#8 Advanced Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments
4.7 (283 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,406 students enrolled

#8 Advanced Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments

Interesting and fun methods for playing around with sourdough bread baking.
4.7 (283 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,406 students enrolled
Created by Teresa L Greenway
Last updated 2/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Find out how to make the elusive Cristal Bread, super high hydration with large open holey crumb!
  • Learn different methods for fun dough treatment - boil bread!
  • Combine heritage grains with bread flour for a tasty loaf.
  • See how to do a double hydration - and how NOT to! Yes, a failed experiment!
  • Learn to work with multiple starters in one dough.
  • Find out how to use low inoculation rates to slow down fermentation.
  • Dive in and have fun experimenting with sourdough baking.
  • Advanced bakers should already have the baking equipment needed in this course.
  • A baking scale is essential.
  • An open mind and willingness to fail... and have a lot of fun is an absolute!
  • This course uses a sourdough starter, methods to make your own starter are included in the course material.
  • You should have taken some of the earlier courses in this series, this course does not cover any basics.

Hello fellow baker!

Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments is a fun course for advanced bakers. In this course we will be playing around and experimenting with a very high hydration dough called Cristal Bread. It's all the rage right now!

We will also boil bread, try out low inoculation rates, bake a motherdough only loaf, use double hydration and mix different flour together as we explore some heritage grains. 

There is also a failed experiment with double hydration. Yes, failed!  There's nothing like failure to learn the most and be the best baker you can be.  

This main purpose of this course is to have fun and open your mind to exploring and experimenting with sourdough baking.

Please be advised that this is an advanced class and it will not cover sourdough basics. Intermediate students will benefit from this course if they've taken some of the earlier sourdough baking courses. 

See some of the reviews from my other popular sourdough baking courses: 

  • This course for me was a success!! Bravo!
  • Another great course, Teresa! My family is enjoying your cornbread frequently and your cinnamon rolls are fabulous! Thank you!
  • great detail, I find Teresa's explanation and demonstration incredibly helpful.
  • Teresa is an excellent instructor; is informative and makes sourdough baking enjoyable.
  • Videos are such a great help when learning how to mix your dough. If you want to learn the proper way to make sourdough, enroll in this class. It is fun to do and you get fabulous results!
  • Everything is easy to understand, step by step and we can go back and review information. Both ways of learning, reading the material and then watching by video is provided (to be followed eventually by our own hands-on learning) It is at a nice comfortable pace, not rushed. I am very impressed and happy with this course.
  • Clear instructions, easy to follow. Teresa is a great teacher.
  • I haven't seen anything this thorough. She covers a recipe from A to Z videos included. You have to take this course and her other courses. Your bread baking skills will no doubt be boosted with Teresa's courses. Her videos are fantastic and honestly, you get more than what you paid.
  • Very well done, I learn by watching then doing. Teresa is very good at show and tell...Thanx Teresa
  • This course has been so helpful, as I think I would have struggled without it. The instructions and videos are very clear. I would definitely recommend it!

So come on and join in the fun! Teresa

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for the more advanced baker or the intermediate baker willing to stretch their skills
  • This is not a beginners course.
  • This course is for students who have taken the earlier baking courses in this series or who are more advanced home bakers.
Course content
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+ Welcome to Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments!
3 lectures 02:07

Hello! Welcome to my course! Let's get started!

Preview 01:11

Learn to make your own sourdough starter with an e-book or a video series. It's easy and fun!

Make Your Own Sourdough Starter! It's Easy! And Fun!

This is an advanced sourdough baking class. If you need to find out more about sourdough baking basics, this lecture contains a coupon code to my beginning sourdough course which covers the basics.

About Sourdough Baking Basics
+ Low Inoculation Rate
9 lectures 32:24

Rainy Day Sourdough is a low inoculation (small amount of starter) dough. It is mixed early in the morning, autolysed and the dough is folded over the course of the day. Then the dough is shaped and refrigerated overnight. This is a low salt dough with half the normal amount of salt (my mistake!). The regular amount of salt is also given if you prefer to use it. 

Rainy Day Sourdough Formula - A Low Inoculation Dough

In the morning, mix up the dough. 

Rainy Day Sourdough - Mix the Dough

Autolyse is done and it's time to add the salt. 

