Online Freelancing- How We Find Demand For Simple Services
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Online Freelancing- How We Find Demand For Simple Services

Discover UNTAPPED markets that WANT your skills you already have or can EASILY pick up inside of a weekend
Highest Rated
4.8 (40 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
262 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Discover skills you ALREADY have that can get you paid ... then tap into others you can master inside a weekend for multiple income streams
  • Sell SIMPLE services to massive, untapped markets for EASY profits
  • Create an online ‘home base’ that attracts clients 24/7
  • Develop a winning mindset that lets you seal more deals with premium customers
  • MAXIMIZE your earnings with our PROVEN productivity hacks
  • Provide IN DEMAND email services to a HUGE, completely unsaturated client base
  • Assemble simple product reviews for eCom vendors, affiliate marketers and retailers that make you easy profits
  • Set up sales funnels for a growing base of online marketers that are LINING UP TO PAY for this service
  • Help a huge range of clients that need content curation services - and this is SO EASY to provide
  • Provide social media services to an unlimited market - we’ll show you exactly how
  • Follow our plan for EASY start up and how to scale to full time earnings when you’re ready
  • Students will need a Facebook and Skype account.
  • Students should have a basic understanding of internet marketing terms.

Whether you know it or not, you already have a multitude of internet marketing skills you aren't even aware of that could be making you great cash TODAY.

The only thing standing between you and that steady injection of money into your PayPal account, is some very basic guidance. That's where WE come in. And don't worry - experience is not needed here!

We're the time savers. The results-getters. The people that can provide that specific 'thing' that internet marketers DESPERATELY NEED to get on with their day. 

And you know what? These marketers are GLADLY willing to pay good dollars to make it happen. 

Take a look at what just SOME students have to say about our courses:

One of the best courses of more than 30 that I have completed - Nicolas Danielson
To the point instruction.. Like the short videos.. easy to absorb.. very good download and resources section

Thank you! - Alexandra Moore
Brian, Mark and Shane are wonderful instructors and the course is simply brilliant. As a copywriter and marketer, I’m always willing to learn more about crafting compelling sales copies. This course helped me tremendously not only to better understand my target audience, but also to run better researches and structure my letters.

"Another Excellent Course From The IM Rebels" - Terry Jenkins
I have just completed watching this course and it provides an excellent platform for you to build an online business from and also an audience for that business. There is a lot of excellent content here ... this is one excellent marketing plan! 

Just look at two of the main internet marketing platforms...WarriorForum & JVNotify...

Because you'll see that where there's a need, there's money to be made. Those are just TWO of the many platforms where marketers are actively looking to pay YOU good money, with wallets in hand!

And don't worry, we are going to show you PLENTY more places to find people HAPPY TO PAY YOU...

How do you know if this will work for you?

  • If you can write an email, this will work for you.

  • If you can follow the simple instructions in our step by step video lectures, this is for you.

  • If you're willing to market the skills you ALREADY have, this is for you.

  • And if you're willing to pick up a simple skill inside of a weekend, this is definitely for you!

3 Simple Steps To A Foolproof, Consistent Online Business...

  1. The 'skills' required for internet marketing aren't at all complicated.

  2. The most VALUABLE thing you can offer is time savings.

  3. You CAN set your OWN prices and make a great income simply providing the services we will teach you, working part time hours. 

What Makes This Course Unique?

We’ve got your back. You’ll have a dedicated team of three instructors ready to answer any question you have, or describe something in more detail for you.

As with our other courses, this one will be updated over time with fresh content. All updates for life are included.

The extensive content is broken into easily digestible bits you can rapidly absorb. Engaging exercises along the way help you master the methods so you can see results fast.

You’ll come out with specific strategies AND SKILLS to earn a consistent, lucrative income as a freelancer.

Thank you!

-The IM Rebels
Mark Tandan, Brian Gray and Shane Farrell

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for best suited for students wanting to learn how to offer simple internet marketing based services to a wide range of clients.
  • A base knowledge and familiarity with basic internet marketing terms and processes.
  • Willing to follow our training and apply it.
  • Willing to spend a weekend to learn new internet marketing skills that you can provide as a service to other marketers.
Course content
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+ Welcome To Simple Freelancing Profits!
3 lectures 11:19

Yes, you too can make a living working in your pajamas! Discover the beauty of freelance work, including the benefits of great income with none of the risks of business ownership.

