Social Media Strategy Made Easy
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Social Media Strategy Made Easy

Develop an effective social media strategy for your small business.
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Created by Joanne Wetzel
Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Planning
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Have a basic knowledge of various social media platforms

Social Media Strategy Made Easy will teach you how to develop an effective social media strategy for your business, so you can increase digital visibility, find new customers, reduce media overwhelm, and increase profits.

In the course you'll learn how to:
- Execute a social media audit
- Clarify your social media needs and goals
- Develop a social media strategy
- Make your content go further
- Gain content and caption inspiration
- Which planning software and apps to use
- Resources for designing and creating beautiful graphics
- How to put it all together
- And more...

Who this course is for:
  • Business owners who struggle with social media overwhelm
  • Business owners who want to use social media more effectively for their business
  • Business owners who want to refresh their social media marketing
Course content
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+ Course Introduction
3 lectures 08:35

You've made a great decision to register for Social Media Strategy Made Easy.

I understand the overwhelm that comes from being a small business owner and navigating business marketing especially when the landscape is ever changing.

This course is going to help you to clarify, streamline, and a develop an effective social media strategy for your business, so you can grow your business in the digital space and get back to doing what you love!

So, welcome!

Preview 01:57

This section aims to give you a clear idea of the course objectives as well as a layout of the various modules you'll find in the course and in what order.

Preview 05:34

Joanne wants to help you work through this course as efficiently and easily as possible. With that in mind, she shares a few tips and tricks for success while taking Social Media Strategy Made Easy.

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+ Social Media Audit For Your Business
4 lectures 14:36

Performing a social media audit is one of the fastest ways to get a clear picture of where you and where your business currently stand on the digital stage. This will help you to understand who you are currently reaching versus who you want to be reaching, what your competitors are doing, what content is performing well or poorly, and what areas you'll need to improve in.

Preview 01:17

In this lesson, Joanne gives students a broad view of the steps to perform a social media audit for your business.

A social media audit may seem daunting, but in fact is a very simple process. If your business is brand new a social media audit may only take a few minutes whereas if you are more established it may take an hour or two. Either way, performing a social media audit will benefit your business greatly before working through your new social media strategy.

Preview 01:41

We've already talked a little bit about the different parts of a social media audit, but in this lesson, Joanne is going to teach you step by step how to execute it for your business.

Executing Your Audience Analysis, Internal Audit, + Competitive Analysis

Now that our social media audit is concluded, we have to organize the information we've gathered in a cohesive way. In this lesson, you'll find two ways to coordinate your current social media strategy information to be used when developing your new social media strategy.

Audit Conclusion
+ Clarifying Your Social Media Strategy
1 lecture 04:25

We've performed our social media audit, now it's important that as we move forward to develop a brand new strategy, we take a look at our business and ask ourselves some clarifying questions. These questions will hopefully shed light on key areas you need to consider for your strategy such as: Who am I speaking to? How much time do I have to devote to scheduling and publishing content? What are my objectives?

Clarifying Your Social Media Strategy
+ Social Media Breakdown
5 lectures 29:09

The platform that started it all (well, mostly) Facebook. In this lesson, we are going to deep dive into Facebook pros and cons, demographics, and some facts that may be important for you to know when deciding on where you want to grow your business on social media.


Twitter is curiously one of the most underutilized social media platforms, but Twitter certainly has it's major advantages when it comes to buying power, website traffic, and power of virality. In this lesson, you'll learn more about how Twitter may be beneficial for your business, pros and cons, demographics, and surprising facts.


We all love Instagram. Simply put, Instagram is a beautiful, highly engaging platform for visually based brands, fashionistas, photographers, and the like. In this lesson, we will dive a little bit more into what businesses do well on Instagram, the pros and cons of the platform, demographics, and more.


You probably were surprised when I included LinkedIn in my list of social media platforms that are beneficial to promoting your business, but LinkedIn, depending on your business, definitely has it's place. In this lesson, Joanne will share with you some well known statistics you may not know about LinkedIn, demographics, and pros and cons.


Pinterest, technically, isn't a social media site. I wanted to introduce it as a small part of this course though to get you thinking on whether or not Pinterest marketing may be a good fit for you and your business. This is the only place you'll see Pinterest throughout this course, even so, we will talk it's benefits and downsides, statistics, and important facts to know.

+ Developing Your Social Media Strategy
7 lectures 36:15

I know we've done our leg work, but not we are in a great place to start developing our social media strategy. This lesson will introduce the six steps to develop an effective social media strategy that we will expand upon in the following lessons.

Introduction To Developing Your Social Media Strategy

If you are reading this right now and you don't have a why behind why you do what you do, then likely your social media strategy is going to be all over the place. Your why helps to curate content for your audience that aligns with the overall mission of your business. In this lesson, Joanne is going to give you insight on what a why for your business will look like and how it will help you develop an effective social media strategy.

What Is Your Why?