Preview 05:16

Folding is done and it's time to pre-shape the loaves. 

Rainy Day Sourdough - Pre-Shape the Dough

Final shaping and refrigeration time. 

Rainy Day Sourdough - Final Shaping

Final proof and scoring of the first loaf.

Rainy Day Sourdough - Proof and Score

Pre-heat the oven and bake the first loaf of Rainy Day Sourdough.

Rainy Day Sourdough - Time to Bake!

Let's score and bake the second loaf.

Rainy Day Sourdough - Score and Bake Loaf #2
+ Unusual Experiments - Boiled Bread
11 lectures 51:07

This is the formula for Boiled Bread Sourdough. 

Boiled Bread Formula

Make up some flaxseed water and allow it to cool a bit. 

Boiled Bread - Make Flaxseed Water

Mix the ingredients and autolyse.

Boiled Bread - Mix the Dough

Fold and then add salt and extra water.

Boiled Bread - Add the Salt

This covers folding the dough the next morning after retarding the dough. 

Boiled Bread - Dough Development and Folding

Pre-shape small the loaves into a boule and two batards.

Boiled Bread - Pre-Shape the Boiled Bread Loaves

Final shape the loaves and place them in bannetons to final proof.

Boiled Bread - Final Shape the Dough

Get your boiling water ready and boil the loaves!

Boiled Bread - Boil Your Bread!

Bake the first loaf and get the second loaf ready. 

Boiled Bread - Bake the Bread

Continue processing the other loaves.

Boiled Bread - Finish Processing the Other Loaves

See the finished loaves and watch me slice into them!

Preview 03:04
+ Adding Different Types of Flour for Flavor and Texture.
18 lectures 45:39

Bit of Spelt Formula

A Bit of Spelt Sourdough Bread - The Formula

Mix up your Spelt dough.

Spelt - Mix up Your Spelt Dough

After autolyse, add the salt.

Spelt - Add the Salt

Let's fold the dough to develop the gluten.

Spelt - It's Time to Fold the Dough

There are so many ways to score the dough, it's fun!

Spelt - Scoring the Dough is Fun!

The first loaf is ready, let's bake!

Spelt - Bake the First Loaf of Spelt

Scoring and crust decoration is so creative!

Spelt - Score Loaf #2

Loaf #2 get's baked now.

Spelt - Bake Loaf #2

See the finished loaves and what they look like on the inside.

Preview 01:02

This is the formula for Teff 10.

Teff 10 - The Formula

Gather your ingredients and mix the dough, then do an autolyse.

Teff 10 - Mix the Dough and Autolyse

Time to do some dough folding. 

Preview 01:44

Let's add the salt now.

Teff 10 - Add the Salt

Let's pre-shape and final shape the dough.

Teff 10 - Shape the Dough

Final Proof and Scoring time.

Teff 10 - Final Proof and Scoring

It's time to bake the first loaf and get the second loaf ready. 

Teff 10 -Baking Teff and Scoring Loaf #2

Bake the second loaf of Teff 10.

Teff 10 - Bake Loaf # 2

See the finished loaves and watch me slice into one. 

Teff 10 - The Finished Loaves and Slicing
+ Working With Multiple Starters in a Formula
21 lectures 55:43

In this video you will learn to make 60% motherdough to be used in some of the formulas. 

Making 60% Motherdough

Here is the formula for Moon Magic Sourdough. This loaf has two different starters and gets great oven spring. 

Moon Magic Sourdough - The Formula

To start with, gather the ingredients and mix up the dough.

Moon Magic - Mix the Dough

Bulk Fermentation and Folding the dough will develop the gluten.

Moon Magic - Bulk Ferment and Folding the Dough

Let's do a pre-shape on the loaves.

Moon Magic - Pre-Shaping Loaves

Time to do a final shaping and retard the dough overnight.

Moon Magic -Final Dough Shaping

Scoring the dough is fun!

Preview 02:42

After pre-heating the oven and baking stone, bake the first loaf.

Moon Magic - Time to Bake!

Let's score the next loaf and get it ready for the oven.

Moon Magic - Get Loaf #2 Ready

Baking time for loaf #2.