We’re the time-savers. The results-getters. The people that can provide that specific ‘thing’ that the above marketers DESPERATELY NEED to get on with their day. And you know what?

These marketers are GLADLY willing to pay good dollars to make it happen.

Preview 04:01

The IM Rebels are a group of three like-minded individuals who were drawn together while each following separate paths in the IM space.

And even though the tagline mentions “new school,” in actual fact their philosophy is about as old school as it gets. But more on that in a bit…

As individuals
, each Rebel brings something different to the table and has a unique background. As a united front, The Rebels’ goal is to change the way internet marketing is both taught and perceived.In short, they want to make YOU a success.

Rather than hiding behind smoke and mirrors,
 The Rebels are about 100% transparency in all of their training's and interactions. What you see is what you get, and when something comes out with The IM Rebels stamp of approval, you can be assured that it lives up to every single claim on the tin.

Why Rebels?

In the exciting and sometimes frustrating world of IM, there is one constant: hype. Too much of it, The Rebels believe. Excitement is great but too much hype can mislead prospective consumers, even lead them to make poor decisions. And that has led to many people having a perception of this industry that ranges from caution to considering it a complete sham.

So The Rebels aim to buck that trend.
 Go completely against the grain, if you will. Forego the hype completely and exchange it for 100% honesty, complete transparency, and a genuine desire to help those looking for guidance.

And that, in business terms, is about as “old school” a philosophy as it gets. Because these virtues seem to have gotten muddied up beyond recognition within this industry throughout recent years, however, it seems a value-system born of sheer modernity. It’s rare, to say the very least!

So in this spirit of transparency and new-school excitement, let us say hello to each member of this dynamic, accomplished, and industry redefining team…

The IM Rebels are...

Shane Farrell
 is the “been there, done that” guy in the IM space. From SEO to Amazon and plenty in between, he eventually settled on list building and never looked back. Also a successful solo ad vendor and partner in one of the largest SMS companies back in the day, he’s since turned to sharing his personal techniques for list building by releasing quality products that have been smash hits in the market. Also a successful coach, Shane’s reputation for integrity is second to none.

Mark Tandan
, “The Goofball”, is the oldest member of The Rebels but still thinks he’s a kid. He started in affiliate marketing and moved quickly into product creation, again teaching only methods proven to work. With numerous award-winning products in affiliate and email marketing, he continues to practice what he preaches. He ghost writes emails and sales copy for some very big names online, and has worked extensively in affiliate recruitment for other highly successful marketers.

Brian Gray,
‘The Traveler”, was born in the US, grew up in Africa and now lives in Cambodia. To running out of gas crossing the Sahara or having his father kidnapped by actual rebels in Africa, he has some stories and adventures he could tell you! He uses his skills from 13 years in the education sector to now dive deep into analytics, traffic and testing and uses IM to continue to travel and explore. He has had clients like the EU, UN, World Vision, Vespa, Hennessy and Hyundai (just to name a few). He is our resident paid traffic and social media traffic expert.

What Brought The Rebels Together?

It wasn’t really a plan, it just sort of happened. One day someone stumbled upon an amazing product and decided to promote it. Which led to a relationship. This was rinsed and repeated a few times until the three individuals realized they had a LOT in common.

Namely, a general disgust with the overall IM situation.
 False promises, the whole “fake it till you make it” mindset, and all the other shenanigans.

As individuals, each Rebel had quietly been releasing quality products that have all delivered as promised, while trying to maintain a high code of ethics in every dealing.

When they got to know each other and realized they all shared the same ideals, the concept of The IM Rebels was born. And this is the result.

Can The Rebels Help You?

Well, that depends. If you wish to pursue a LEGITIMATE way of earning online, following proven methods that WILL require some work, then yes. If you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror and proudly tell your friends and family what it is you do, then most definitely yes.

Because as successful as each Rebel is individually, as a team, they’re pretty much unstoppable. And they’ll stop at nothing until each and every student of theirs becomes a success as well.

