Some English grammatical concepts for beginners (Urdu/Hindi)

Some English grammatical concepts for the beginners of Urdu/Hindi
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Kernel clauses, English phrases, inflection, derivation, open classes and closed classes and object oriented types of sentences


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Course contents

1. Structure of Kernel clauses: subject, predicate, predicator, complement, adjunct, direct and indirect object, predicative complement, subjective predicative complement and objective predicative complement

2. English Phrases, Kinds of phrases, Head and dependents, noun phrase, verb phrase, prepositional phrase, adjective phrase, adverb phrase and possessive phrase

3. Object oriented types of sentences, mono transitive, ditransitive, complex transitive, intransitive and copulative sentences.

4. inflection, derivation, open classes and closed classes

5. Verb, tense, aspect, copulative, auxiliaries and modal auxiliaries

The structure of kernel clauses is a set of clauses that are used to define the basic functions and operations of a computer's operating system. The kernel is responsible for managing the system's resources and providing a platform on which applications can be run. The kernel clauses define how the kernel interacts with hardware, software, and the user. They are divided into sections that address different aspects of the kernel and its operations. These sections can include memory management, device drivers, system calls, scheduling, and more.

Inflection and derivation are two processes of word formation in grammar. Inflection involves adding affixes to a word to indicate its grammatical function. For example, adding -s to a verb to indicate the third person singular present tense, or adding -ed to a verb to indicate the past tense. Derivation, on the other hand, involves changing the form of a word to create a new word. For example, adding the prefix un- to create an opposite meaning, or adding the suffix -ness to create an abstract noun.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in English grammar
  • Urdu speaking beginners in English grammar
  • Hindi speaking beginners in English grammar
  • Pakistani beginners in English grammar
  • Indian beginners in English grammar


English Grammar in simple Urdu / Hindi
Nazir Ahmad
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I am serving as Assistant Professor of English in Higher Education Department for the last 15 years. I have been more concerned about delivering the concepts, however complex ones, in simplest possible way. My usual focus are the slow learners, that’s why you will find my lectures very simple and easy-to-understand even for the complex concepts.

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