Productivity: Skyrocket Your Productivity the Agile Way!
3.8 (211 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,594 students enrolled

Productivity: Skyrocket Your Productivity the Agile Way!

Unleash the Power of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean! Be Agile, and Boost your Personal & Professional Productivity!
3.8 (211 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,594 students enrolled
Last updated 12/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Skyrocket your Agile Productivity by focusing on the most Important and Valuable Tasks, get them done early, enjoy a Successful Career, Focus, and Higher Incomes
  • Beat Procrastination and Get Excellent Results Fast... the Agile Way!
  • Enhance Your Own Personal Style to boost Productivity rather than unnaturally applying somebody else's Methods
  • Build Momentum by enjoying Success after Success!
  • Get yourself some sticky notes and a daily diary!
  • No previous knowledge of Agile is required - Just the Desire to Skyrocket Your Productivity!

New Course Material Continuously Added and Updated! - Rev. Dec 2018

MORE THAN 2,500 ENTHUSIASTIC AGILE STUDENTS ENROLLED BY NOW! A whole Productivity Community that Learns and Improves day by day!

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PDUs included for certified PMPs and PMI-ACPs! 

Do you see your time passing by without being able to deliver on your promises? Do you do the best you can, but get trapped and fooled by uncertainty and last minute changes? Traditional productivity systems don't work for you? Give them a twist with Agile methods, and Skyrocket your Productivity!


  • 5 Stars - Highly Recommended! Danilo created exactly what I was looking for. If you are interested in increasing your productivity at work or in your personal life, while learning key aspects of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, this course is the best resource I have found to date. Danilo is also a fantastic instructor, very engaging, and eager to see everyone succeed. I highly recommend this course! - Cesar Abeid, PMP, Host of Project Management for the Masses

  • 5 Stars - Most useful course on Udemy! - This is one of the most useful courses I've ever taken on Udemy. I wish I had taken it before! - Erdal Bitik

  •  Stars - Fantastic! This was fabulous. I was able to apply the skills immediately, speed up my productivity, and get things done a lot quicker than before. Before this I tried pretty much everything, even GTD. They were organized, but I could never get them done like I intended to. This time it's been different. Thanks, Danilo! - Simone Jaschko

  • 5 Stars - Very well delivered! ...not only useful for personal productivity, but also at work - I have implemented it with my Team and it's been a huge Hit! - Al Almaktoum


What if you could finally find a way to be Agile and Successful in your Personal Choices, pursue your Dreams, and enjoy immediate Results? How well would that amazing Productivity translate into a Better Job, Higher Incomes and Self-Satisfaction?


  • 5 Stars - Recommended for big and small projects! I enjoy Danilo's fresh ideas on Kanban and Scrum. It has definitely improved my time management and project planning... Thanks! - Thrandur Arnthorsson

  • 5 Stars - Wonderful course presented in a clear and engaging way! Heap of examples to express the information in a realistic manner. I suggest it to anybody who wants to succeed in their job... A must for any fast paced workplace! - Nick Leffler


If this gets you high, then this Course is the answer you were waiting for!


  • 5 Stars - Excellent Course! - Wow - so much information packed into one single course. Really clear explanations with examples to help implement the strategy described... Nice job! - Deborah Wojcicki


I've spent years of study on Productivity Techniques and Personal Improvement. I've studied how Companies like Toyota, Microsoft, Chrysler, Boeing, GM and thousands of LEAN Startups stay ahead of their competitors and successfully face their daily challenges. I've learnt about their Agile and Lean Approaches and applied them at Work and in my Personal Life, and I've experienced amazing results - learning new languages in no time and giving an incredible boost to my Career!


  • 5 Stars - Already More Agile and Productive! Great course and easy to follow. Downloadable resources are also very useful and value added to the entire course experience... Well done! - C. Eliot Tennant

  • 5 Stars - Awesome tips! Great course and clear presentation. The course is really interactive and visual. It has a lot of valuable productivity information! Would highly recommend :) - Snehal Wagh


I've finally created My Personal Scrumban©, one of the most agile, easy, and effective productivity solutions to plan your goals with purpose and at the same time manage your daily routine, while considering change as an integral part of it, and effectively responding to shifting priorities. I'm confident that it will greatly enhance your Life as it has improved mine and those of my students. 


  • 5 Stars - Great instructor and quality content!!     Really well done, the explanations are extremely clear. Worth for personal productivity and professional improvement. Looking forward to the release of new Lectures! - Laura Spinaci


So, Come and Reclaim your Life and your Success. This is Your Opportunity. 

If you're determined to succeed and gain control of your Life, this Course is for you. Enjoy the free previews... and Enroll Now

See you inside, 

Danilo Tambone 

PS: I'm so confident that you'll gain Value from the Course as soon as you'll start applying these techniques, that I offer my own Personal 30 Days Money Back Guarantee - If you're not 100% happy with the material, you may ask for a full refund and get your money back. No. Question. Asked. Enjoy! 