“After enough time in the trenches, I’m a bit tired of the whole ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ mentality. So my goal is to show you how to scratch YOUR OWN back and be self reliant in your success and results moving forward. Best part of this? You get to be your OWN person… and follow your own path to the riches that will follow.” –Mark Tandan

“I believe in teaching what you do! Product creation alone is not a business plan. I believe the most actionable trainings come from people sharing their own experiences and is what I aim to continue to do. This way I am providing maximum value while allowing you, the customer, to have an extremely high success rate following along with what I do everyday!” – Shane Farrell

“With my background in digital marketing, I realize the importance of having an overall strategy, and I put great emphasis on setting realistic, actionable goals that work to accomplish a master plan. If you’re in IM for a quick, easy buck, then all you are going to do is waste your time and money chasing fantasies. The reality is, it takes dedication and hard work to be successful, but for those who are willing to learn, we can teach you what it takes to set up a long-term profitable business.” – Brian Gray

We are the IM Rebels. And we couldn’t be more thrilled, honored, and excited to have you here joining us today. All the very best from ourselves and our families to you and yours. Now let’s craft some truly legendary experiences!

Thanks a million.

  • The IM Rebels
Preview 03:15

How being an independent freelancer puts YOU in control of long term profits. See the pros and cons of 3rd party sites and why it makes the MOST financial sense to be your own boss.

Preview 04:03
+ The Building Blocks
5 lectures 01:01:30

Find out what separates TOP EARNING freelancers from the rest, and how you can become one too. Apply the right mindset to all of your dealings with clients, and you'll be able to command premium rates while never being short of paying contracts.

Mindset - Simple Tips To Attract Clients And Profits Like Bees To Honey!

Nothing will build your reputation as a service provider faster than having a website, more specifically, a blog. This is SO EASY I’m stunned by the number of people who haven’t got one.

Consider this: you approach a prospect to offer your service, and they want more info on you. Imagine the power of directing them to your blog which is stuffed full of GREAT CONTENT on the service you provide, with a brief personal bio. That’s what we call instant authority!

Your Online "Base Station"

YOUR PRODUCTIVITY ­ this is key to be fair to yourself and your clients. Working from a laptop anywhere in the world is great, but we still have to define work.

When you’re sitting down to perform a contract “on the clock” so to speak, you owe it to yourself and your client to be focused.

Too many online marketers brag about how many hours they put in. Usually via long FB posts. I wonder, does the time they spend on FB count as part of the “hours of work” they put in?

Because to a paying client it sure doesn’t. If you REALLY want this method to work:

  • So clients keep coming back
  • So you MAXIMIZE your hourly earnings
  • And become known as one of the leading service providers in your area.

Then when it’s time to work, it’s about 100% focus. Instead of describing how to do this, watch this two part lecture series showing you how to achieve this level of focus when you’re busting out contracts for premium pay.

Productivity Tips for Higher Profit: Part 1

Part two of this lecture series showing you how to achieve this level of focus when you’re busting out contracts for premium pay.

Productivity Tips For Higher Profits: Part 2

PLEASE don’t gloss over this section. It’s fundamental to the whole process. If you want to command rates of $51­$74 per hour (or more), this is the most important part.

This will keep existing customers loyal and have new clients amazed at your level of service.

As importantly it will get you paid at a consistently high rate. It’s all about being fair to both yourself and your clients.

For MOST of the services we provide, we’ll be quoting a price based on job completion, not based on an hourly rate.

So to get the most bang for our buck, we need to first set our rate, then determine how long a job will take, and base our quote on that.

Bank Big Providing Simple Services
+ Email Marketing Services
5 lectures 35:49

Don’t worry, this is NOT about needing to become an expert email marketer. It’s just providing a simple service to a MASSIVE market that’s growing every day. And the “skill” required can easily be picked up inside of a weekend, if not less.

This is my personal favorite service to provide, for these reasons:
  • It’s VERY simple to accomplish
  • There’s a huge market
  • The perceived service value is huge so it offers great bang for your buck
  • These contracts are usually “chunky” so you can easily charge for about 4 hours and make a nice pay day

    What We'll Provide

    Understand the art of email follow up sequences and why so many companies need them. Uncover a free resource that will give you all the research you'll ever need to create them yourself.

    What's Involved

    See step by step how to provide lucrative email follow up services. We'll guide you through the exact process with examples, templates and more. Be sure to download the attached document for complete instructions.

