SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life

Dedicated to Your Simpl, Sensible Self-Reliance, via Practical Logic, Investigation & Life's Example
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LEARN the intentions of Permaculture and BioDynamics, via everyday practical application, in lectures and hands-on videos.
CHOOSE Interdependency and shake free of Dependency, by the actions of your own hands, mind & heart- and via the beneficial engagement of your Guild
LEARN the many advantages of growing food, building useful & unique home and commercial projects- and to profit from this
RID your life of unneeded chemicals & complexities
PLAN always, in terms of multiples- to combine your actions and functions to reap many benefits at once
STRATEGIZE new forms of money, other than by the usual currency earning & spending


  • NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING, is necessary to engage in this course- feeling the excitement of a new journey is all that is asked.
  • THIS course is mostly at a BEGINNER or MID level in general, of Life experience.
  • Whatever there is to engage, learn discuss do... WE can go there together, if you allow. Deal? This is the mandate of interdependency and the bones of community.
  • DO ASK YOURSELF: have you already begun the process of finding out, then exploring what you burn most for, on the journey which has no finite end or limits? If so, PLEASE surge forward! NOW IS ALWAYS THE BEST TIME
  • Just because you DON'T REALLY KNOW YOUR PASSIONS, doesn't mean you need to worry or stress over it. KNOW that sincerely engaging your search is a rarely found human elevation!
  • ...And while you’re at it, why not SimPLy grow your own food or build that oven out back with some buddies- SimPLife how-to’s are thoroughly explained, practical and useable to everyone.
  • BE here for GOOD.
  • BE excited.
  • BE hungry.
  • BE kicking-down-the-stall ready to engage, the world is desparately awaiting the earnest and sincere!
  • ...and Bring a notebook.


          Welcome To SimPLife: The Way of the Practical Life
Hey, It's SimPL:

* what SimPL stands for,  an intro
* defining, refining the idea of simpl, practical living
* factbytes on this human world as it operates
* shared experiences of the author
* insights borne of efforts failed and won-
  (that you don't now need to repeat)


SimPLy put, this is an ideabank;
conscious, practical uses of permacultural and SimPL philosophy-

THE OVERALL IDEA IS, you get several things to muse upon.
THE QUESTION IS, what are you going to do with it?

IDEALLY, YOU can use this course wisely for your own life.
SimPLife can only lead you to water. 

that's me.  hi, i'm im.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perhaps you long for a more balanced, intelligent-based environment- 
You are NOT alone in this

This course is for YOU, the Creative-Activist. seeker of the sensible, ready for change,  and not imprinted for inertia, ignorance or inactivity.

SimPLife is a thought-out collection of self-reliance tools and useable knowledge, and
SimPLife is NOT for everyone.

"ask NOT
what this world can do for you, ask what together we can do for the  betterment of this Planet, and for all Beings of open hand and heart." 
- i just said that.
if you're OK with that, then SimPLife is OK for you.

POINT. glaringly obvious- WE NEED EACH OTHER to shake free, to live sensibly, sanely, practically- and to make irrelevant, certain dominating negative influences.

please take NOTES, ENGAGE often- ADD to this body of work!
               because, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU.
this is not a joke, nor a rehearsal.

Sensible integrated multiplicity for 
Practical Living


Who this course is for:

  • Who should take this course?
  • NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING, is necessary to engage in this course- feeling the excitement of a new journey is all that is asked!
  • ENGAGERS, or ACTION people, who are focused and able, driven by the excitement of good ideas.
  • Those who burn to know how they may become more handy, more useful in their lives and for the world, are becoming a rare find- SimPLife wants YOU!
  • If your most intense burning desire can no longer be ignored, SimPLife is here to assist, and cheers you on to Result
  • We have NO students in SimPLife. You are an ENGAGER, implementor, unlimitable explorer… or your own private Secret Agent. does this better describe you?
  • Those who FEEL and KNOW their responsibility in the world, towards a life of more simpl sensibility and sanity, are keenly sought after
  • All Life Explorers unsure of their interests, yet who come IN EARNEST to find out, are whole-heartedly WELCOMED
  • Who should not take this course?
  • IF you want to take a SimPLife course because: you are merely curious but not intending to DO
  • or - you just know someone else who took the course
  • or - you are collecting certificates for your office wall
  • or - you really don’t care for engagement, physical labor - and are just interested in the “technical details”
  • then PLEASE save your time your effort your money- SimPLife -and a world in crisis- will sadly enough have to get along without you.


Environmental Engineer/Organic Farmer/Builder/Designer
im Simpl
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 507 Reviews
  • 14,609 Students
  • 7 Courses

Environmental Engineer, Permaculture Instructor, LEED Accredited Professional, Organic Farmer/Natural Builder/Designer/Filmmaker/healer/actor/musician and world-wandering wordweaver, im has been sojourning, building, planting, writing and teaching for over 30 years.

In 1991, prior to the dawn of Certification Madness, im created SimPL as a short-contract and volunteer organization which seeks out and assists individuals and communities towards arriving at a self-reliant lifebase, amidst the growing apathy and consumption-fetish now gripping the general human population.

SimPLife is the practice of natural living, with the intention of supporting and preserving the purity & sanctity of sensible lifestyle: project builds and life-skills courses (permaculture & biodynamics-based), organic farming, natural building & life masterplanning.

To date, there have been SimPLife builds or courses in Ladakh, Turkey, Spain, USA, Thailand, Ecuador, Korea, Phillipines, Guyana, England, Nepal, Indonesia, and Saipan.

im's professional certifications include: 

BS Electrical Engineering
BS Civil Engineering
Permaculture Designer/Instructor
LEED Accredited Professional
Solar PV Designer/Installer, SEI
Reconnection Healing Practitioner/ Reiki Master
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, SOLO
Wilderness Guide Educator, NOLS

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