Spanish Survival for Classroom Teachers

Basic words and phrases to communicate with Spanish speaking students and parents.
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At the end of the course, you will be able to communicate basic information to the parents and students.
You will be able to conduct a basic student teacher conference.


  • If you are teacher who has students or parents who only speak Spanish, this course is for you.


This beginning course covers the most needed words and phrases a teacher will use with a Spanish speaking student and with the parents or guardians. This course is made by an experienced classroom teacher who knows what kinds of things teachers most need to communicate. You will learn pronunciation and have opportunities for practice. Vocabulary covers introductions, classroom management, parent teacher conferences, and more.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for teachers who need to communicate to students or parents of students who speak Spanish and understand little English.

Course content

6 sections6 lectures31m total length
  • Introduction


Certified Teacher in General Education, ESL, and Spanish
Sharla Roe Torres
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 73 Reviews
  • 3,853 Students
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Sharla Roe Torres is a teacher in the schools in the United States. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah and has had a fulfilling career teaching students from 1st grade to High School. Along with being a native English speaker, she is fluent in Spanish. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and helps them as they discover new things through learning. She enjoys creating online curriculum for students of all abilities and knows how to implement learning strategies to most effectively increase student outcomes.