How to Become Vegan with Basic Nutrition Tips
1.8 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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How to Become Vegan with Basic Nutrition Tips

A Basic Guide to Plant-based Nutrition with amazing Whole food Recipes
1.8 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
18 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Plan Well Balanced Vegan Meals
  • Understand that Bland Vegan Meals can be Improved
  • Identify A Rainbow of Nutrients in food for Nutritional Balanced Meals
  • Identify a Vegan Diet as an interesting journey and not a chore
  • Develop an Understanding of Vegan options for Optimal Nutrition
  • Discover how to implement Healthy Living practices on a daily basis
  • How to Start Over and Transition to Veganism
  • No prior Knowledge Required
  • Budget for Purchasing Vegan Items for Effective Meal Planning
  • Where Organic and Farmers Market Produce can be found
  • Existing Allergies, if any, so they can be adapted in recipes
  • Why you are planning a Vegan diet. This will help you make the right choices in foods
  • Have a list of your favourite foods so that you can Plan your meals easily

Navigating Nutrition and Veganism can be tricky.

Love Your Body and it will Love You Back.  Jump In and take this course to learn from Chef J who has been trained to help you with her Culinary skills and Food Science knowledge and qualifications that go beyond just blending nuts for nut milk or boring tofu.  Chef J will help you cook up a Beautiful Rainbow that you will enjoy.  Explore, Learn and Grow Body Beautiful.

In this course, you will learn:  

- What vegan eating is and why it is important for the nourishment of our bodies

- The Basic foods comprising a vegan diet and how they keep the body running efficiently

- The answer tot he most frequently asked questions about veganism

- How Coconut Oil and other oils contribute or not to Optimal Nutrition and Coconut Oils Nutrient rich functions in your body.

- How to prepare Caribbean Rice n Peas and how to troubleshoot with other recipes

- How to create a Rainbow of Nutrition for Healthy Living and sources for Cleaning Eating 

We have given you sources in a vegan diet for all the basic nutrients needed by your body along with the names of the nutrients and some of our own tips all in one place.  

Bonus downloadable recipes and books are also included.  

Adding a Rainbow to your diet will ensure you get the right nutrients to keep you happy, healthy and whole.  

Cook Up a Rainbow and let's take this journey together :)

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone seeking a Vegan or Plant-based Diet and those who are seeking Healthy Options
  • Vegans who need to improve their Nutritional intake in their diets
  • Curious palates that need to maintain healthy living through amazing food
  • Healthy conscious individuals seeking new recipes and ideas
Course content
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+ Introduction and Overview
1 lecture 01:55

Do you want to learn how to Transition to a Nutritious rich, plant-based diet?

Then this course is for you.  Let me introduce what we will share with you.

In the Caribbean we usually say you need to "Turn Ah Pot".  In this course, Chef J will share some of the Nutritional sources to help you "Turn Ah Pot" and aid Optimal Health for you and your family.

Cooked or RAW, Fruits or Vegetables, Juiced or Eaten Straight off the Tree.  All whole foods are great for you when you are stress free and not worrying about whether they are Organic or you can afford to buy it.

Organic produce is amazing, but for those who cannot afford to eat that way, we are encouraging you to be Simply VEGAN whether its one meal, one week, one month at a time.  Try it and you will see the difference it makes to your health.

Add some spice and make it even more flavoursome.

Top Up with Exercise, and you will have a winning formula.

Remember, at all times:

COOK UP A RAINBOW and Let's take this Journey TOGETHER!

Chef J

Preview 01:55
+ Why Eat Vegan?
2 lectures 04:31

When we know how our cells use the food we eat, it will help us to make really amazing decisions in our diet.  

Just looking and tasting good can be deceiving.  Find out what your cells do with every morsel that you eat.

Interesting Science of Nutrition for Healthy Eating as Vegans

How Cells Use Food

How your body uses food is crucial to understanding why we should eat carefully to feed our bodies and not just our Taste Buds :)

Eating Vegan - PDF Download just for you

Is really not as bad is it sounds, it is actually quite an interesting journey.  Don't do it all at once. 

One meal at a time or just one week at a time.  It is also an amazing reset diet for your body.

Jump in and remember to download the information created just for you.

Enjoy :)

How the body uses food and Why Eat Vegan
+ ABCs and 123s of Vegan Nutrition
1 lecture 05:20

It is sometimes difficult to know where to start, let us share the basics so that you know how to move forward with your Vegan, Plant-based diet.

Basic Overview of Nutrition
+ How to Obtain Nutrients in a Vegan Diet
21 lectures 01:06:16

Are you getting enough Protein?

Vegans are actually quite tired of hearing this but it is interesting to know how your proteins are formed and the fact that PROTEINS are a complex mass of interesting nutrient building blocks that actually help you to achieve optimal nutrition when clean eating for wellbeing and longevity of life.


Beans are Great for your heart but also contains other nutrients.  

There are so many types of beans and ways of preparing them.

In our bonus section, we have a quick recap on how to use some of the Beans and Pulses/Peas in your diet.


