Solution Starter Prediabetes Course
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Solution Starter Prediabetes Course

Step-by-Step Program to Fight back against Prediabetes as you Lose Weight, Increase Fitness, and Build Confidence
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
8 students enrolled
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This course includes
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 31 articles
  • 116 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • GOALS of Program: Learn Homemade Health Habits to Solve Prediabetes and Avoid Type 2 Diabetes.
  • How to build a healthy plate of food at home without depriving yourself of pleasure.
  • Self-care skills that increase physical fitness, body confidence, and normalize blood sugar numbers.
  • Students need access to a computer or tablet for this course.
  • Students may want to print out copies of the master handouts to share with family and friends.

This course is ideal for:

  • People who have recently learned they have Prediabetes or High Blood Sugar

  • People who have a family history of Diabetes [Type 1 or Type 2] and want to stop this legacy now

  • Progressive Companies or Human Resource Departments wanting to help their workforce stay healthy and productive

This course includes:

  • 58 active-learning lectures by Prediabetes Expert Georgianne Holland, from her Holland Health Coaching offices in Colorado.

  • 200 pages of science-backed worksheets, charts, and assignments that are written for everyone to easily understand and use at home.

  • The 35-page digital download of Coach Georgianne's popular Solution Starter Prediabetes Workbook.

  • The 11-page digital download of her popular Crash Course on Carbs!

  • Lifetime access so you can take your time learning at home and share what you learn with your family.

You'll learn how to:

  • Solve prediabetes and avoid type 2 diabetes from the comfort of home

  • Lose at least 5-10% of your starting weight, if you are overweight

  • Incorporate at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week (for example 30 minutes, 5 days per week)

  • Feel emotionally confident and less stressed

  • Get quality sleep for at least 7 hours per night

  • Track your progress by learning to check your blood sugar regularly at home

  • Connect with people who will support you in this journey

  • Demonstrate resilience after setbacks or challenges

6 Months After Completing the Program, you can expect to:

  • Maintain weight loss or proceed toward your goal weight

  • Continue or expand enjoyable physical activity habit

  • Incorporate new fitness activities to keep it interesting

  • Add in strength training when appropriate

  • Continue monitoring your sleep quality and strive for 7+ hours per night

  • Use your blood sugar tracking as a guide for course-correction and long-term motivation

  • Maintain your supportive community

  • Encourage others going through the same thing

  • Become a health leader in your family and community

You're in the right place if your doctor has told you that your Prediabetes or High Blood Sugar is a serious issue for your health and wellness. You may also be: overweight, lacking physical fitness, experiencing feelings of high stress, or come from a family with a history of diabetes.

After this prediabetes diagnosis, you wonder:

  • Do I have Prediabetes or not?

  • Are they sure?

  • What am I going to do now?

  • How will this change my life?

  • Am I ever going to enjoy my food again?

This "Now What?" stage of hearing you have prediabetes is frightening, yet Coach Georgianne wants to help you feel confident in your ability to make this better. Think about that for a moment: one year from today, your life and your health could be dramatically different. Dramatically better!

Instead of recommending another quick fix, 30-day miracle idea, fad diet plan, or shaming you for past efforts gone wrong, this course has been designed to build you up and help you create a Personalized and Sustainable Solution. And instead of trying to take the place of your medical team, Health Coach Georgianne will help you to work WITH your doctor to create robust health. Yet, not everyone has a medical team they can afford or trust...

So, when you do not have access to a diabetes doctor or a prediabetes course in your home town, the Solution Starter Prediabetes Program can come to your home through this Udemy course! If multiple people in your family are suffering from unstable blood sugar or other complications of the "Standard American Diet", this program will gently help you to start a family-inclusive plan. A solution starter that can make a difference for generations to follow.

Coach Georgianne has taught thousands of people:

  • When we THINK we can make a difference in our health...

  • We gain the courage to TAKE ACTION and do something about it...

  • Which fuels the momentum to PERSEVERE despite challenges...

  • And generates the POSITIVE RESULTS that improve our health.

Thank you for checking out all that's included in this Prediabetes Program. We look forward to being of service to you!

The team at Holland Health Coaching

Who this course is for:
  • My successful students have a family history of diabetes and want access to a personalized wellness solution at home. They are longing for better follow-through on self-care.
  • Students for this course like encouragement from a kind coach. A coach who has science-backed tools that are easy to understand and follow.
Course content
Expand all 58 lectures 03:40:33
+ Reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 58%
4 lectures 07:28

Hello Friends,

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to this journey to better health.