Who are you speaking to when you post on social media? Do you have any idea? Or do you have your ideal client nailed to a t? Either way, using your ideal client when you draft content for social media is going to ensure that you gain maximum engagement in your business, target clients or customers who are truly going to be interested in your product or service offering, and help you understand how to inject value into your audience's lives by what content you curate. In this lesson, Joanne is going to talk all about the importance of knowing who your ideal client is and help you to design what your ideal client may look like for you if you don't know already.

Use Your Ideal Client

Winging social media isn't the most effective way to capture your audience's attention. I am a firm believer in having a plan for your content, utilizing tools to schedule out your posts, and creating content that is going to gift value to your audience around every bend. In this lesson (one of the longest you'll find yet, but stay with us!), you'll learn all about the benefits of planning out your social media, how to do so, and many other tips and tricks when it comes to planning out your social media.

Plan Out Your Content

If there is any one thing that is extremely important when it comes to developing an effective social media strategy it is, at the very least, consistency. Even if you don't post everyday, showing up on media and staying relevant will keep your audience interested, engaged, and up to date on what's going on in your business. As part four of developing your social media strategy, we will talk all about consistency in social media, how it will benefit you in business, and pitfalls to avoid.

Be Consistent

One of the things I hear from small business owners is that they get on social media, post, and don't touch it again. Taking a few minutes each day to engage with your audience promotes a lot of goodwill about your business. In the lesson, you'll learn some key insights into why engaging is more than just being social and how it will further help you grow your business in the online space.


By now, you might be a little overwhelmed as how you are going to manage all the social media platforms, curate content, and schedule everything out. But, first, I want you to find where you ideal audience is and start with one platform then go from there. As I've mentioned before, social media is not going to happen over night. It is a consistent marketing strategy that will continue to build over time with constant nurturing.

Start With One
+ Content + Captioning
2 lectures 21:44

Sometimes we get stuck in a content rut. Our creative juices aren't flowing and yet, we've got content we need to create and get out the door. In this lesson, we will talk the many, many types of content you can use across all social media and some great examples of a few of the types we talk about.

Content Ideas + Examples

Many business owners struggle with captions. Sometimes I think we just overthink what to write or put below an image or video. To be honest, it's simple. In this lesson, I'll share caption ideas, high performing caption examples, and a few tips to make it easier to develop captions for your social media.

Caption Tips + Ideas
+ Taking Your Content A Step Further
2 lectures 08:04

We spend a lot of time creating content for our audience, so I always want to know how can I make my content for further for myself and for my audience? In this lesson, Joanne shares some key insights into taking full advantage of the content you create and ensuring more people see it across social media.

Features To Utilize

In this short lesson, Joanne shares some additional tips she utilizes in her own business to make developing content easier for social media and keep it working harder for you.

Content Tips + Tricks
+ Social Media Resources
5 lectures 20:49

Navigating how you are going to plan and schedule out your content can be overwhelming! After all, there are just so many options to choose from. In this lesson, I give you some of the major players in the content scheduling game, some key facts about them, price points, and the like to help you figure what might be best for your business.

Scheduling + Planning Software

If you aren't planning to post on all platforms or you want to be able to draft content from pretty much anywhere, there are software and resources for that! In this lesson, we will talk about app versions of some of the standard scheduling software we discussed in the previous lesson as well as standalone options. Based on what platforms you are interested in using for your business, these various apps will help you determine what might be most beneficial to manage your media.

Scheduling + Planning Apps

While social media platforms are always adding new features to their platforms, sometimes we need an assist to provide features not yet available. In this lesson, I'll share some helpful assisting apps you can pick up for free or a very minimal price that will aid you in your social media management and content creation.

Assisting Apps

Social media is competitive. There is so much digital noise out there that in order to stand out you have to take full advantage of designing beautiful imagery and video that people will want to slow their scroll and pay attention to. In this lesson, I'll share design software for all experience levels you can use to level up your visual media.

Design Software

A lot of business owners ask me where to find imagery they can use for content? Well, there are a lot of options! In this lesson, I give you a few resources on where to find static imagery you can use on social media, your blog, website, etc. The great thing is there are different price points and options for every business owner no matter the stage of business you are in!

Photography Resources
+ Tracking Your Social Media Growth
1 lecture 05:09

Are you keeping track of your social media growth in order to see the return of investment on your efforts? After all, why are you doing all this work if you aren't going to track what works and what doesn't? Be sure to download your Business Growth Tracking Chart, which starts with a simple way to track your social media growth. In this lesson, Joanne break downs and explains some key metrics that will be integral in understanding your growth across social media.

How To Track Your Growth
+ Course Wrap Up
2 lectures 08:00

Of course, now you are probably wondering, wait, how can I pull my social media strategy together? In this bonus lesson, Joanne gives you a few examples of what your social media strategy might look like.

There is no set way to outline your social media strategy, so feel free to adjust this and figure out what works best for you and your business.

Putting It All Together

Guys, you did it! You finished Social Media Strategy Made Easy.

I hope by now you are feeling incredibly confident about moving forward and tackling your social media for business.

I'm over here cheering you on.

So, hats off to you for completing Social Media Strategy Made Easy. It was a pleasure having you as my pupil and I hope to learn with you again soon.

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