Social Media 2017: Convert Your Fans In Loyal Customers
3.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Social Media 2017: Convert Your Fans In Loyal Customers

Social Media Sales Funnels: See Exactly How To Attract Genuine Customers On Facebook, Twitter Or Pinterest!
3.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,729 students enrolled
Created by Standard Digital
Published 8/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Get Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram Pages & Profiles Increasing Fast
  • Make Your Social Networks Profiles Generate A Steady Flow Of Buyers Easily & Quickly
  • Optimize Your Posting Times And Types To Get The Most Traffic And Visibility
  • Understand How To Create An A to Z Funnel From Social Media To The Order Now Page
  • Choose What Social Network Is Best For Your Product And How To Use It In The Most Profitable Way
  • Nothing More Than The Desire To Use Social Media Power Into Your Business

Do you need to get conversions from your social media presence?

Do you want Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Linkedin to help you get more sales?

I know how you feel, since I was in exactly the same situation 3 years ago. Even worse, I had a good social media presence but while I was still struggling to get likes, tweets and followers I didnt succeed to convert my social media followers into customers.

People get you likes, but not so much sales...

Nosis Academy, 5 stars review: "Found! The “Holy Grail" Of Social Media Sales Funnels! Thank you for this amazing course."

Jerry, 5 stars review: "Good general overview plus some excellent specifics. Florin provides a good broadbrush explanation of numerous aspects of social media. This will be particularly valuable to less experienced users who may be confused with the various options. His approach to using Buffer was very good, as well as his 16 methods to create engaging content and 14 ideas for lead magnets. If you never did any more than focus your writing on those, you'd be way ahead of the game."

This course will teach you how to attract more people and earn higher profits from social media in a remarkably easy way to implement. I will explain it in all the details. I used this system over and over again to launch products and make them bestsellers.

Today it's essential for any person and business to be present on social media.

But this is useless if nobody notices you. And most people almost never get noticed in this noisy social world.

And still some people succeed in connecting all this huge number of people spending time on social networks ... to what they have to offer.

For most businesses, social media it is about 'shout-outs' to friends, 'liking' things, and trying to be "popular'…

Not something that can electrify your business or supercharge your blog.

But if you know how social media really works… and can use it to drive traffic to your blog or your sales conversion funnel…

By creating a conversion funnel based on the huge number of people that spend time on social media, you will start attracting people from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, G+ etc and you'll find yourself earning money with a simple and tested system that creates a bestseller.

It can be an incredibly potent, and profitable, tool.

Design an Engaging and Highly Profitable Social Media Conversion Funnel

  • write down the proper strategy for your products and services so that you will know where to promote them, how to do it, where to find free content for that and what type of content can give you an advantage,
  • choose exactly which social networks will work for you so that you will invest your time and money promoting exactly on the networks where your audience spend time,
  • define what is the type of people that will want to connect with you, so that you'll turn them into devoted followers who will purchase from you over and become ambassadors for your brand,
  • you will use the relationship between your business or blog and your followers as a love story that you help bloom…
  • find out what are the real life behaviors people use when spending time on social media and how you can turn them as tools to promote you and your business
  • connect the social networks that can serve you best with your blog, your email marketing; integrate everyting fast and easily into a automated system that works 24 hours for you
  • set up easily all the components of a conversion funnel that can "feed" your business with fresh supplies of people interested in what you offer. Day by day!

Let's be honest: a quick Google search will give you millions of pages with techniques about how to use social media.

Some work, some don't, and some are just plain rubbish.

This course will show you a proven strategy I tested, optimezed and improved in the last 3 years by launching and promoting my own products and coaching services. And other people's.

I discovered it by noticing how people behave in real life and implementing the exact same behaviors in the hundreds of social media campaigns I managed on Facebook, Twitter, Linkein and StumbleUpon.

Here's a hint: "it's very similar to how they behave in real life".

I will take your hand and show you exactly how I did it, how you can do it and what to do to customize it to exactly what you offer. Nothing hidden, all the details will be revealed here using an easy to understand language.

It is not a course about learning to use the HUGE power of social media. Not at all.

It is about how to implement the HUGE power of social media to create a bestseller with a simple sales conversion funnel. With your products or not ... you don't even need your own product.


As always you have my 30 Day “No Quibble" Money Back Guarantee as my complete involvement in helping you the same way I did in hundreds of campaigns I managed in the last years. Try it, use it, without risking anything!


Remember, after taking the class I am here to help you. Click the link to sign up for the class today!

Thank you for reading this and learning about my course ... I hope what I will teach you when you will start the course will help you make a huge performance leap! Click now on TAKE THIS COURSE to get started!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone Who Wants To Use The Huge Number Of People Spending Time On Social Media And Convert Them Into Customers Through A Conversion Funnels
  • Anyone With a Product/Service To Be Sold Online
  • Anyone Who Wants More Traffic For Their Websites From Social Media Networks
  • Anyone Who Wants To Get Customers By Using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest Or Instagram
Course content
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+ Welcome
2 lectures 03:06
How to get the most of this training
+ From Real Life To Social Media
3 lectures 11:28

Let's start with the basics: the first thing you need to understand is a secret all people out there ignore: how do people actually act on social media.

How do they take the decision to buy? To subscribe? To follow you?

And the answer is surprising simple: they do like they always did. Like they saw their friends, their parents, everyone else around them behaving, since they were children. Now let's take these behaviors and use them in your sales funnel. You'll be surprised what you will discover...

