Speak Up With Confidence For More Success

Get what you deserve with powerful, honest, and polite communication skills to boost your career.
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Stop people pleasing so you can get ready to speak up
Identify when you are too nice
Say No politely
Speak up in meetings with ease
Project confidence and assertive body language
Adopt assertive communication


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Are you agreeable, nice, kind, hard-working, smart... but also lack confidence, feel overwhelmed, and feel undervalued?

Do you work on things that no one else wants to work on even with less resources, but still gets very little appreciation and recognition from others, is passed over for promotion for someone who works less and has less experience, isn’t heard by others, gets interrupted frequently, and isn’t respected either?

Do you feel that you have so much more potential to share that others don't see?

Then, you need to speak up more.

And I know, it can be difficult, scary, challenging.

You fear judgement, you fear retaliation, you'll feel guilty. That's ok.

The truth is that people who speak up are more confident, have more time, get more promotions, get more recognition and appreciation, are more respected by others, are not interrupted, get more resources, and so much more. They have more authentic and meaningful relationships.

This course will introduce you to how to speak up with confidence so that you can have the life and career you deserve.

You will learn to stop people pleasing, know when you are too nice, say no politely, speak up in meetings with ease, project confidence, adopt assertive body language and communicate assertively.

Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals and business people who want to develop the courage and confidence to speak up for themselves, for what they believe in, and for others.
  • Corporate professionals who want to accelerate their career
  • People who want to have meaningful and positive work relationships

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The founder of Assertive Way LLC, Ivna, didn’t allow her severe passivity, shyness and social anxiety impede her to experience school and corporate career across 4 continents, 5 countries, 9 cities and 5 industries.

Through a lot of self-reflection and diverse experiences, she was able to overcome the challenges that could have held her back from having a fulfilling life. Now she feels emotionally free with assertive, confident beliefs and attitudes.

She noticed the critical role of assertive communication in realizing the potential of colleagues, employees and on herself. She then decided to fulfill her mission of helping others to realize their potential by becoming more confident and assertive.

She has an MBA from INSEAD in France / Singapore and an Engineering degree from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) in Brazil.