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Learn Spanish step by step!
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This course is constantly being updated, but the goal is to help students achieve fluency in Spanish.


  • This course starts at a beginner's level and then progresses. No previous Spanish language knowledge is required.


We have 122 lessons ready for you! Spanish Cactus lessons are short, simple and really enjoyable! I would say they are even fun! 

We explain, get to the point, provide examples and our characters are Spanish native speakers from Colombia!

Spanish Cactus - Learn Spanish ASAP is a beginners course divided, for now, in eight parts:

  1. Part 1: Using 'ser' (to be) to express name, nationality and profession in Spanish!
  2. Part 2: Using 'llamarse' to express names and 'tener' (to have) to express age!
  3. Part 3: Using 'vivir'(to live) and 'hay' (there is / there are) to describe places and provide information about countries, cities and neighborhoods!
  4. Part 4: Using regular -ar / -er / -ir verbs to provide information about myself and others! (present tense)
  5. Part 5: Studying general/basic and more specific parts and organs of the human body!
  6. Part 6: Uses of 'ser' (to be) Detailed uses and situations when you use 'ser'!
  7. Part 7: Uses of 'estar' (to be): Detailed uses, situations and idiomatic expressions when you use 'estar'.
  8. Part 8: Contrasting uses of 'ser' and 'estar'! Practice with uses reviewed in Part 6 and 7!

There is variety and tons of vocabulary! This is a course that is in progress and we are working on new parts and new lessons! Enjoy, learn and practice with Spanish Cactus! 


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and everyone who wants to learn Spanish or improve their Spanish language skills.

Course content

8 sections130 lectures4h 11m total length
  • Part 1 introduction
  • 'YO' = I
  • Lesson 1: 'Yo' = I
    5 questions
  • 'Yo soy' = I am
  • Lesson 2: 'Yo soy' = I am
    4 questions
  • 'Tú' = You
  • 'Tú eres' = You are
    4 questions
  • '¿Quién eres tú?' = Who are you?
  • '¿Quién eres tú' = Who are you?
    3 questions
  • 'ELLA' = She
  • Ella = She
    3 questions
  • '¿Quién?' = Who?
  • ¿Quién?
    3 questions
  • 'Él' = he
  • 'Él'
    3 questions
  • 'Nosotros' = We
  • 'Nosotros'
    2 questions
  • 'Nosotros somos' = We are
  • 'Nosotros somos'
    2 questions
  • Nosotros somos to express name and nationality
  • 'Nosotros somos + nationality'
    2 questions
  • 'Ellos - Ellas'= They (male-female)
  • 'Ellos son - Ellas son'
    4 questions
  • 'Ellos son - Ellas son' = They are (male - female)
  • 'Ellos son - Ellas son'
    3 questions
  • Use Spanish to introduce yourself!
  • Use Spanish to introduce yourself!
    4 questions
  • Express your nationality using Spanish!
  • Expressing personal information!
    3 questions
  • Expressing name, nationality and profession using Spanish!
  • Expressing personal information!
    4 questions


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