What Teacher and Learning Style Fits You?

Learn Music in Weeks not years by finding what learning style and teacher style is best for YOU.
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Think differently about how and why you learn music
Decide what style of music education is right for you
Understand the differences and benefits of conventional music teaching and creative music teaching


  • Students just need an open mind and desire to learn


The Speaking Music Philosophy course is about educating people on different ways of learning music. There are a lot of different reasons people teach the way they do and understanding that will help you pick a good teacher for yourself. No one wants to waste thousands of dollars and years of there life with a teaching system that isn't working for them. 

There are a lot of people out there that don't think they can learn music. Maybe someone told you one these things before;

  • You can't play piano because your hands are too small.
  • You need a high voice to be a good singer.
  • You can't hear pitch so you can't learn to sing.

This list could go on for ever. These are people who don't see you and what you want to do. They don't understand music no matter how many degrees they may have. We will learn in this course what is required to be a musician and it isn't big hands. What method is good for you is it Pianoforall which is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level or something else

 We will go over what instrument may be best for you. 

Who this course is for:

  • This Speaking Music Philosophy course is great for someone who is searching for new ways to learn music
  • This is not a course for someone to learn a single song or become the pop worlds next idol. It's about learning music as a lifestyle.
  • This is a great course for someone who is unsure about whether they are to old, to young, or don't have the talent to learn music
  • This is a great course for a good musician to learn a new style especially if they are thinking about teaching music themselves

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About the Owner Micah Blake

I believe in learning the things you are interested in. This belief has brought me to many amazing things in life. I think you have the ability to learn anything and do anything you want in life. As I learn things I teach them to others. After I have taught the same thing over and over I decide to get it down on video so anyone can learn it too.

   Whether you want to learn music, start a small business, or learn divination I have resources to help you out. I enjoy learning and I hope you can have fun learning from me.

   Decide what your dream is and go and get it.