What you'll learn

  • Take the First Step toward Balanced Blood Sugar

  • Get the Facts about your Body and Prediabetes

  • Set Your Personal Goals

  • Adopt a New Mindset

  • Upgrade the Way You Eat

  • Decipher Your Food Labels

  • Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

  • Succeed with a Smart Strategy

  • Focus on Fitness

  • Manage Your Stress

  • Surround Yourself with Support

  • Face Challenges with Confidence

Four questions to ask yourself by writing your thoughts down in a journal or spiral notebook:

1. When did you first suspect or know that you are facing the challenge of Prediabetes?

2. Do you have direct relatives with any form of diabetes, and if you do, what are is their name(s)?

3. What kind of self-care habit change(s) have you made in the past, and what was that experience like for you?

4. If there were one thing about changing your lifestyle that concerns you, what would that one thing be?

Reflecting on the Past and setting the stage for the Present

When we take a little time to think about and write down our feelings, history, or ideas about our situation, it can help us to create fresh energy for new beginnings. My clients often tell me that they feel stuck in past circumstances when we begin our coaching work together. My hope for you is that you are open to the change process that is about to begin. When we gently acknowledge our past and honor our desire to embrace healthy solutions, we can create sustainable habits!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit." ~Aristotle

When you click on the Resources button below, you will receive access to the first three chapters of my Solution Starter™ Prediabetes Workbook.

To your health,

Coach Georgianne Holland
Certified Holistic Health Coach and Prediabetes Educator,
Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Creator of the Solution Starter™ for Prediabetes
Homemade Health Enewsletter
Holland Health Coaching in Colorado

Preview 00:32

This article includes:

  • The Main Topics I will Cover for you in this Course

  • Required Tools, Supplies, and Knowledge

  • Lecture Types

  • Experiential Learning Information

~ Coach Georgianne

How to participate in this course.

This short Step by Step Plan video introduces you to the personalized nature of this Solution Starter Prediabetes Course!

Each of the lectures, videos, assignments, and resources included in this program can be personalized to fit your needs. They were also designed to help you work WITH your medical team. As your online coach, I will help you and your medical team to:

  • Reduce your risk by 58% of your Prediabetes turning into Type 2 Diabetes

  • Balance your blood sugar and stop thinking yourself as someone who is ill

  • Upgrade your food life and keep to your grocery budget

  • Consistently enjoy 150+ minutes of exercise per week

  • Surprise your doctor and/or family with your better blood test results after 6-months of effort

Here's to your better health,

Coach Georgianne

Preview 03:41

I've included some important details in this article for you!

I encourage you to read it through, print it out, and add it to the 3-ring binder or computer file you're saving for this course!

~ Coach Georgianne

How to Work with Coach Georgianne's Step-by-Step Plan
+ You've Been Diagnosed with Prediabetes | What Are You Supposed to Eat!
2 lectures 15:39

This video is called "What am I Supposed to Eat?!"

In this video I present 9 Key Strategies for everyone new to their prediabetes diagnosis. Understanding these strategies will help you create a foundation for the rest of this Solution Starter Program.

What am I Supposed to Eat?!

In this lecture I've given you an article to read about Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).

The two men in this article are a father (Albert) and his son Mike. They enjoy spending time together and after Mike learns he's at risk for developing T2D, like his dad, they team up in the Solution Starter Program.

Do any of your family members also have Prediabetes or T2D?

I'm attaching a worksheet called "Knowledge is Power" to this lecture. I hope you'll print it out and share it with family soon!

~ Coach Georgianne

What is Type 2 Diabetes and Does my Family have it?
+ Introduction to Coach Georgianne and What's Included in this Course
2 lectures 07:44

This video goes great with the first 3 chapters in your Solution Starter Workbook sample [click on resources below].

  • Chapter 1: Take the First Step, pages 3-6

  • Chapter 2: Get the Facts, pages 9-17

  • Chapter 3: Set your Goals, pages 21-24

Workbook Participation Pages: Each month I will point out, in a list like the one that follows, all of the participation pages from the monthly workbook chapters. Some of these pages will be part of our work together in the current month. Others of these pages will be referenced in later months. [I will provide duplicates of these pages when it is helpful for you to fill them out more than once.] You can see these pages by clicking on resources below.

