyone

This Spiritual Coaching course introduces the central Sacred Spiral themes I work with as a mentor. The course can help many folk with the common issues we all face in life such as relationships, work and career problems, meaning to life and fulfillment and happiness and other.

However, more importantly, the course includes information and knowledge along with many tools and techniques that will take us from the common identification with a transient personal self that we all start out with, and guide us into a firm and grounded knowledge and identification with a permanent 'Spiritual Self'.

From the Yogic perspective, Deep Meditation and its related areas of relevance such as relaxation, visualization, contemplation and out of body experience, form an integral aspect of all serious Spiritual work.

The popular topic of Psychedelics is covered with pro's and con's of this brave new, yet also ancient, method and completion of ourselves as whole Spiritual, Cosmic beings. This transition is really the number one basis for finding a real, lasting and deep meaning amidst all of life's challenges, and once properly achieved, will greatly empower us to move very positively and effectively in response to any situation and condition that arises.

This Spiritual Coaching course forms an integral aspect of our Level Two and Level Three Yoga Teachers Training program.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone needing Spiritual Guidance and practical methods and information to embark on a journey of self discovery and empowerment.
Course content
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+ Introduction
12 lectures 01:00:23

This lecture gives an introduction, what to expect and motivation for, treading a spiritual path and why this is a natural evolutionary step for all of us to take. To not take up spirituality, especially in todays global climate, is to take a stance against the natural laws of the Universe. Life and our experience of it and ourselves, will simply be a lot harder and we will be a lot more frustrated than necessary.

About Spirituality and why embark on this quest

This module addresses: conditioning, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, intentions, feelings, emotions, our 'buttons' & reactive behaviours, general behaviours, sub conscious mind, conscious mind, super conscious mind, spirit and consensual reality.

Awareness and Consciousness

This important lecture looks at the dynamic differences between our personal self and our spiritual self. Naturally this knowledge is vital to making accurate distinctions and understanding our roles as we endeavour to live a spiritual way in the world.

Social Self vs Spiritual Self

Most of us are unaware of the true nature of apparent reality, the immediate, physical reality we apprehend that seems so absolutely real and unquestionable. So of course we all take our current circumstances and conditions very seriously, whether they are percieved to be good or bad or somewhere in between. In this module I address the underlying nature of our circumstances and what it all means from a spiritual perspective.

Circumstances and conditions in life.

This is probably one of the biggest areas where folk struggle. The primary relationship of our lives is the one with ourselves. So this naturally needs to be addressed before we can really deeply hope to have fulfilling, meaningful or simply effective relationships with others.


Modern science tells us that we all use approximately only 5% of our total mind in a fully conscious  way. The other 95% is made up of various auto-pilot programs. So in this module I look into this a bit deeper and also introduce the notion of a third mind - the super conscious. The material includes tools and techniques to help us gain knowledge of how to effectively leverage these three levels of mind we all have for a more fulfilled, joy-filled and meaning-filled life.

The Sub-Conscious Mind, Conscious Mind and Super-Conscious Mind

One of the big issues with the consensual reality we all have to live in, is that your perception and understanding may not be mine. Your meaning and values may not be mine. Especially in the modern day work environment, but also inter-personally, knowledge in this area can be highly useful.

This module looks at ways we can understand what is happening and begin to skillfully navigate through the daily maze of consciousness as it occurs.

About Perception and Understanding

This ancient system of describing the energetic 'vortices' that act as transformers into and out of our physical bodies from our electro-magnetic fields, gives us a superb model to frame our endeavours to achieve coherence on all levels of our being. Practical advice and discussion is given regarding the ways in which these important levels of our being express and interact with each other into our daily lives.

See also our video resource section later in the course for downloadable chakra meditation and chants that you use for your private sessions.

Preview 09:34

I have chosen here to use the ancient Toltec concept of Tonal and Nagual since this description seems to fit far more comprehensively than the Western idea of Spirit and Matter. In the final analysis however, the concept is really the same as God and His Creation or Infinite Intelligence and the Manifested Universe.

About the Tonal and the Nagual

Psychedelics and other artificial methods of altering our consciousness are gaining huge popularity recently. This article looks at some of the pro's and con's and offers a perspective. Included are great video links and an Mp3 Guided Meditation to help you on your way with this endeavour.

Psychedelics and other means of altering states of consciousness

Quantum physics and other related sciences that are beginning to study and include the field of consciousness, are all coming to the conclusions that the true nature of Time, Space, Energy and Matter are not at all what we have believed in the past. Linear Time for example, is only applicable from within the farthest extremity, or most dense level, of physical matter. Once we alter consciousness in some way, Linear Space, matter and Time chnage as well. And so of course does our perception of the manifest realms. In this lecture we explore these fascinating new areas of reality further and discuss relations to various ancient systems of spirituality and Metaphysics

About Linear Space, Time and Matter

From both a Spirituality standpoint and the discoveries of cutting edge science, what is emerging is knowledge of the specific vibrational 'signature' of the Universe. This includes naturally our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours as 'frequency generators'.

The module addresses this as a serious topic for inclusion in our Spiritual practice and knowledge and understanding of ourselves, life, the Universe and everything.

