Social entrepreneurship Fundamentals

Be a Social Change Maker
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History, nature and scope of social entrepreneurship
Local, national and global practices and trends in social entrepreneurship
Funding and challenges for Social Enterprise management and sustainability
Various typologies in social entrepreneurship
How to start a social enterprise


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Social entrepreneurship is the newest buzz word that has continued to attract everyone - business tycoon, commercial entrepreneurs and even celebrities all want to be known as "social entrepreneurs". The mounting enthusiasm towards social entrepreneurship is further propelled by some of the big names in social entrepreneurship like - Professor Muhammad Yunus, Malala Yousafzai and the list goes on. Social enterprises have proven to become an alternative business model that is capable of bringing social change and making money at the same time. But the idea of social entrepreneurship has remained very broad and multi-faceted. Especially, when people like Bill Gates or as such are regarded as 'social entrepreneur' that sparked interesting debate!

So, this course on Social entrepreneurship is for those with a strong will and passion to make an impact in the society. Unlike other courses, this course is not meant to simply provide you with knowledge that resides in book, rather it gives you hands on experience on how to become a social change-maker. There are a number of examples, case studies and discussion about social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. You will get handy tips if you are really keen to start your own social enterprise venture at some point.

If you want to learn about social entrepreneurship - learn from someone who has been there and done everything possible to start two successful  social enterprises from ground up.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • Social innovators
  • Anyone who wants to become a social change-maker

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