    How To Provide Email Services For Maximum Revenues

    Finding customers for your email services is easy! In this video we'll show you multiple places to find prospects, how to approach them and follow up for maximum results. Choose from local offline businesses or online individuals and companies all over the world

    Finding Paying Customers!

    How to charge a fair price that gets you paid well AND helps close as many prospects as possible. Find out how to value your time, quote on packages and provide winning deals that keep clients coming back. 

    Recommended Rates And Quoting On Contracts
    + Product Review Services
    6 lectures 34:30

    Tap into one of the largest & fastest growing markets for freelancers. See why the explosion in online selling means VERY simple freelancing profits for you. 

    By offering our product review service to blog owners, we save them a lot of time and hassle, and command a more than fair price for our service.

    What We'll Provide

    See what the massive eCom market means to YOU as a freelancer. Practically unlimited demand for one of the simplest services to provide. 

    UPDATE - The eCom Explosion and How WE Can Cash In!

    Get an overview of who needs product review services and what they look like. See why this high demand service is one of the easiest to provide ... and one of the most fun things you can do for money online.

    What's Involved

    See how easy it is to provide this highly lucrative service. We'll explore examples of both physical and digital product reviews, then dive into EXACTLY how to create reviews that keep your clients coming back for more.

    How To Provide Product Reviews For Maximum Revenues

    Find out where to find clients waiting to pay you for this service. Discover where your prospects are and just what a huge market is waiting for you!

    Get our UNDERGROUND source of prospects for this service, how to find them where they live and contact them the right way!

    Finding Paying Customers!

    Find out how to charge fair rates that get you paid what you're worth while keeping clients coming back for more! One of the easiest services to provide to make big dollars as a freelancer.

    Recommended Rates And Quoting On Contracts
    + Sales Funnel Services
    5 lectures 34:58

    This is one of the EASIEST services to provide, and will especially appeal to anyone who isn’t that comfortable with writing. However, even more than the previous methods, this one demands STRICT attention to detail. But the details aren’t hard! The service is purely technical and very simple to learn. And thanks to the growing number of product launches in the IM space, the market is just growing bigger every day!

    What We'll Provide

    What we’re doing in this section is offering to do the funnel set up for product launchers, a simple task that’s often overlooked by vendors and very often screwed up. By saving the vendor time and any possible headache,this is a very easy service in which to secure repeat clients.

    And you’ll soon see, if you choose to go into this area, that as a specialist the jobs become brain dead simple as they’re literally rinse and repeat.  

    If you have any technical skill at all or can simply follow step by step directions from a video, THIS COULD BE THE EASIEST SERVICE TO CASH IN WITH. Especially well suited to those for whom English is a second language, as the gigs involves zero writing.

    ALL we need to do here is ensure a vendor’s products are properly listed in the launch platform they’re using, and the funnel is set up correctly. 

    What's Involved

    In order for any product launcher to list their digital product on W+ or JVZoo, they have to set up their products and funnel in their platform of choice.This is just a tiny bit technical yet pretty easy, but it amazes us how many times it get messed up.

    Consider this: how many times have you purchased a product and NOT been seamlessly redirected to either an upsell page or your product download? Exactly!

    And guess what? ANY mistake on this crucial step can cost the vendor countless lost sales and profits. Yet it’s often the LAST thing they think about,because they’re so busy polishing their product and attracting affiliates. So there’s massive opportunity here.

    How To Provide Sales Funnel Services For Maximum Revenues

    So who is our target market for this nifty little service? People launching products, of course!

    And thanks to the success of product creation coaching products and programs, this is a huge market that is getting bigger every single day. How do we find them?

    Let's go over that in detail in this lecture...  

    Finding Paying Customers!

    Once you have a list of prospects and are comfortable with your ability to create funnels (from the above training), this is a RIDICULOUSLY easy service to sell.

    Remember the mindset to selling ANY service: YOU’RE THE EXPERT, and by offering this service you’re doing clients a favor and freeing them up to do more valuable things with their time. So all we need to do is reach out to our list of prospects and let them know what’s on the table.

    Here are TWO rough templates of what you might say. Let's review the templates and the process in this lecture...

    Closing The Deal
    + Content Marketing Services
    5 lectures 35:26

    Is content marketing dead? Not by a long shot! And I’m going to show you exactly why. 