Who this course is for:
  • The Course is suited for Dynamic Startup Entrepreneurs who want to hit the ground running, Knowledge Workers who think outside the box, and Students who want to set up their Early Path to Success!
  • The First Level is powerful for getting Clarity about everyday's activities, and it ignites a tremendous Productivity Flow.
  • The Second Level builds upon the first one, and is suited for Individuals who want to smash the roof of Productivity in environments filled with Uncertainty and limited Vision, where no other approach but Agile would make its Way!
  • No previous Agile knowledge nor experience with other Productivity Techniques is required - just an Open Mind and the Determination to Succeed!
Course content
Expand all 51 lectures 03:00:27
+ Presentation
5 lectures 18:57

This course will go on building over time thanks to the amazing feedback that I receive daily by my students, so everyone make your say! Have you already tried productivity improvement programs? What didn't work with them? Would you like me to address specific topics that you don't find in this course? Let me know, so I can improve your experience!

Preview 03:53

Fighting against too tight working schedules? Letting your own personal plans fade away under the weight of constant change in your life? Losing focus and getting crazy on assigning the right priorities to what should matter the most?

If you want a way out, then this course is for you. Follow me along in this presentation.

Preview 06:12

In this lecture I go over the broad topics we’ll cover in the course, as well as review the supplemental material and assignments. I’ll also touch on why the course will help you, and what you’ll get out of it once you’ve completed it.

Preview 02:51

Personal introduction, and why you can trust me in the role of instructor for this class.

Preview 03:05
+ Introduction to Agile Productivity
3 lectures 12:43

In this lesson I describe what My Personal Scrumban© is and how it helps you boost your productivity while you manage either operational tasks or projects.

Some Definitions To Start Up

In the lesson I touch on the PDF documents included in this course that you should immediately print out to start your path to success. In the lecture I tell you how to select the most suited sticky notes for My Personal Scrumban©, and why you may find an Agenda useful for your daily records.

What Tools You Need To Take This Course

Before starting with the actual course, let me give you a few more suggestions to enhance your study experience and let you enjoy the ride even more.

My Personal Recommendations On Taking This Course
+ Kanban - Feel The Agile Flow
10 lectures 35:02

Would you like to know how Kanban works and makes you rock with daily assignments? Get ready!

We scroll through the titles of the next lessons for this section, and we do it… the Kanban way.

Preview 02:21

A bit of history about Kanban, and our first experiences with the Kanban board.

Let’s Get Comfortable With The Productivity Tools

“Kanban is a tool to track the evolutionary states of an action item”. Does this sentence look awkward? After the lesson, it will sound astonishingly easy.

Setting Up The Process Flow

The Backlog is the place where we give voice to all the activities and goals we want to achieve. In the lesson I teach you how to use it to gain clarity about priorities and stay productive.

Where Everything Begins: The Backlog

Here I teach you how to prioritize action items and how to perform “Backlog Grooming” to focus on delivering Value.

Preview 04:14
Measure Your Agile Success: The "Definition of Done"

The Board is the tool to visualize the process flow, identify the eventual roadblocks, and remove them to keep our productivity high. In this lesson you’ll learn how to use and personalize it.

It’s Time To Jump On The Productivity Dancefloor: The Board
A Productivity System with Your Own Personality

What is Work In Progress? How to use it as a measure of how straightforward or messy our flow of actions is? Is multitasking really such a good thing? Some examples from real life will bring clarity about all of these questions.

Keep The Agile Ball Rolling: Work In Progress
Practical Examples of Kanban Boards

Before moving on, let's test your understanding of the contents of this Kanban Section.



Kanban Section Quiz
5 questions
+ Halfway Congratulations ;)
1 lecture 01:08
You're Halfway to Your Success!
+ Scrum - Managing the Unknown
13 lectures 01:14:54

A brief introduction to Scrum, the Agile framework created by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.

In the attached PDF you'll learn about the reasons why this approach will let you rock with your productivity, especially when dealing with projects with high level of uncertainty, even in your own life.


Preview 01:27
Introduction To The Section

In this lesson I teach you how to set the stage before starting a challenge. Why are you starting it, in the first place? Is it really worth? What do you want to get out of it? What will Success look like? The Vision, and the clarity, you will gain in this episode and in the next one will be the key to stay on target when unexpected events and shifting priorities will shake you along the way.

MPS© Vision Statement

How do you know that your project CAN be done? First, with right tools think through it and reflect on what is it really that you want to create. Then, when you have a clear picture of it, ask for feedback from those people who are likely to be using it afterwards.

The name of the precious tool that could save you efforts and disillusionment? The My Personal Scrumban© Feasibility Analysis.


MPS© Feasibility Analysis

It’s time to go! Have a light backpack, this trip will be short and sweet. In the lecture I tell you what a Sprint looks like and a few rules to make it effective to reach your short- and mid-term goals.

