Sound Healing with Chenrezig Heart Mantra
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Sound Healing with Chenrezig Heart Mantra

Sound Healing with the 6 syllable mantra of Chenrezig
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
49 students enrolled
Created by Nick Gent
Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to chant the six syllable mantra of Chenrezig
  • Learn 3 powerful healing meditations/ visualisations you can use to accompany the mantra
  • Learn to practice along with 2 studio sessions and 4 additional live recordings of chant
  • Learn how we can use the mantra to bless other beings & the natural elements
  • Learn how to open the heart essence and increase your loving kindness to others and yourself
  • Learn how to cleanse and heal karmic patterns and sufferings
  • Learn the meaning of the syllables and what they represent
  • Open heart and mind

In this course we will look in detail at how to chant the mantra, and what it means and represents, and how we can use it and integrate it in our daily lives. You will learn 3 powerful healing visualisations and meditations to accompany the sacred six syllable mantra of Chenrezig. There are six unique practice recordings to voice the mantra with, two of which are studio recordings made specifically for this course.

This course is a unique and honest teaching of the mantra, and is a hands on direct approach to integrating the manifestations of the mantra and the ways in which we can use sacred sound as a dynamic and very powerful healing modality.

Nick a teacher and follower of the mantrayana path for over 25 years will guide you through how you can heal, open and transform your heart and life with this beautiful mantra.

We will look at the benefits of chanting it, how it can serve to open and deepen any spiritual practice no matter the level of your skills, and how it can help to support and influence positively the lives of other beings and therefore ourselves.

Who this course is for:
  • Students of meditation and healing traditions
  • practitioners of the healing arts
  • people looking to transform their suffering and that of others
  • students of sacred sound and mantra/tantra
  • people interested in learning new techniques and perspectives for healing self and others
  • people with no musical or sound healing experience that harbor a curiosity and desire to discover more
Course content
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+ Introduction
11 lectures 30:17

An opening creation for the beginnings of the course.

Preview 04:48

Welcome to the course ! A brief outline of the work ahead and whats included in the course for us to do together. Have a listen to the opening chant and blessing invocation before we start our work. The following you may find useful or helpful as we begin our journey :

  • sometimes its nice to keep a journal when we do these things. We can keep a journal of anything we experience, or feel or learn and notice as we go through- you might find it interesting to see later.

  • try not to chant straight after eating a heavy meal this can leave us feeling sluggish and hard to focus.

  • dawn and dusk or particularly good times traditionally to meditate and chant, with the flux of energy - but allow your practice and learning to fit around your life as effortlessly as possible - so the work does not become a hassle or problem. Little but often with quality is worth ten times that of slaving away forcing yourself when the heart is not in it. This does not mean procrastinate however :)

  • find a nice comfortable spot to practice in your home that is clean and quiet and peaceful in its energy if you can, or find a beautiful place in nature you can be that is safe and beautiful.

  • set yourself a realistic target for some regular work on the course. Again better to keep some consistency to working with the material and yourself with a regular slot you can allocate yourself through the week, but just keep it realistic as to what you can actually do. Avoid any thoughts of failure if you don't make your targets- just try again and again.

  • the course is designed to help you on your journey with this mantra, or if you already know it perhaps a fresh perspective and involvement with it. The course is designed to encourage the student to practice as often and as deeply as they can and is not teaching on Tibetan Buddhism overtly, so all are urged to seek and find material of their own from books and the internet and other teachers. You should decide for yourself what you integrate and accept and think on any of this. So you are encouraged to research and create your own journey of discovery to work with this course.

  • try to maintain as good a posture as you can when you meditate and practice, look after your physical being and take breaks as often as you need too, feel too and notice you require. Trust your instincts and heart !

  • the level of experience you have with mantra is not important, or what your background is - this is a universal practice of immeasurable benefit to all.

Preview 01:47

Here we take a look at the syllables and learn how to sound them for inclusion in the mantra. It is nice to take our time and really acquaint ourselves with the syllable sounds that make the mantra. Allowing the mind to focus on the sounds, so we soak them up, allow them to filter into our essence and listen with the heart.

Alongside that :

  • have a look through the word document with additional information regarding the background of the mantra

  • have a listen to the 3 ways of voicing and levels of experiencing the mantra

  • we will reflect on the importance of pronunciation

Introduction to the Mantra

test your understanding with this quiz

What is Mantra Quiz
5 questions
This assignment is to assist in us integrating some of the fundamentals we just run through in this section. So try to take a few moments to integrate the resources and this section as a whole.
Introduction to the Mantra
1 question

A detailed overview of the meanings of the six syllables taken as a whole, looking at the general practice and explanation of its value. There are countless immeasurable layers to the meanings, the teachings of Om Mani Padme Hum. Different traditions and school of Buddhism can describe or ascribe different explanations and contexts to the mantra. So here we get a good overview, and how we can keep it simple and apply it to our healing practice, in a manner that's effective and powerful.

Also :

  • read through the document with some additional detail and explanation of the meaning of the mantra

  • read the document that lists some of the traditional and commonly accepted benefits of working with the sounds.

  • listen and watch his Holiness the Dalai Lama explain the meaning of the mantra.

The "meaning" of Om Mani padme Hum should be viewed as a means of bringing out an aspect of the multi-faceted significance of the formula, as another conceptual expression of the energy believed to be harnessed by the formula and, consequently, as another means by which the practitioner may develop his or her appreciation of this energy. The "meaning" of Om mani padme hum represents a means by which the intellect may be involved in the integration of the individual with the energy of Avalokitevara through the use of the mantra.

