Speak Thai from Day One - A Complete Beginner's Course
4.3 (351 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,224 students enrolled

Speak Thai from Day One - A Complete Beginner's Course

Your ultimate guide to help you start off the right track and develop your Thai skills with confidence.
4.3 (351 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,224 students enrolled
Created by Jantawee Supha
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Speak Thai using simple expressions and greetings.
  • Pronounce all sounds in Thai language correctly.
  • Recognize tones in the Thai words.
  • Make simple sentences, ask questions, and have simple conversations in Thai.
  • Learn how to count in Thai.
  • You need a computer with high speed internet.
  • You might need a notebook to write down what you learned and practice vocabulary in your own time.

Learning a new language can be overwhelming when you are not familiar with the new structure and the sound of the language. This course is designed for beginners who has ZERO knowledge in Thai.  I will help you start off with the right amount of information and the right method so you have a strong foundation, then you can reach your learning goal faster.

The course covers everything that you need to know to start speaking Thai.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Speak Thai using basic greetings and expressions.

  • Make the right pronunciation so you are understood by Thai people. 

  • Understand the basic principle of Thai script and how words are created. 

  • Have real Thai conversations using simple sentence structures. 

  • Expand your vocabulary list and get to speak more Thai in the future!

This method will boost your CONFIDENCE and help you REACH FLUENCY FASTER. 

Although there is no shortcut in learning a new language, but you can learn better by having the right system that works for you.  It takes time and effort to become good at a new language, just like anything in life.  You won't be speaking Thai fluently right away but I promise you that you will understand the basics and how to plan your study to make language learning an easy and fun process for yourself.  I will be guiding you through the whole process from the beginning to the end.  The course will cover: 

  • The common problems new beginners face and how to avoid them. 

  • Thai pronunciation and how to learn tones. 

  • The basic of Thai script explained in a simple way. 

  • Basic greetings and expressions. 

  • How to create simple sentences and expand your vocabulary as you move forward. 

And of course, you can ask any questions along the way. 

Are you excited to learn Thai? Let’s get started now! 

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for a complete beginner who is interested in learning Thai for the first time.
  • This course is not for those who already have basic or advanced knowledge of Thai language.
Course content
Expand all 56 lectures 02:59:43
+ Thai Language : The Basics
6 lectures 22:59
Welcome! Here's how to use the course.

In this lesson you will learn the important character of Thai language and how it is different from English. 

Preview 03:10
The nature of Thai sound.
2 questions

In this lesson, you will learn about phonetic systems used in many textbooks and study materials.  You will learn the pros and cons of using it and how to use it to help with your pronunciation. 

Preview 05:34
Thai phonetics.
2 questions

Learn simple ways Thai words can be made.  I'm going to show you the big picture of Thai script so you see how it works.

Thai script made easy! Learn how Thai words are structured in a simple way.

In this lesson, you will learn the reasons why speaking Thai is easy.  I hope they motivate you and get you excited to learn more!

Learning to speak Thai is easy. Here are the reasons why!
Recap on Section 1
1 question
+ Thai pronunciation 101
5 lectures 20:45

We are going to cover all the sounds in the alphabet, but not all the letters in the alphabet.   If you have any challenges pronouncing any sound, please let me know and I will find a way to help you make the correct pronunciation. 

The alphabet. Do you have any problem with any of these sounds?
Your first set of flashcards.

These are the sounds of basic vowels. You don't need to memorize the character of each vowel yet. Focus on getting used to the short and long vowel which are the character of Thai words. 

Thai Vowels
Vowel flashcards

Here I am giving you some tricks to help you understand each tone. It's like learning music. I hope that they help you to understand the difference between each tone. If not, you have time to tune your ears to get used to this new accent. 

Tones. Tips to help you recognize the them every time!
Thai pronunciation 101
3 questions
+ Let's speak Thai !
14 lectures 41:41

This is how Thai talk. Can you imitate my accent? :)

Once you finished this lesson, download the "Section 3's Note" PDF file.  It's for the rest of the lessons in this section. 

