Conflict in marriage: Sinking to Syncing in marriage

Conflict to Connection
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Treat marriage as a process of restoration.
Understand the heart of conflict in self and marriage.
Practice good fighting.
Learn to choose your opposition in marriage.
Select helpful thought patterns in conflict.
Apply helpful conflict resolution models that make all the difference.
Decipher helpful therapy.
Knowing your place with your spouse and God in the Love Zone Balance.
Internalize what it means to come into sync.
Understand love more completely.


  • It will be most helpful in taking this course to understand the dynamics of being married.


I was laying on the grass, gazing into the bright blue sky one afternoon, when I noticed 2 black birds close together above my rose bush full of tall white roses.

I thought these birds were playing, and fanciful, but upon closer inspection, they were hurting each other; dive bombing, and pecking at each other.

I couldn’t help but think at that time in my marriage, “This seems like marriage, always pecking on each other…”

Have you ever wondered if your failing marriage is repairable?

What causes conflict anyway? How can it make you a better person?

And what is God’s part in a successful marriage?

We break all this apart- and then put it back together, just like can be done in your marriage!

Course Sections are as follows:

Section 1: Resolve conflict, and maybe avoid it at all.

Introduction: Sink or fight-Navajo/ Canoe Adventure Lessons

  • Broken to Restored

  • Mature Love

  • Divorce and Your Part

  • The Heart of Conflict

  • 3 Conflict Soothers Smooth the Way

  • Fighting Well makes a Good Marriage

  • 2 Conflict Resolution Models

Section 2: Internalize positive options to come into sync.

  • S- Selecting Your Opposition makes all the difference

  • I- Interrupt ANT’s

  • N -Neglect Not Good Therapy

  • K- Know Your Adversary; God is Good, the Devil is Evil

  • S- Sweet Spot of Knowing

  • Y-Your God Wall

  • N-No One Like You two

  • C-Coming into Sync–Lighthouse

Conclusion: 3 out of 100.

Marriage doesn’t have to be a pecking. It can be a fun interplay mid-flight with new scenes and grand adventures with your one and only. And love pecks….

As John Whittier Greenleaf says, “Thee lift me, i lift thee, and we’ll ascend together.

See how to go from Sinking to Syncing in marriage with helpful models, personalized stories, and meaningful connection exercises with your honey. (And yes, this course is mainly meant to be taken separately for best results.)

Good luck in your marriage restoration and personal enhancement

Journey! Come inside as we grow from contention to connection.”

Who this course is for:

  • You will benefit from this course as a married person ready to resolve conflict, allowing God into your marriage.
  • You must be willing to begin taking accountability without blame and shame.


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I have been featured professionally on personal development blogs, received a business degree from Brigham Young University; but most importantly, I have been married for 26 plus years, four of the latest years, happily.

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