  • The Starting Line

  • Two Views of the Future

  • Goal Setting Success

Special Activity: You will receive additional materials that are not part of the Solution Starter Workbook.

The first activity worksheet is called the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting worksheet.  Please download and/or print out that worksheet as a homework assignment. The instructions are included on that sheet.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." Zig Ziglar

If you have any questions about the work presented for you in this course, I'll watch for you in the Q&A tab for this course.

~ Coach Georgianne


Coach Georgianne will give you a bird's eye view of the Solution Starter Prediabetes Course.

You can expect information about:

  1. The tools you'll need to have handy

  2. The outcomes you can look forward to as you participate in this online course

  3. The great benefits of moderate weight loss as a response to a prediabetes diagnosis

Preview 04:16

This quiz will confirm your understanding of the benefits of taking this Prediabetes Program Course.

Community Online Quiz #1
1 question
+ Learn and Apply the Facts about the Prediabetes Epidemic
4 lectures 24:06

What is the science behind the Solution Starter Prediabetes Program?

This video will give you important documented details about the statistics of diabetes and the additional illnesses that happen when high blood sugar is left untreated. In the next lecture I've created a PDF you can download after watching my Science Behind the Solution video today.

~ Coach Georgianne

The Science Behind the Prediabetes Solution

It's important that my holistic health coaching clients trust the advice and references I provide.

This article will provide you with the facts and statistics we cover in this online program.

~ Coach Georgianne

Article to Support the Science Behind the Solution

In the Science Behind the Solution Video, I tell you about the Diabetes Prevention Program research.

New England Journal of Medicine | Research about the DPP

This video is a "must-see" for everyone with Prediabetes. Coach Georgianne and her team at Holland Health Coaching will teach you

  1. How to use finger-stick blood testing to create a personalized path to Type 2 Diabetes Avoidance.

  2. How to use a blood sugar journal to support your blood testing efforts at home.

  3. What 3 common circumstances keep blood sugar in the unhealthy range.

  4. Five common questions about blood sugar and solving prediabetes.

The Facts About Blood Sugar Testing at Home
+ How to Get Active and Track your Efforts | Challenge Your Body
10 lectures 34:49

In this short video, I'm happy to share some of the phrases and improvements in this Udemy class.

Follow along and find out what you need to know to stay on track with your program!

~ Coach Georgianne

What's Old is NEW Again!

In the next video, you will learn about the importance of leaving behind a sedentary lifestyle. Some people are almost always is a health crisis in America today. Research tells us that being sedentary is as unhealthy as being a smoker. There is a worksheet that goes along with this video. I encourage you to print it out and add it to your 3-ring binder.

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about Getting Active and Tracking Your Exercise Efforts

In this video, Coach Georgianne will teach you to create your Prediabetes Solution using the following tools:

  • Worksheets for tracking your weight and activity

  • How Calories In v. Calories Out matters regarding high blood sugar

  • How writing down your daily efforts is a Smart Goals strategy

Get Active and Track Your Efforts

This 4-Point article is here to help you think through past exercise excuses. If you'd like to feel empowered about exercise, this 2-minute read just might do the trick! It's easy to print out the PDF of this lecture in the resources.

~ Coach Georgianne

Excuses for Not Exercising More

Answering the questions in this quiz will help you to think through your new active lifestyle.

Quiz about a Sedentary Lifestyle | What have you learned?
1 question

In the upcoming Food and Activity Awareness video lecture you'll hear about:

  • The root cause of Prediabetes

  • How to find the middle ground in "All Or Nothing" thinking

  • How to use compassionate self-awareness for better health

  • How to stop making up excuses about food choices

  • Coach Georgianne's Plate Planning method

Please remember to download all the resources provided after this lecture. You can add them to your 3-ring binder.

You can download and print out the first 3 chapters of Coach Georgianne's Workbook below. Chapter Two includes the Root Cause of Prediabetes. Please read that entire chapter before moving on to the next lecture.

Details about what you'll receive in Food and Activity Awareness Lecture

In this video lecture you'll hear about:

  • The root cause of Prediabetes

  • How to find the middle ground in "All Or Nothing" thinking

  • How to use compassionate self-awareness for better health

  • How to stop making up excuses about food choices

  • Coach Georgianne's Plate Planning method

Please remember to download all the resources provided after this lecture. You can add them to your 3-ring binder.

You can download and print out the first 3 chapters of Coach Georgianne's Workbook below. Chapter Two includes the Root Cause of Prediabetes. Please read that entire chapter before moving on to the next lecture.