Speak like a Thai. Here's an important tip you can't miss.

Learn how to be polite when you speak Thai. Just use this word and you will sound nice instantly!

How to sound nice and polite when you speak Thai.

Do Thai people really say "how are you"? Learn how to say "how are you?" in Thai.

How are you?

How to say "hello" in Thai. How Thai use this word in different situations. 

How to greet in Thai.

How to say "thank you" and respond to a "thank you" in Thai.

How to thank and receive thanks from someone.

Learn how to say "sorry" in Thai, and respond to an apology when someone say it to you. 

How to apologize and respond to an apology.

Learn how to say "goodbye" and "see you later" in Thai. 

Please note that I added a note in the PDF file for this section that you can also you the word "sà-wàt-dee" when you need to leave in a formal situation too. 

How to say goodbye in different situations.
Flashcards : Basic Greetings

How to say "I" and "you" in a conversation.

How to address yourself and another person in a conversation.

This is an example of how to make simple sentences and create a dialog that can be used for practicing conversation in Thai.  We start off with simple words, then add a common English word in the blank space of the sentence we created. Then you have a conversation!  This method can be applied to many conversation topics different different sentence forms. You will see more of this in the next section.  I hope you enjoy the lesson!

Your first Thai conversation starts here. Let's go!

This is an example of an exercise from the previous lesson.  Once you got the basic concept, then you are ready to expand your vocabulary.  That's how you develop fluency. I hope you enjoy the exercise! :-)

Conversation exercise. Now you get to speak Thai!
Practice your first conversation dialog with flashcards.
Recap on section 3
15 questions

In this lesson, you will learn useful Thai sentences and phrases to use with native speakers when you practice Thai with them. Don't forget to check your new flashcard set for this lesson and I also have a pdf file that I summarized all the new vocabulary for you. :)

Sentences to help you learn more Thai.
Flashcards : Sentences to help you learn more Thai.
+ Counting Numbers in Thai
9 lectures 24:39
Number 0-9
Exercise: Number 0-9
Number 20-100
Exercise: Number 20-100
Number 100 and Beyond
Exercise: Number 100 and Beyond
Practice Counting With Flashcards!
+ Greetings & Getting to know people
22 lectures 01:09:36

First question word for this session is "what?".

Question Word : What?

Learn how to say name, last name, and nickname in Thai.

Name, last name, and nickname.

Make questions and answers about names that you have learned from the previous lessons. 

Putting it all together.

Learn how to ask about the country another person is from and how to say where you come from. 

What country are you from?

Please follow the instruction so you get the best out of the exercise. 

Now it's time to practice with flashcards!

Practice listening to the conversation in Thai. 

Listening exercise
What language do you speak?
I can...
A little bit
Flashcard Time!
How old are you?
What do you do? What is your occupation?
Let's Have a Quick Practice.

How to say something belongs to something or someone. 

To belong to ...

How to use the third person pronoun, plus how to say 'friend', 'boyfriend', and 'girlfriend'.

He / she / Friends / Partner

New vocabulary about family and how we put words together. 


Learn how to use the words: "this", "that",  and a new question word, "who".

This / That / Who?
Now, it's time to practice!

This is an example of a conversation using all that you have learned in this section so far. There will be new words and phrases you've never heard before. Try to see how much you understand the conversation before you look at the attached pdf file for this lesson.

Questions: What are the new things you have learned from this example conversation?  What can you change within the conversation to make it uniquely yours?  

I hope you enjoy it! :)

Example Conversation : Who is that?

Now you know how to say many things.  Let's practice the previous conversation together. Here, I've made an exercise for you.  I hope you have fun!

It's time to practice the conversation!

A final wrap-up on what you have learned from this course so far and how to study more Thai in the future.

How to study Thai for the best result!

Resources to help you learn Thai in action.

Resources to help you learn Thai + Study template