The Meaning of the Six Syllables

a quick quiz on what we have learnt in this section.

Meaning of the mantra quiz
5 questions
In this second assignment we take a look at what we have learnt of the meaning, and consider reflecting on some ways in which we can integrate and use this understanding when working with the mantra.
Meaning of the mantra
3 questions

The first of the sounds for the mantra. The one. The one sound of wisdom unified and complete. The spirit of open loving and compassionate generosity. The sound of purity of our minds, our bodies and our speech.

First Syllable - OM

We can work with this sound and syllable to heal and move beyond the sufferings in particular of jealousy and envy. Seeing through the clarity of the heart jewel how we can embody and embrace a new and profound level of being that benefits others, that heals ourselves. The first of the two syllables that create that jewel.

Second Syllable - MA

We can use this sound for developing the quality of patience and soothing the suffering of our nervous systems and emotions created by the deep uneasiness that flows out of our cravings and perceived needs that serve us not. We can with this sound move away from neurosis and paranoia and that insatiable hunger of the ego.

Third Syllable - NI

We can use this sound for opening and flourishing the heart essence and its energy for healing. The beginning sound of the lotus blooming pure and blossoming beautifully like us.

Fourth Syllable - PAD

We can use this syllable to help us deal and transform our clinging, senses of attachment and grasping. A greedy hungry ego that does not do its best for others and ourselves. Replacing, reforming and transmuting using the alchemy of sacred sound that sufferings.

Fifth Syllable - ME

We can use this sacred syllable to find home in our universe, to be strong and infinite. To embody the roots of our essence and flow with them. With this sound we are the heartbeat pulse of love.

Sixth Syllable - HUM

Here we learn in depth about the ''secret'' seventh seed syllable - the heart of the practice, the heart of Chenrezig.

Seventh Syllable - HRIH
+ Chenrezig Mantra Practice Sessions
6 lectures 36:49

This first chant will gently guide you along to voice and enter into open heart dialogue with the sacred syllables.


  • see your heart loving unconditionally allow it to cultivate fresh new layers of kindness

  • good to allow the mind to rest in the sounds, allow the ripples and not focus on busy mind details

  • feel and be open to the harmonic energy that builds and grows in beautiful balance and peace

  • notice, by allowing your ears the joy of listening to the rhythms of the sounds and the sounds of those in turn

Chenrezig Mantra Practice Session 1

Here we have a more melodic chant practice for you, that introduces the sacred syllables being voiced intuitively. You will find as you practice with mantra, the configuration of the syllables and their vibration inspires certain phrasing, rhythms and melodies. Sing or vocalise through speech the sounds along with me.


  • don't worry about getting the melody right, this is more an exercise in being playful using melody and feeling the sounds that technical pitch perfect singing and accuracy.

  • think about the rhythms of the sounds themselves, simply. As you voice the sounds ''watch'' as they speak themselves through you and your voice. Your sacred instrument the voice holds great power, as do the syllables.

  • relax the mind and open the heart to and with the sounds you make - that are already there.

Chenrezig Mantra Practice Session 2

This third session introduces the drum and shaker with a hand bell  to accompany the chant. The bell can be a little distracting or difficult to listen too, but it has a purpose in shifting with its high frequencies blocked and obstructive energies and emotions. So don't get too caught in focusing in on it, if the mind does let it go. Do not pretend its not there, acknowledge it, receive it then allow it forth.


  • practice seeing the resistance to your opening and flowering through the sounds. Let the drum pulse ride, feel the shaker add movement and the bell cleanse the energy body. The voice adds balance and pulls in the energies to stability, center and peace.

  • try to feel your body through the mind, dance with the sounds. You might find the sounds conjure senses of movement- be playful and imaginative. This is so key when working with mantra and sacred sound in general.

  • through the movement and dynamic harmonics of the chant, try to notice how it animates the spirit and the heart. See if you can feel a circular or spiraling motion, but balanced so not spinning you out but almost gliding and turning.

Chenrezig Mantra Practice Session 3

An improvised and spontaneous recitation in the studio of the mantra for you to chant and sing along too.

Chenrezig Mantra Practice Session 4
Chenrezig Mantra Practice Session 5

Here is the sixth and final practice session for you to chant along with me. Both of the studio tracks are here for you to download as high quality WAV files.

Preview 05:34
The aim of this is simply to help you articulate your experiences of chanting the mantra and working directly with it.
Practice Session Assignment
3 questions
+ Visualisation Practices
3 lectures 33:22

This first visualisation illustrates how we can use our creativity and physical presence to develop and grow our understanding of the healing powers not only of this mantra, but also within our own being. The flowing nature of water lends itself beautifully with the mantra and is often inscribed and painted on rocks in rivers for this reason.

Visualisation 1 - The Raindrop Blessing

The Earth that shakes blessing works very beautifully with the mantra. The visualisation gives us a direct access to embodying the sacred syllables through our imagination and manifesting that as a beautiful flower in our hearts.

Visualisation 2 - The Earth That Shakes Blessing

The third visualisation turns an everyday movement we all do - walking, into a meditation and provides a way of voicing and connecting with the mantra and integrating the syllables into our lives. Learn to use your environment rhythmically together with your feet and the words all as one. One pulse one beat one heart.

Visualisation 3 - The Path of the Wandering Jewel blessing
+ Finishing the Course
1 lecture 09:20

We have come to the end of the course - so take some time to reflect on whats come through and what we have learnt along the way. When we do mantra practice it is good to stop as well - and be with silences sound. To know when we need to take stock and allow the wisdom to naturally arise from our deepening and growing.

  • Listen & practice along with the final bonus tracks

Completion & Return