Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Dog

Ed Frawley will show how to develop pack structure without using corrections
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The course is designed help dog owners who have behavioral problems with their dogs or new owners who want to avoid behavioral problems.


  • The people who take this course will be new dog owners who want to avoid behavior problems with their dogs, or dog owners who already have behavior problems with their current dog. They will need a dog crate, or ex-pen, a good 6ft leather leash, and a 20-30ft long line.
  • You will need high value food rewards, which we will help you select for your dog.


Your dog can love you but not respect you. 

When the average person gets a new dog, they think that taking that dog to an 8 week obedience class is going to teach their dog to be a calm, friendly, submissive member of their family.  With many dogs, nothing could be further from the truth. 

What new owners need to learn, is how to teach their dogs the rules they are expected to follow in our home. That’s what this course is all about. 

Ed Frawley and his wife, Cindy, live with 5 house dogs. Two little dogs (a Shitzu and Border Terrier) and three large breed dogs (an Australian Cattle Dog and 2 Belgium Malinoise). Two of those dogs can never be loose along in the house, two can never be loose with the smaller dogs. 

The fact is when dog’s are managed properly they need very little formal obedience training. In fact dog’s that go through a sound management program learn to respect their new owners, not because they were corrected into submission, but because they learn their owners control every aspect of their life and that there are consequences to bad behavior. Those consequences only need to be a loss of certain freedoms they have earned. 

In 2017 Ed turned 70 years old. He has spent his life training dogs. Ed has been producing dog training videos since 1982. Ed was a Police K9 handler for 10 years, he bred working bloodline German Shepherds for 35 years. It’s safe to say that very few people in this country have the dog experiences Ed has.

The goal of this course is to teach new dog owners how to live with their dog. Ed explains how he and Cindy set up their home to safely  manage their dogs in a logical safe manner. You can do the same. 

You will learn hows to manage your dog dogs on walks, in the car and in the home. You will learn how to safely introduce a new dog (or cat or person) into your home. 

If you have a new dog or a dog with behavioral problems, you need the information in this course. Its not the only training you will ever need, but if you do what Ed says you will establish a foundation for all further dog training.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for new or first-time dog owners looking to better manager their dogs in their home. It is also for those people who are starting a dog training business and need to develop a game plan on helping new dog owners live with their dogs.


Dog trainer, Entrepreneur, and Owner of Leerburg
Ed Frawley
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Ed Frawley has owned dogs since the 1950's. He grew up with dogs in the family and started to take training seriously in high school.

Ed Frawley started Leerburg Video & Kennel in the mid 1970's. Leerburg is a professional video studio that specializes in producing dog training videos and DVDs. Leerburg Kennels is also one of the top German Shepherd breeding facilities in America.

Ed Frawley's dogs work in law enforcement, S&R, Personal Protection and the sport of Schutzhund. Breeders from all over America have bought Leerburg bloodline dogs to strengthen the working ability of the dogs in their own breeding facility.

Ed Frawley (the owner of Leerburg) has trained dogs since his boyhood. Ed got involved in the sport of Schutzhund in 1974, became a member of Schutzhund USA in 1976 He is currently a member of Schuzthund USA and the German SV (the German Shepherd Dog Club of West Germany)

Ed went to his first police K9 training seminar in 1978 and started to produce training videos in the early 1980's. Since he began breeding German Shepherds in 1978 he has produced over 350 litters of German bloodline German Shepherds. No one in America has done this.

Since 1977 all of the bloodlines on dogs in Ed Frawley's Leerburg breeding program have been imported from Germany. Germany has two distinct categories of bloodlines in their German Shepherds. There are working bloodlines and show bloodlines. For almost 30 years Ed has only bred working bloodline German dogs. This fact has shaped the quality of the dogs he produces today.

Since starting the video business in 1980 Ed Frawley has produced over 120 dog training videos. More than anyone else in the world. The quality of his work is recognized around the world as the best dog training videos available anywhere.

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