About Vibration and Frequency
+ Toolbox
12 lectures 56:26

This is based on a real session with a client over one hour. The material has been altered slightly where applicable in order to maintain the client's confidentiality and render the content relevant to a wide audience.

I have included this to give our readers a better crystalised view of some of common issues that come up with folk. These kinds of difficulties really are quite prevalent and I'm trusting that many of you will benefit from having this made available, as well as the entire course as a whole.

Sample Coaching Session with Paul Carlos

Many folk get very confused when the subject of masculine and feminine comes up. The first line of perception always seems to be to default to gender. In reality these are two different states of awareness that exist throughout all levels and dimensions of the universe and are therefore absolutely present and capable of deliberate assemblage within both males and females.

The module looks at the inner workings of these states and how we can all begin to leverage them within our own psycho-sphere.   

Masculine and Feminine

Use these  'moods' as tools to deliberately naviagte skillfully through all the various shades of daily life consciousness. As we consciously evolve our own consciousness, we automatically have an impact on those around us. By uplifting ourselves, we have a spin off effect and uplift others. The module discusses the moods and gives examples that we can all relate to.

Using Moods and Attitudes

This module looks at the vital tools of Relaxation, Contemplation, Visualisation and Deep Meditation. These are really foundational practices for making progress on our spiritual path. Mp3 Guided and Subliminal Audios are included for you to work with.

About Meditation, Relaxation, Visualisation and Contemplation

A simple, yet deeply profound formula is given in this module that will enable us to very quickly asertain whether we are on the right track spiritually for our soul's purpose and living a fulfilled and meaningful, heart governed life.

A Path with a Heart

From Quantum Physics to Esoteric Spirituality, both modern and ancient streams of knowledge, the idea of the apparent reality world we all know as our mundane reality, contains the theme that in essence, our deep nature as humans is to 'reflect'. This means on some level that what we 'see' around us is like looking into a mirror. The images we apprehend are facets and projections of our very 'selves'.

This module goes into this concept a little further and offers some tools to begin working with this all important element of spirituality.

Working with Mirrors

Once we understand exactly what metaphor and symbol is, we start 'seeing' them virtually wherever we look. This module delves into ways that that symbols play out in our lives and how we can begin to take advantage of this knowledge for our own upliftment and the inevitable uplifting spin off to those around us. 

Working with Symbol, Metaphor, Allegory and Archetypal energies.

Like climbing up to the top of a mountain and looking down on a village, the cars and people and houses all look so small. A change of perspective often gives us break, a breath of fresh air and can be invaluable to navigating through difficult times and circumstances in our lives.

Zoom out 1000 Yards

Using our personal death to inform our daily and life priorities and actions, can be a powerful tool for personal growth and change. Not meant in any kind of negative sense, but as a primal technique for gaining sobriety both within smaller life situations and the bigger picture of our lives.

Using Death as our best advisor

Perfectionism is a closely allied associate of choosing or competing 'against' another. This is how our Western culture actually maintains separatism, territorialism and competition that underlies basically every area of our modern society.

The line of development of a separatist mind-frame soon turns into aggression, division and racism, acrimony and then violence and eventually, the vicious tragedy of outright war. Thankfully we have an alternative choice of an operating system in the concept of Impeccability.

Impeccability vs Perfectionism

Many traditions use a 'four directions' model to ascribe various qualities, techniques, propensities and more. The concept probably arose originally among native american cultures and then spread around from there as we became more and more 'integrated' in recent times. The model I discuss here is extremely useful as a reference point and anchor for working with the evolution of our own awareness and consciousness.

The Four Directions

O.B.E (Out Of Body Experiences) and Lucid Dreaming are excellent, fully in-control altered states. The biggest plus here is that they offer us access to deeply altered states while remaining fully in control of our awareness at all times. This is a superb opportunity to explore the nature of reality and consciousness and answer the age old questions of who am I, where did I come from and where am I going to?

See our video section for downloadable video/audio resources that you can practice at home.

Dreaming, OBE, Lucid Dreaming
+ Video Meditations
3 lectures 01:09:23

Regular use of this guided Deep Meditation will greatly assist you to become familiar with closely allied yet altered from normal, states of awareness. Out of Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming as well as Deep Meditation are vital altered states that will bring Spiritual insight and profound realignment of our perception and understanding of ourselves as to our true nature, destiny and purpose in physical life.

Preview 45:15

Use these ancient Chakra Balancing Chants to individually and collectively align and invigorate all seven of the major electro-magnetic centres within our pranic field (energy field)

Chakra Balancing Chants

Use this Cakra Meditation as a part of your regular practice. Early mornings are best before the business of the day has started. The time around dawn is powerful with the withdrawn, quiet energy of the night giving way to the rising, bright energy of daylight and the rising sun. If you specifically wish to calm, centre and relax, the time around sunset would be more beneficial since the turning of the day to night will enhance lowering your overall psychic signature.

Chakra Meditation
+ Getting started and the support that we offer
3 lectures 04:26

Where do we even begin with all this material? This module looks at where to start and helps new students gain some initial clarity and get some priorities in place.

Pick a point and call it the beginning.

This lecture outlines what we are able to offer our students in terms of personal support as well as freely available Mp3's for your personal use. Included is some information on how you can empower yourself to the next level.

The support that we offer our students
Bonus Lecture