Solving Simultaneous Equations

Learn how to solve linear and non- linear simultaneous equations
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How To solve simultaneous Equations


  • Basic algebra


In this course, we will learn how to solve simultaneous equations.

Learning to solve simultaneous equations is an important part of Mathematics for O levels. You will be tested on both linear and non- linear simultaneous equations in the exam. In this course, I will go through how to solve simultaneous equations (both linear and non- linear equations).

There are 2 methods often used to solve the simultaneous equations - elimination method and substitution method. The substitution method can be used almost all the time (at least for the O level syllabus), and if you only want to learn 1 method, please learn the substitution method.

For the substitution method, I'll go through how to do so using the 5- step method. I've devised this 5- step method so that students can solve simultaneous equations in a systematic manner. Having given a series of steps to follow is particularly useful when you are starting out - so that you won't be lost on how to get started.

For the elimination method, I'll go through how we usually use it, and of course, some examples.

At the end of the entire course, there's a set of worksheet with worked solutions. Try the questions. Remember, you'll need to try math to grasp it. Listening is not the same as doing.


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