MPS© Sprint

In the Kanban Section you've already learnt a lot about the Backlog. But if you want to use it in Scrum, there's something more you have to know.

MPS© Backlog - Yes, Once More!

You need a Map before embarking for a new land. But what if nobody has ever visited that land? You create the Map with the elements you have now, with what you expect to find and with where you want to go. You set some checkpoints. You refine it over time. You constantly check it to verify where you’ve arrived, and you finally modify it if the land doesn’t look like you expected at first.

Welcome to My Personal Scrumban© Roadmap.

MPS© Roadmap

Maybe you don’t know what is hidden beyond the next hilltop, but at least you have a certain visibility up to that top. As for now, let’s plan how to reach it, and let’s stick to reach it by an agreed upon date. In this lesson I explain you how to plan a Sprint to reach that metaphorical hilltop and enjoy the ride.

Preview 06:07

In this lesson you'll discover an easy yet foundational tool to get you focused even before your working day has started.



So you’ve reached the first hilltop, congratulations! It’s time to show to the world what you’ve gained along the trip and to get some feedback. A Demonstration, or “Demo” is our occasion to touch with our hands what we’ve been able to produce in this first stretch of road. Did you get what you expected? Do your results so far meet your expectations and those of the people you started your trip for? How should you refine or expand it before the next intermediate finish line?

In the lesson I explain you how taking advantage of intermediate checkpoints to get straight to your final goals.

MPS© Sprint DEMO

Before starting with the next Sprint, let’s talk for a minute about the process you’ve followed in the last week or so.

Not what you’ve produced, but how you produced it.

Look back at the week that has just passed by and how you applied the tools you’ve learned so far. What would you improve? How could you make it more effective for you?

This is called the My Personal Scrumban© Sprint REVIEW.

In the lesson I guide you through a few questions that will make you more effective and self-conscious.



Great! You reached your final goal! Time to deliver your results and celebrate! After all the intermediate checkpoints, this is where we wanted to arrive. In the lesson I show you what it looks like and how to pass the finishing line in a safe and effective way.

Besides, let’s look back now at the whole process since we started. What have we learnt? Should we start it again, what would we improve? Do we want to expand on the results we’ve produced so far, or shall we get ready for a new and more challenging objective?

MPS© Release And Retrospective

Let's see how the concepts explained in this section have been applied in a real life case.

Real Life Example Of A Personal Scrum Application
Scrum Section Quiz
3 questions
+ My Personal Scrumban© - Let's Wrap It Up
4 lectures 10:17

Let's now go through all the steps we've described in the course in a single meaningful flow.

Putting it All Together

Congratulations, You Did It!

Now it's time to apply the concepts to your activities and daily life!

But before you go - Is there anything you would improve or enrich in the course? If you enjoyed the ride and you would like to suggest the course to your friends, leave me your comment and a great review!

Thanks for watching, and Stay Agile 4 Success!

You Did It! Congratulations!
Register Your PDUs!
How to Contact Me... and some Useful Resources
+ Advanced Concepts
11 lectures 22:57

Let’s build up the notions we got in the Kanban section. A few suggestions more to make an even more effective prioritization.

Advanced Agile Task Prioritization

At the end of the day, no matter how big your effort has been, the measure of your success is only the value you’ve been able to deliver. Let me elaborate the concept in this lesson.

The Notion of Value

If your Kanban Board is made up of the only "To Do, Doing, Done" columns, let's shake it up with some creative effort. Let's see how a Professional tweaked it to manage her own professional blog.

Preview 01:25

Yep, we already touched this concept in the course. Now I show you some more evidences to back it up.

Why Multitasking Hurts

For personal use, tracking time may be useful to improve our effectiveness over time. Let’s see how smart teams do it the agile way, and if it may work for us as well.

Tracking Time
Don't just Plan... HyperPlan! Agile Productivity on Desktop

In the document I share several links of personal productivity tools that can be used to apply the concepts of My Personal Scrumban© either online or on your devices.

Other Agile Digital Tools You Can Use With My Personal Scrumban©
Productivity with My Personal Scrumban and Trello... the Easy Way!

I've created this lecture right after the request of one of the students of this community, who wanted to know a bit more about how the concepts of this course apply not only to personal productivity, but also to the management of Agile Teams.

In this lesson I'll touch briefly on how Agile Teams are characterized, and how they differentiate themselves from traditional project teams. Then, I'll show you how the concepts you've learnt along this course in relation to personal productivity apply to teams and family management, and finally I'll suggest you a few more interesting and engaging resources about this subject.

Taking It To The Next Level - Agile Teams... and Families! (CC)

This is an incomplete and growing list of Productivity Hacks. It will grow up also with your help. Do you have something more to share? Let us know in the comments, we’ll add it right there below.


Additional Agile Productivity Hacks