Speaking with God - A New Awareness

Reclaim your reverence for the Universe
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Relate to your inner reverence
Speak with clarity and sincerity
Contended with the existential and comic experiences of life
Open to larger forces


  • No previous still required, however, a basic experience of Meditation is recommended


Each of us has within us, a way of speaking that is dependent on our life condition

We all have a need to say things with sincerity

Reclaiming a respect for life and existence is critical to spiritual intelligence

It is by the process of Speaking with God that we make that journey

It is with the voice of reverence that you:

  • Evaluate your relationship to the world

  • Find your respect for something bigger than you

  • Humble yourself consciously

  • See what is deeper than words alone

  • Express what is meaningful and significant

There are many roles in our society, many of which are based on the fact that certain things need to be said. The comedian has something to say that we can laugh at. The news anchor has something to say that we must know, but not be too disturbed by. The reverend, in the past, had something to say to be sincere about.

So we learn to find our own sincerity

It is with the voice we use when Speaking with God that we discover this sincerity

You will find:

  • How to express what is inspiring to you

  • How to express what is true and meaningful to you

  • How to sense when your words have depth

  • How to feel the weight behind your words

This course is full of foundational concepts, methods and ideas that work wonders with establishing a strong and adaptive spiritual intelligence

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Who this course is for:

  • Seekers of existential truth


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I have studied Meditation, Awareness, Tai Chi and Consciousness Techniques with some of the worlds best instructors, including a 10 month residency at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India

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