Spanish for Beginners: The most useful topics for Real Life.

Learn Spanish Online with Practical Lessons. Break the ice, tell a story, get directions, write an email, and more...
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You will be able to introduce yourself and manage your first conversations in Spanish
You will be able to talk about your origin and nationality
The use of the most useful and confusing past tenses in Spanish
You will be able to download the Grammar Sheets of each lesson


  • The desire to learn and a smile. It starts from ZERO :)


Hola, I am Claudio, your new Spanish teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience (you can find more info about me below).

Are you looking for a very effective, dynamic, and easy-to-follow Spanish Course?

Let's face it, it is very difficult to study with SLOW and LONG courses. How many times have you abandoned a course because of BOREDOM, perhaps combined with the LACK OF CONTENT?

I understand it because I also use a lot of info products and I expect them to be ENGAGING, DYNAMIC, and INFORMATIVE at the same time.

So…that is why my team and I created this Spanish Course to make your learning as effective as possible, full of content, and at the same time dynamic and engaging.


What People Say About Elayaa:

Julia L.

"clear explanations, the teacher speaks very slowly and is therefore highly understandable! LOTS OF VOCABULARY! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"

Sophia S.

"I have been looking for a course like this for a long time. It's dynamic with real lessons and lots of useful hands-on content. I had fun and learned so much! Thank you!"

Alessio Gigante

The best course you can find online. Practical, intuitive and never boring...keep up the good work!


Useful topics that you will learn with our free lessons:

  • How to break the ice and start a conversation in Spanish

  • Spanish Alphabet and pronunciation

  • How the verb SER "to be" works in Spanish

  • Tell a story in Spanish using the Past Tenses

  • Asking for and giving directions

  • Formal and Informal emails

  • How to express your plans for the future


  • The grammar - always applied within a useful and practical context -

  • The vocabulary

  • The verbs

  • The communicative expressions you need to speak Spanish effectively and correctly when you just get to know someone

The lessons are fast, hyper-complete, and fun. We recommend that you watch each lesson more than once, take notes and change subtitles with each view.

We want you to be able to express yourself and speak Spanish naturally. Whether you are a beginner with zero knowledge of Spanish or an intermediate learner who wants to improve, speak, and practice your Spanish, this program will bring you great benefits.

What will you find inside the course?

  • 7 video lessons > The lessons are dynamic, hyper-complete, fun, and easy to follow

  • Exercises > to help you to fix each content and challenge yourself

  • Grammar sheets (downloadable) > very useful, a summary of each video lesson

  • Dialogues & practical examples > real use of Spanish language

  • Educational Support > if you have any doubts or questions regarding any topic, just write us and you will receive the answer


This course is completely held in the Spanish Language. The advantage is that Direct Immersion in Spanish, will help you to achieve the best results in a short time.

The subtitles and visual animations will help you to understand and learn Spanish faster and this is exactly the point of this course.

SUBTITLES in English, Spanish and other languages

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn to manage your first dialogues in Spanish

  • You want to learn in a dynamic, fun, and engaging way

  • You want a full immersion experience to learn faster

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a slow and long going course

  • You are looking for a course that is held in English

Suggestions for your best performance with this course:

> Watch each video more than once!

Don’t run from one video to another. Remember, it’s not a Netflix series :)

Each video lesson is full of content even if it is short. That is why we strongly recommend to watch and review each video lesson a couple of times.

It also will help you to train your listening comprehension skills!

> Use subtitles!

Use subtitles in Spanish and in your language to understand every word of each video lesson. This is a huge amount of new vocabulary after each lesson.

> Contact Claudio! :)

Contact Claudio if you don’t understand something during your learning.

> Do what you love, invest in yourself, and focus your straight on achieving your goals!

This is applicable to EVERYTHING in life to achieve happiness :)


Who is Claudio?

¡Hola, yo soy Claudio!

​Your new Professional Native Spanish-speaker Teacher, with more than 15 YEARS of TEACHING EXPERIENCE:

  • In my teaching experience, I've worked with several companies such as Google, eBay, PayPal, and many, many others...

  • I've helped hundreds of young and adult students to achieve their goals (in both Work and Everyday Life)

  • I've been an Official Examiner for a recognized International Spanish Language Certification, and I've trained several University and High School students to pass their Spanish language exams

  • I've traveled, worked, and lived in several countries, and I know how important is to learn a new language fast, and to feel that you are able to deeply interact with others, wherever you are.

My Spanish lessons are very PRACTICAL, FUN, and COMPLETE.

See you inside the course,


Who this course is for:

  • Our FREE Lessons are the first step for everyone who wants to start learning Spanish for FREE.


Online Spanish Lessons and Courses
Elayaa | Learn Spanish Online
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  • 2,735 Students
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¡Hola! I am Claudio, a native Spanish teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

With ELAYAA's Spanish courses your learning experience will be very informative, fun and dynamic. So, NO boring stuff at all.

All this thanks to clear explanations and dynamic video lessons that are supported by Graphic Animations designed to make learning, even the most difficult topics, easier.

All Spanish lessons are supported by logical and summarizing Grammar and Vocabulary Worksheets.

You can start with the FREE Lessons or you can go directly to the FREE PREVIEW of the Complete Course.

Inside these training videos you will find everything you need to know to SPEAK Spanish really well:

- Grammar (always applied within a context useful for everyday life)

- Vocabulary

- Verbs

- Communicative expressions you need to use concretely and fluently your Spanish in virtually all situations in your life (from your holidays to a job interview in Spanish)

If your goals include learning and improving your Spanish, ELAYAA can help you to reach these goals quickly, without wasting months or years on YouTube and without spending mountains of money on traditional language schools with an infinite number of courses and levels.

To achieve your goals you have to invest in yourself, and the most precious resource you have in your life is not money…, it's your time. So, use it right.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to do what makes you happy, reach your goals, invest in yourself and if you want to learn Spanish, and mostly if you want to learn to speak Spanish fluently, here you can!

See you at Elayaa_com,


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