Moon Magic - Bake Loaf #2

Now for the best part, let's slice into the bread and see how the interior crumb looks.

Preview 01:26

This is the Buttermilk Sourdough Bread Formula

Buttermilk Sourdough Bread - The Formula

Gather your ingredients and let's mix some sourdough!

Buttermilk Sourdough - Let's Mix the Dough

After mixing it's time to bulk ferment the dough with folding. 

Buttermilk Sourdough - Bulk Ferment and Folding

Pre-shape your dough and bench rest. 

Buttermilk Sourdough - Pre-Shaping the Dough

It's time to final shape and then retard the dough overnight.

Buttermilk Sourdough - Final Shaping and Retarding

Let's have some fun scoring the dough.

Buttermilk Sourdough - Scoring the Dough

After pre-heating the oven, bake your beautiful loaf. 

Buttermilk Sourdough - Time to Bake!

Let's do something fun with loaf #2

Buttermilk Sourdough - Score Loaf #2

Let's bake loaf #2

Buttermilk Sourdough - Bake Loaf #2

See the finished Buttermilk Sourdough breads and then let's slice into them. 

Buttermilk Sourdough - The Finished Loaves and Slicing!
+ Motherdough Only
9 lectures 24:49

This is the formula for Motherdough Bread.

Motherdough Bread - The Formula

Mix the Dough and autolyse overnight.

Motherdough Bread - Mix the Dough

After autolyse, add the salt and start folding.

Motherdough Bread - Add the Salt and Fold

Pre-shape the dough into a boule and a batard.

Motherdough Bread - Pre-Shape the Dough

Final shape the dough and put it in bannetons for overnight fermentation. 

Motherdough Bread - Final Shape the Dough

Proof the dough until it is read to bake and then score it. 

Motherdough Bread - Final Proof and Scoring

Let's bake the first loaf and then score the second loaf. 

Preview 02:55

It's time to bake our Motherdough bread!

Motherdough Bread - Bake Loaf #2 & Finished Loaves

See the finished loaves and watch me slice into them. 

Motherdough Bread - Finished Loaves and Slicing.
+ Experimenting with Pan Cristal - Super High Hydration - 100%
7 lectures 24:58

Cristal Bread Formula

Cristal Bread - The Formula

Add the main ingredients and mix the dough, then autolyse. 

Cristal Bread - Mix the Dough - Part 1

After autolyse, incorporate the salt and oil.

Cristal Bread - Mix the Dough - Part 2

The dough is fun to fold, it's amazing!

Cristal Bread - Bulk Ferment & Fold the Dough

It's time to shape this sticky, wet dough.

Cristal Bread - Shape the Dough

See how to bake Cristal bread. 

Cristal Bread - Bake the Bread

See the finished loaves and watch me slice into them! 

Preview 03:39
+ Failed Experiment with Double Hydration - Fine Crumb at 80%?
9 lectures 42:40

50/80 Loaf is an experiment with hydration. 

Rustic 50/80 Loaf - The Formula

In this lecture we will mix a 50% hydration dough for overnight autolyse.

Rustic 50/80 - Loaf Mixing the Dough

Day 2 - Begin to add water to the dough to bring up the hydration and add the salt.

Rustic 50/80 Loaf - Double Hydrate the Dough - Add the Salt

Watch as the dough slowly comes together. It is being warmed in a 78F proofer as the liquid is worked in.

Rustic 50/80 Loaf - Folding the Dough

It's time to shape our sticky 80% loaves and bed them in their couche.

Rustic 50/80 Loaf - Shaping the Rustic Batards

It's time to bake our first loaf, let's get it onto the flipping board and onto the hot stone.

Rustic 50/80 Loaf - Bake the First Loaf

Let's move onto baking the second loaf. There is a delicious smell emanating from the first loaf!

Rustic 50/80 Loaf - Bake the Second Loaf

See the finished loaves and watch me slice into them. This is the fun part!

Rustic 50/80 - The Finished Rustic Batards
Sourdough Quiz
3 questions

Thank you so much for joining my course! Happy Baking! 

Thank you and Goodbye!
+ Bonus Section
1 lecture 00:43

Find the downloadable resources in one easy to access place here, plus links to find me online and discount offers. 

Bonus Lecture