    The market is out there and looking for content marketing services provider. This market is GROWING and it's a market that needs your help. Anything that takes time related to content, opens the door for you to step in and offer help!

    What We'll Provide

    This service is very simple. It's basically two things and we will show you both. You can do this easily without killing yourself. No writing 1000 word blog posts here!

    What's Involved

    Your client's are going to line up for three things you'll be able to provide them. EXPOSURE, Brand Building and Traffic. And we can do it by providing one of these simple services.

    How To Provide Content Marketing Services For Maximum Revenue

    Let's look at the two types of markets for these services and how to find them where they live online. 

    Finding Paying Customers!

    You're now a specialist with a valuable skill set. What do you charge now? Learn how to price yourself without discounting your new talents. 

    What To Charge?
    + Social Media Services
    9 lectures 01:43:08

    We'll take a brief look at all the different social media services you can offer as a freelancer. 

    Social Media Services You Can Offer

    Facebook is a massive platform for businesses of all types these days.  There is always someone out there who needs help with their Facebook marketing.  In this lecture we'll cover what you can offer and what is involved for delivering your services. 

    What's Involved And How To Provide Facebook Services: PART 1

    Continued from previous lecture: Facebook is a massive platform for businesses of all types these days.  There is always someone out there who needs help with their Facebook marketing.  In this lecture we'll cover what you can offer and what is involved for delivering your services.  

    Facebook Services: Part 2

    Learn how to make pretty much any type of FB app with this free, drag and drop app builder. 

    Easy Drag and Drop Facebook App Builder

    Learn my strategies for finding red-hot clients for Facebook services, particularly Facebook App services.  After you close them for one service like an app, then its easier to sell them on other social media services.

    How To Find Paying Customers For Your Facebook Services: Part 1

    Continuation on how to find clients for your Facebook services.

    Finding Paying Customers: Part 2

    YouTube is another platform that is full of businesses that need desperate help with their YouTube channels.  In this lecture we'll cover what is involved in YouTube Channel Management for freelancers.  

    What's Involved And How To Provide YouTube Services

    In this lecture you'll learn about different Instagram services that you can offer as a freelancer.

    What's Involved And How To Provide Instagram Services

    This is a super powerful, free tool that we use on a daily basis.  You can automate all types of different tasks for work and leisure (and safety) and make your life and your clients' lives easier.  I'll show you how to set up your own automated tasks as well as how to use pre-made ones to save some time.   

    Automation Services

    Lets see what you remember!

    Social Media Quiz
    3 questions
    + Conclusion
    4 lectures 35:23

    Discover the easiest, step-by-step method to get started as a highly paid freelancer.

    Getting Started As A Highly Paid Freelancer

    First, congratulations for making it this far! By now I’m sure you can see the power of these methods, how simple the services are to provide, and the sheer size of the markets involved.

    In this lecture we’ll cover how to scale things up, so anyone interested can turn a part time income source into full time revenue. The most critical thing to understand is that in order to scale, you’ve got to have a solid foundation.

    You really need to have these skills mastered, and do an amazing job for your clients. Only then can you pour on these tips to really boost your earnings.

    Scaling Up For Job-Replacing Profits

    More and more people these days are making money online doing freelancing.   At the IM Rebels we are no strangers to freelancing and we’ve been successful at it (making up to $50 an hour).  Now we’re going to have a live Blab where we’re going to talk about how you can get started as an online freelancer. We cover some more niches you can get into and some of the most frequently asked questions we get from students. Part 1 of 2. 

    [Replay] How To Get Started As An Online Freelancer- Live Q & A: Part 1

    More and more people these days are making money online doing freelancing.   At the IM Rebels we are no strangers to freelancing and we’ve been successful at it (making up to $50 an hour).  Now we’re going to have a live Blab where we’re going to talk about how you can get started as an online freelancer. We cover some more niches you can get into and some of the most frequently asked questions we get from students. Part 2 of 2. 

    [Replay] How To Get Started As An Online Freelancer- Live Q & A: Part 2
    + Bonuses and Resources
    1 lecture 04:20

    Thanks again for completing the course! We have compiled some very helpful blog posts, traffic guides, software and special discounts on our other best selling courses to help you continue to grow your online business. Check it out!

    Bonus Resources & Training