Introduction to Solar Power from a 17 year Solar Veteran!

A introduction to solar power, solar equipment and financing from a seasoned professional and expert in the field.
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Acquire a foundation and understanding of solar power
Understand the key components to solar power systems
Understand how solar systems are generally sized
Understand how utilities typically credit you for solar production
Understand the differences between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 solar module manufacturers
Understand the difference between string, micro, and central inverters
Learn the basics of how to make smart solar decisions and how to protect yourself from making poor decisions regarding purchasing solar
Understand the key points to why solar makes sense


  • A desire to understand how solar works
  • A desire to understand how solar power systems interact with your utility
  • A desire to know the difference between module types and manufacturers
  • A desire to better understand options related to choosing proper solar modules, inverters, and racking for your application
  • A desire to better understand financing options that may be available for solar power systems
  • A desire to learn more than what you can typically find from a solar contractor's website


This course will walk you through how solar power works, the different types of systems and equipment currently available in the market (in 2017, the time of this recording), and different purchasing and finance options. 

This course is structured in a logical fashion as follows:

  1. The basics of solar power

  2. How solar power systems interact with the utilities

  3. How solar systems are sized (generally)

  4. Overview of solar equipment and differences between them and the manufacturers

  5. What financing options may be available and generally how they work

  6. Simple ways to protect yourself if entering the solar market as a consumer or for a career

There's a lot of information generally available on the internet and very little is centralized and almost always geared towards selling you something. This course is a fairly objective overview of the topics mentioned above and designed to educate and empower those wanting to know more than what an average "introduction" to solar power provides. 

This course is about 45 minutes total, although some sections may need to be reviewed more than once to get the full value from this course. 

This course is designed to be cut-straight-to-the-point providing homeowners, business owners, new solar contractors and those looking for a career in solar enough information to provide a solid foundation in the area of solar power. 

By the time this course is complete, you should feel ‘armed’ with enough information to: 

  1. Speak intelligently about solar equipment and manufacturers

  2. Choose the right equipment for your application, or at least help guide the process

  3. Know your options for solar financing

  4. Be comfortable finding a solar contractor and

  5. Understand how to choose a good solar company to work for

Who this course is for:

  • students
  • homeowners
  • business owners
  • job seekers
  • new solar contractors


Solar Power Expert!
Kevin Weinberg
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 142 Reviews
  • 2,222 Students
  • 1 Course

With over 17 years  consulting with clients, designing and engineering solar power systems,  and managing projects, I like to help those interested in solar get up to speed quickly. There's a lot of new entrants into the industry and my background, from installing solar, designing systems and running crews, to estimating and sales gives me a unique overview of key aspects within the industry. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best engineers, project managers and installers in the industry. I have designed and engineered over 200 systems, including residential, commercial, industrial and governmental solar power. Teams I have been a part of have designed and built projects that have won industry awards. I am also a solar consultant with AYS Power (At Your Service Power, Inc.). 

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