Amino Acids

They are the Super Heroes in your Vegan diet.  Believe it or not, they are often overlooked but provide such a cornerstone to strength, growth and repair.

Find out about these amazing heroes and see where you can source them in your diet for Complete Nutrition and Optimal Well Being. 

Amino Acids

Where would your bones be without Calcium?

It is one of the most important minerals that you will need daily.

For Optimal Health and Wellbeing, look at some of the sources available in a Vegan diet.  You will be amazed and Motivated to keep going.


Chia Seeds are a bit like a two-edged sword.  

They are great for your body, but without proper application could contribute to ailments that I know you would rather not consider.

Optimal Nutrition is all about Balance.  Having a balanced Vegan diet will make your diet much more enjoyable and fun.

Chia Seeds

Who likes their GREENS?

Few people can say that they do, but they really pack a punch in your Vegan diet.

Lethargy and Weakness are clear signs you need more help.

Reset and Reboot your Vegan Diet with Dark Leafy Vegetables and get optimal nutrition that your health and well being can not be without.

Dark Leafy Vegetables

Fish is not the only source of EPA and DHA which are so crucial to our nervous system and vital nutrients in a Vegan diet.  Be amazed at how well our body can cope but also really depends on getting the right Nutrients on a daily basis for Health and Wellbeing to be at its Optimum and Best.


Flax Seeds, like Chia Seeds are amazing little things.

However, a balanced diet is so essential and key to ensuring that your Health and Wellbeing is secured.

They pack a punch in more ways than one.  Have a look at the sources and how your body can utilise the properties and components of these tiny seeds in your Vegan diet.

Flax Seed

Fruit is just so rewarding and satisfying.

There are times that I simply have to have fruit more than food.  

A great natural water source, fruits add taste and texture to your desserts and as a beautiful snack.

Well-rounded and great with Sweet Burn Chilli.


Powerful, pleasant and great for a balanced diet and in an attempt to obtain Optimal Nutrition.

Strengthen your body with these little seeds that deliver an amazing amount of fibre.

Hemp Seed

Minerals are more than just water.

However, many minerals are found in clean potable water.

Discover some of the other sources of minerals and even some of the forgotten trace elements that are needed to increase our Nutrient intake and promote Optimal Health.


Generally, Nuts and Seeds are high in protein and a great mix will improve your Protein levels.

For those who are Allergic to nuts, it may be interesting to discover that maybe your allergy is Tree Nuts ONLY or Ground Nuts ONLY.  

If you cannot eat either, it is important to know the sources so that you know the foods to avoid.  

Optimal health and wellbeing is key to a Great Body.  

Nuts and Seeds

Oils can be destructive but they can also be a wonderful enhancement to health and beauty when used unrefined and organic.

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are natural and great for various applications.

Try them out today to enhance your Optimal Nutrion, Health and Wellbeing


Coconut Oil, oh how we love thee.

An amazing natural oil with so many healing properties.  Also, contributing to Optimum Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing.  It has so many applications including Topical and Atopical.

Inside and Outside, Internal and External applications.  Make your body happy and really boost your health.

Preview 05:49


No way, I once said until I tried it for myself.

Now, I have a diet that is closer to 50% RAW Daily and it has made a difference.

Your Health and Nutrition can only improve when you really take care of your internal health.  It will inevitably radiate outside and help you ooze with natural beauty.

It is a journey and I recommend a 21days to break the habit and just try it for yourself.  You will see just how Raw food which is actually LIVE food in the sense of live respirating foods that keep you energetic.

Make your body happy by giving it at least a reset or reboot with RAW for one day.

You will love the body you are in :)

Raw Vegan Foods

Vegetables are key to combining nutrients in so many ways.

The less we waterlog them and overcook them, the better it will be for your Nutrition balance and Optimal Health and wellbeing. 

Growing your own is also a beautiful thing, even with just a window garden.

You will be so glad that you did.


Boosting your body during the summer will help your body to manage the winter blues.

No more need to frequent the Doctors or General Practitioner when you are boosting your body daily.

Sources are for guidance and you may need supplement instead of the real fruit for various health reasons.  However, it is important to know why you need your vitamin c and how it can help you towards Optimal Health and Wellbeing in your new journey to Nutritional excellence.

Vitamin C

The sunshine vitamin that not everyone can have every day.

However, there are other sources that promote well being and great health when you ensure your sunshine vitamin is a regular part of your diet.

Vitamin D

The Rolls Royce of Transport

Your body needs Water ALL THE TIME.

For optimal nutrition and well being, water must be a daily requirement and best untainted with juices.

However, you may choose to use lemon, or cucumber or create a health water that will tantalise your taste buds whilst refreshing every part of your body.  Have one glass of water when you wake up.  It will really start your engine off perfectly!


Eating your foods whole instead of processed is always key to great Nutrition and Optimal Health and Wellbeing. 

It just cannot be underestimated the amount of times we lose Nutrients through poor diet

Whole Foods

Eating grains whole and with as little processing as possible actually helps in your health and wellbeing.

