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Voice exercises for anyone. Long term singing in a healthy way. Focusing on learning without strain
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Sing with no strain in your voice
Long term singing exercises for healthy singing


  • Enjoy singing (or want to enjoy singing)


Many people learn to sing and find that their voice is strained. They try everything but it comes back and continues to hinder their singing. Many people fear long term damage to their voice and this class teaches the exercises that will help you get strain out of your singing.

We go over;

  • Why our voices strain when we start to sing

  • Proper warmups

  • Hydration

  • Examples of why and how to practice

  • Exercises for any vocal range

Whether you just want to sing better for your morning car ride or want to professional voice-over for the next big kindle book, this class will help you develop a healthy system for maintaining your voice.  Learning how to sing and talk without strain will help you communicate better in all areas of your life.

Who this course is for:

  • People who find there voice is strained when they sing and want to fix that
  • People who want to improve at singing without damaging there voice
  • NOT for people who are just trying to get a quick fix to a damaged voice
  • NOT for people who are trying be in competition or to "Be the best"
  • People who want to enjoy singing for the rest of their life


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Micah Blake
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About the Owner Micah Blake

I believe in learning the things you are interested in. This belief has brought me to many amazing things in life. I think you have the ability to learn anything and do anything you want in life. As I learn things I teach them to others. After I have taught the same thing over and over I decide to get it down on video so anyone can learn it too.

   I enjoy learning and I hope you can have fun learning from me.

   Decide what your dream is and go and get it.

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