Solar Cooking with Gosun Sport

Learning more about plant-based solar cooking and solar oven
How to use Gosun Sport Solar Oven
How to prepare cakes, veggies, bread etc.
Key Points of using solar oven


  • For this course you will need a solar oven to apply recipes


Hello Curious People!

In this course, you will see instructions for using Gosun Solar Oven and recipes to cook with your solar oven. Don't you have one yet? No worries, you are also welcome to my course. And if you decided to get one I could provide discount codes* for Gosun products in the USA and also EU!

I prepared this course free because this course is not just about teaching to cook or show how to use a solar oven, it is also about using solar energy and supports NGO's -in case of using one of the discount codes that I will share here to buy any Gosun product- Basically, when you get discount, "Project Manaia - Ocean Conservation NGO-" will get a small amount of donation from Gosun! In this case, you will not only supporting green energy, but you will also support NGO's working for good of the world.

*I have different codes for USA and EU to use in Gosun website.

For EU website you will get %10 discount with "MANAIA" code and no donations from here, unfortunately... But if you are willing to support Project Manaia you can visit Patreon website and support my favourite NGO!

For USA website you will get %10 discount with "ProjectManaia" code and as a plus donation to Project Manaia!!!

Who this course is for:

  • People who has a Gosun Sport Solar Oven
  • People who has a solar oven and want to learn more about solar cooking
  • People who is curious about solar cooking
  • People who is considering to buy a solar oven

Course content

3 sections12 lectures29m total length
  • How it works?
  • How to Clean Solar Oven
  • Tips for Gosun Sport Users


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I am Pınar from Istanbul. I am vegan for many years and experimenting with food s'nce than.

I am passionate about discovering new tastes and different food cultures. This is why I started to write about it on my website.

Because my roots from mediteranean, this is why I am spending most of my time cooking mediteranean food and now teaching it!

I learn a lot from my mother on this adventure. She was also cook. She teach me a lot about cooking. This is how I start actually.

Now I am sailing with my husband and cooking on board SY Independence. All my cooking videos from our galley or our solar oven.

I hope you enjoy it as I do!

All the best,