Preview 02:53

When first entering social media, people start acting the same way they did before. In the real life. They behave toward everyone else using the same principles they have wired in their brains. And it is the same system of belifes and behaviors they will have toward you.

So, if you want to get their attention, trust and... money... you have to talk to them in that exactly language they have wired. Best of all, it's easy to understand and use, since you also have it wired in you. Let's discover what it is about.

Preview 04:18

Do you see all those people trying to be popular on Facebook? They try to get as many likes & tweets as possible. Sometimes they get the likes, most times no. What they almost never get is the trust and money of their potential customers spending time on social media.

Now, what do you prefer to be: the guy who dies trying to impress people for a few likes or the one that doesn't care how popular he is, but... how many sales he gets? Do you want likes or growing your business?

Mindsets to develop profitable relationships through social media
+ A Deep Understanding How Social Media Works
6 lectures 30:38

Let's see what are the networking strategies people use in real life so that we will be able to use them later in our social media sales funnel to transform a product nobody know about ... into a bestseller.

How to network in real life

You can do many things on social media. But the success ultimately comes from putting them all together in a system that integrate all the essentials and works!

For that you will have a social media strategy, a tool most people don't even know exists.

Develop a Social media Strategy

To get in other people mind and speak the exact language they understand, they listen when taking the decision to buy your product (or not) you have to first understand their persona. Their avatar.

Let's see what is and avatar. Beside the movie, which - by the way - is great. And why it is vital for your business grow?

Preview 06:29

Now we will learn to measure our social media actions and establish goals. Remember: we don't care so much for how many likes and tweets you get. They do matter. But what matter most is what you will learn here...

Establishing goals and objectives for Social Media

People will like you, connect with you and start to trust you if you start give them something that is valuable for them. In the same time, it have to be something that engage them. That make them want to promote your content!

Now we will learn how to use your own content, other people's content and different types of content that engage people, that makes them wanting to promote it on Facebook, Twitter and also email their friends about it!

Learn how to create content that engage!

You will have here exactly the types of content you can create (or get for free form somebody else) that will get attention and the desire to act.

Creating engaging content

Other people money, other people time... why not other people social presence too? This lecture is about how to make other people promote you and do it for free.

Learn how to engage your audience and make they become involved in your social media conversion funnels, by promoting your content and generating traffic for you. It's much easier than you thought!

Leveraging your audience to increase your reach
Section 2
1 question
+ Creating Conversion Funnels to Capture Leads From Social Media
6 lectures 30:01

Back to the basics. Since people act on social media like in real life, they also connect and network online the same way they do in real life.

A step few people do is creating a social network, especially with the influencers in your niche. Later you will use it to establish partnerships, JVs and a network that will help you grow your business.

For most people their social circle is an accident. Let's see how you can shape the exact social circle that will help you in the future.

You will find out now how to use it to extend and manage your social circles. The simplified principles of networking used in social media.

From networking to connecting with friends and partners

Why should you use a sales funnel and not randomely post on social media? Understan the important analytics & how to choose your funnell metrics.

Why use conversion funnels

Social media should be a gate to your conversion funnel. How to do that.

Preview 04:14
What is a lead magnet? How to create it? Examples.
Lead Magnets that grow your email list faster

What is a squeeze page, why should you use them and how to create them fast. Ideas & examples included.

Preview 05:37

Hey, you got over the first 50% of the course. Congrats!

Now it's time to do one very important action... see what is about.

Halfway done!
Section 3
1 question
+ Connecting Different Social Networks Specific Techniques Into a Strategy
11 lectures 37:29

Using different types of social media

Why & when to use Facebook? Specifics & tactics
How to use Facebook to build an audience

Twitter specifics, when to use it, how to promote your business on Twitter.

How to boost your Twitter campaigns results

Why should you use Pinterest & when?

How to optimize your Pinterest campaigns
Linkedin: Why and when to use Linkedin Marketing?
Using Stumbleupon for business and how to optimize it for conversion
Where are You at This Point?

Too many social networks! When to use what? Here you will have a simple way to choose the networks to use for your business and blog. Plus how to create a social media marketing plan.

Putting it all together: Creating a Social Media Strategy
Section 4
1 question
+ Optimize, Automate And Repeat
3 lectures 14:30

How to automate you social media activities and get to the nest level.

Automating the strategy implementation

How to use Buffer to work less and faster

Using Buffer to automate and schedule

A bunch of tools to use in your social media activity.

+ Tools and Resources For The Next Level
7 lectures 03:05
How To Start Your Journey To Another Level

A collection of tools you should use with your blog

Social Media Tools for Bloggers
1 page

Tools & resources for email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing Tools For Conversion funnels
1 page

How to creat fast squeeze pages & conversion funnels that convert. Tools that offer you dozens of conversion optimized templates, tested themes to customize and use for your website.

Landing pages tools to create conversion funnels
1 page

Content creation tools

Content creation tools for bloggers and small businesses
1 page
Still Having Questions?

It is not for good. I am here to help you, if you have questions...

A last word
+ Bonus Resources & Downloads
5 lectures 10:32
The Platform Philosophy
Get any of my other courses at a super discounted price!
1 page

How to make sure you move from yearly goals to daily actions toward success in your conversion funnel.

Bonus: How to get things done
Tools To Improve The Speed Of Your Website
1 page
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