Food and Activity Awarenesss

Today is a great day to read my short article called Compassionate Self-Awareness. The first half of this program is jam-packed with tons of material. Getting through to this stage has taken effort, especially if you're self-talk helps you take action on what you're learning! I'm here to help you stick with this transformational journey. Let's celebrate your success!

Compassionate Self-Awareness

You will learn in this video:

  • Why the repetition of messages helps

  • The importance of your enthusiasm

  • Mindset lesson: Think > Act > Persevere > Succeed

  • How to avoid getting stuck

  • The difference between Doctoring and Coaching

  • How to use the Starting Line Tool

Make sure you grab the Starting Line download!

~ Coach Georgianne

Preview 03:43

The next video in your program is called Challenging Your Body in New Ways. This article includes information from the World Health Organization about the advantages of becoming consistently active. You can print out this article in the resources for this lecture.

Details about what you'll receive in Challenge Your Body in Newe Ways

In this Lecture you will begin thinking about:

  • How you burn calories and build muscles

  • Why a smaller body needs fewer calories

  • When new kinds of movement or exercise are needed

  • Up-to-date science on metabolism and the role of healthy fat in your daily meals

Please download the resources provided with this lecture and add them to your 3-ring binder.

Preview 04:07
+ QUICK WIN! Old Habit | New Skill | New Habit
1 lecture 03:55

Please download this Habit Change Help worksheet and add it to your 3-ring binder.

After you read it through, please take the following quiz to check your knowledge.

Habit Change Help

This quiz will help you think through what you've learned about changing an Old Habit into a New Skill = a New Habit!

Habit Change Help Quiz
1 question
+ Your Healthy Eating Priorities and Support from Coach Georgianne
4 lectures 12:06

Where did all the cooking in your life begin?

In this article, I share with you the beginning of my love of cooking along with tips and tricks you can use to upgrade your cooking experience at home. I also have a handout in the resources below to help you save money at high-end grocery stores.

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about what you'll receive in Shop and Cook to Create Homemade Health

In this Shop and Cook Video, you will learn:

  • What prediabetics need to pay attention to

  • The tricks used by food manufacturers

  • Food label reading tips

  • 6 food shopping recommendations

  • 5 healthy eating priorities

  • How to use the Balance Your Blood Sugar Cycle

I encourage you to download the 13-page handout for this lecture and add it to your 3-ring binder.

You'll learn so much more about your growing good health when you fill in each worksheet!

Shop and Cook to Create Homemade Health

This lecture includes details about the Four Focus Food Groups Resource.

Please print out the detailed image of that resource for your 3-ring binder.

I have included a chart of those four groups to help you to create glucose-balancing meals quickly and easily at home.

Four Focus Food Groups

In this lecture I'll explain the Planning Your Meals and Snacks Resource.

Please print out the image of that resource for your 3-ring binder.

  1. In this Solution Starter Program, I talk about swapping out the old habit of choosing food mindlessly with choosing food proactively.

  2. This resource will support you in doing that!

  3. As you think about the food you'll eat at home this week, this form will help you mentally create meals that are balanced for blood sugar stability. We all need to create meals that include wholesome protein, fats, and fiber-rich produce.

  4. What does your healthy plate look like for your next meal? As the instructions on the Plate Planning resources show, before we even go to the grocery store or heat up the oven, we can start with some plate planning!

Planning Your Meals and Snacks
+ Stress and a Busy Lifestyle Impact Our Blood Sugar Balance
2 lectures 04:32

This lecture is perfect prep for watching the next video, Manage Your Stress. I've included great handouts in the resources for you!

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about what you'll receive in the upcominig Manage Your Stress Lecture

In this 3-minute video, I'll introduce you to a former client named Tamara. She's one of the most dedicated care-taking women I've ever met. When she learned about her Prediabetes, it was difficult for her to make time for the self-care she desperately needed. In fact, she adopted a few new Unhealthy Habits as a way to cope with this new stress in her life.

Manage Your Stress

Take this fun quiz and learn a bit more about stress and healthy coping skills.

Healthy Coping Quiz
3 questions
+ QUICK WIN! Jump Out of the Vicious Diet and Stress Cycle!
1 lecture 00:13

Everyone who has put him or herself on a calorie-restricted diet has eventually 'fallen off' that diet. Some people have been on so many low-calorie diets that they've damaged their metabolism, lost muscle mass, and stored large amounts of body fat.

