Introduction To Simple Tenses For New Learners

Introduction to English Grammar
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They'll have a better understanding of simple tenses.


  • English proficiency at A2 - B1 level


Explanation of simple times as an introduction to English grammar for beginner to upperintermediate.

- Simple Present Tense

- Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense

- Simple Past Tense

- Future Tense (will and be going to)

example sentences according to positive, negative and question patterns. At the end of the course students will be able to understand simple times and learn basic rules.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn English and who want to repeat the topics.

Course content

2 sections5 lectures30m total length
  • Simple Present Tense
  • Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense
  • Simple Past Tense
  • Simple Future Tense


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Yağmur Gonca
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I am a second language teacher in English. I am active at A1 - A2 and B1 levels. I worked at middle school and high school. I have a TESOL certificate. I assist in preparation for high school entrance examinations in Turkey and school courses. I love my job and my students.