Basic: Past and Present Simple Tense

The Present Simple Tense
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Basic: Past and Present Simple Tense
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1,610 students
Present Simple Tense
English Language
English Grammar


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Welcome to:

Basic English wit Ms. K

This Course is for English Language Learners.

I hope that you are looking to improve your English Grammar.

You will learn about English Grammar. I want you to show me what you know about The Present Simple and The Past Simple Tense. There are quizzes in this course for practice. You will use the Present Simple Tense in a complete sentence. You will feel more confident about speaking English.

Level: Beginner

Subject: Grammar

Verb Tense: Present Simple

Verb Tense: Past Simple

Do not give up on learning English.  I hope that you enjoy “Basic English”

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner English
  • English Language Learner
  • English Grammar
  • English
Course content
5 sections • 9 lectures • 31m total length
  • Introduction
  • To Have
  • Present Simple
    3 questions
  • Irregular and Regular Verbs
  • Write a sentence using these words.
    2 questions
  • Review of The Present Simple Tense
  • Everyday Life
    3 questions
  • Past and Present Simple Tense
  • Verbs: Present Simple
  • Practice Verbs in the Present Simple
  • Tell me when to use the Present Simple Tense.
    3 questions
  • Practice New Verbs
    2 questions
  • Context: Everyday Life
  • Past or Present Simple Tense?
    3 questions
  • Irregular and Regular Verbs

English Teacher
Kelsi Brooks
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I am an educator who invests in bringing curriculum to life in the classroom.

Subjects Taught Include:

English (ESOL) and Art (Art History and Visual Arts)

My Initiatives:

-teaching culturally responsive pedagogy that activates the student's funds of knowledge

-keeping students engaged in the learning process through various types of learning and interactive technologies

-making the course curriculum accessible and relative the student's culture, daily life, and background.

Certification: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Students: Ages 3 to Adult