Your body can use more of the nutrients that whole grains deliver.

Find out some of the sources that will inspire and motivate you to really get healthier on a budget and enjoy every single moment of your discoveries.

Whole Grains
+ Frequently Asked Questions
2 lectures 13:34

Chef J answers some of the most frequently asked questions LIVE for you and also includes a download of some of these questions and her answers researched and known from experience in the Food Industry.

Feel free to ask her questions relating to the topic of being Simply Vegan and Nutrition as a Vegan on the UDEMY Discussion Board.

Looking forward to sharing with you.

Chef J

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting or Starting Over need not be difficult or confusing.

The best way forward for regularity and maintenance is to Transition.

Do it one meal at a time, one day at a time.  Some can go cold and rush straight into it but for longevity, it is recommended that you find an approach that fits your schedule and budget!

How Do I Start my Vegan Journey?
+ Healthy Eating and Meal Planning
2 lectures 04:01

This is a suggest 7 day meal plan with NO SOY, and in places NO NUTS and GLUTEN FREE.

We did this to ensure that everyone is covered.  So if you do eat nuts and soy you can just add them to the suggestions.  

Again this is just for guidance and the main aim is to achieve optimal nutrition.

DOWNLOAD THE PLAN as Chef J gives you tips whilst you read!

7 Day Meal Pan

Turnahpot uses seasonings that enhance RAW food.

The very notion of just eating a cucumber (though Chef J loves cucumbers) is boring to MOST.

So do a favour and get yourself some ground seasonings that have been roasted and sprinkle them onto your raw dishes to liven them up.

Example of RAW Foods and using spices for flavour and full Nutrition
+ Conclusion
1 lecture 01:17

As you will see, Chef J took her own advice and has been changing her diet and including exercise.  Its time to love our bodies so do ask questions and remember to COOK UP A RAINBOW :)

Preview 01:17
+ Bonus
14 lectures 01:09:52

Pregnant and Lactating Mothers find it difficult navigating Veganism.

It is important to note that this is for guidance only and must not replace doctor or general practitioner recommendations based on your individual health needs.

Many Vegan mothers have had successful births so do take a peak and find out how to increase your pregnancy nutrition as a pregnant mother or planning for a family.

Pregnancy Vegan Nutrition

Hearty Caribbean dishes really enhance your nutrition and your plate.

They do fill you up with very little and are wholesome and nutritious.  You will be amazed at some of the ingredients you can use to make creative meals.  Try tweaking them for your own needs too.

Cook Up A Rainbow with Chef J

Hearty Caribbean Meals Cookbook Download

FREE eBook of Vegan information and Recipes for the Curious and for the New Vegan. Includes Egg Substitutes and Jerk Seitan recipes.

Preview 00:33

Egg Substitutes that are nutritious and include Chef J's means of trouble shooting the right egg substitute for baking.

No one substitute fits them all.  There is more to substitution than simple replacement.

Find out more as we cook up a rainbow together.

egg substitutes

Exercise is so crucial to developing great health and wellbeing.  

It is not only the activity, but healing and a way out of this busy environment called life to gain clarity and perspective so that you can grow a regime that will boost your motivation to keep going.  

Nutrition for Vegans need not include just the food on the table but must have the addition of the movements our bodies make to improve our rhythm and emotion, mental and physical healing.

Exercise is more than just movement.  It's a beautiful escape!

Exercise and Me

Chef J takes you on a sneak peak through her tour in various locations.  It all began at Westfield in Stratford E20.

Homes and Venues included courtesy of the hosts have played a vital role in developing the message of great healthy eating and wholeness.  A huge thank you to those who opened their doors so Chef J can share with you visual recipes and how to trouble shoot when turning a pot!

Cook Up A Rainbow

Preview 04:40

Who knew there was more than just a garlic crusher!

Releasing the essential nutrients from garlic so that your body can utilise it better is key to a great meal.

Try it out for yourself!

Preview 01:17

Not every Pea is the right Bean for Rice n Peas.

What do we mean by that?

Take a peak and see what Chef J has to share with you.  Veganism is an exciting journey and so is great nutrition in your meals to help boost your Health and Wellbeing.

Preview 01:55
Preparing Venezuelan Ham Bread with Chef J On Tour Sneak Peak
Rice N Peas with Chef J On Tour
Raw Tomatoe Choka with Chef J On Tour
Mango Chow with Chef J On Tour

Cauliflower Wings and Tamarind Pepper Sauce

Cooked lovingly for you by Chef J with Vocal tips.  Enjoy x

Tamarind Cauli Wings

Chef J - Loves to help you Cook Up A Rainbow

You will learn so much face to face to help you use simple foods to add to your nutrition and amazing seasonings to help you Flavour your food to perfection.

It's all in the flavour.  Good food is not good food if it tastes bad.  

So, just get in touch and let's cook up a rainbow LIVE.  Get your FREE eBook Recipe attached for you to enjoy.

Chef J

Introducing Chef J