I call this the Vicious Diet and Stress Cycle!

Please download the resource below and get a Quick Win today!

You can learn the New Skills needed to Create New Habits for body-weight management.

You can learn how to put yourself on the Balance Your Blood Sugar Cycle :-)

Quick Win Worksheet | Coach Georgianne
+ Community Support | Cope with Triggers | Heart Health | Mindful Choices
9 lectures 37:47

The next video lecture is called "Cure the Now What Stage of Prediabetes."

Before you watch it, I've created the PDF below to guide you in making the most out of your next doctor's appointment. I encourage you to print it out and save it in your class materials.

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about what you'll receive in the upcoming Cure the Now What Video

"One must not forget that recovery is brought about not by the physician, but by the sick man himself. He heals himself, by his own power, exactly as he walks by means of his own power, or eats, or thinks, breathes or sleeps." ~ Georg Groddeck, 1866-1934

After you have watched the Cure the "Now What?" Stage of Diabetes video, I hope that you will feel renewed enthusiasm for making the best of your next doctor's appointment. What would you need to do to make that happen?

Preview 03:10

The next video lecture is called "Cope with Triggers"

Before you watch it, I've created the PDF below to show you how food triggers impact many of the students in the Solution Starter Prediabetes Program. I encourage you to print it out and save it in your class materials.

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about what you'll receive in Cope with Triggers Video

This Coping with Triggers video has at its core a lesson about self-care.

Self-care means many things, but I know for sure that it is not self-caring to surround myself with trigger foods like a cinnamon roll dripping with frosting. I used to call this kind of food in my kitchen a treat, but now I know better. Instead of filling my home with things that do not serve my body, and thus testing my willpower every day, I plan my food life. I enjoy real food that is nourishing and I am in awe of how my body recreates itself daily.

Cope with Triggers

We talk a lot about triggers, temptations, and cravings in the Solution Starter.

What are triggers regarding food choices?
2 questions

Heart health is a major consideration for those with diabetes. You and your medical team will focus attention on this, especially if unstable blood sugar continues to be a problem.

I created the next video specifically for this Udemy course. It is meant to help you feel empowered to work with your doctor and to understand your Blood Circulation.

I encourage you to read this article and answer the questions, watch the next video, and print out all the resources provided.

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about what you'll receive in the Keep Your Heart Healthy video below...

Everyone with Prediabetes is at greater risk for problems with their arteries. Because you have invested time and money in this program, you have already taken positive action. During this course, you've been encouraged to be active, reach for and stay at a healthy weight, eat foods that are high in fiber, water, vitamins, minerals, and protein. You have also thought about stress in your life and sleep at the end of the day. You are already doing significant things to reduce your risk of heart and artery problems.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

The next video lecture is called "Take Charge of Your Thoughts."

Before you watch it, I've created the PDF below to introduce you to another student in this program. She found a way to create a "Plan B" when her exercise goals fell through. I encourage you to print it out and save it in your class materials.

~ Coach Georgianne

Details about what you'll receive in Take Charge of Your Thoughts below...

You decided to participate in this Prediabetes Program awhile ago. When you began, the thoughts you had about high blood sugar and lifestyle were likely very different than they are today.

In this stage of your wellness journey, it's ideal for you to make sure your daily thoughts help you to stay focused on your health goals.

Let's begin by reviewing the two main goals of your time in the Solution Starter Program.

Goal One: Lose 5-10% of your starting weight

Goal Two: Add 150 minutes of activity to your week

Goal Three: Reduce stress

Many people find high levels of enthusiasm for lifestyle change efforts in the early days of any new program, and that energy often helps them to take bold action in new ways. After a few months of effort, most of us need to be given some additional support as we persevere toward our ultimate success. Is that where you find yourself today?

Take Charge of Your Thoughts

This Quiz #6 will help you review some of the important topics in your Solution Starter Prediabetes Program Section 10.

Ready? You've got this!

2 Goals Commitment Quiz | lose 5-10% and 150 min/week activity
3 questions

This video has been created to help you feel confident about asking for the support you need along your wellness journey.

I've included links to helpful resources you'll need, tips about how to reinvigorate the relationship with your medical team, and more!

  • How to reach out to Coach Georgianne for support

  • How to find reliable healthcare organizations online

  • Support for testing your blood glucose at home

  • A lovely self-care prompt to help strengthen your self-care plans today (I Love My Body Self-Care Message)

Get Support