Signal Tanker Chartering Academy

Explore the tanker chartering basics
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241 students
50min of on-demand video

Define the roles in commercial management of tanker vessels
Learn how supply and demand are monitored and decisions are made
Get an overview of how the cargo is transported from loading to discharging
Complete a quiz to verify the knowledge gained


  • No prior experience needed


The Academy focuses on Tanker Chartering and navigates you through the end-to-end Vessel Fixing Cycle.

In approximately 1 hour of videos followed by 30 quiz questions you get the chance to familiarise yourself with the tankers world.


  1. Tanker Shipping Basics
    Explore the Tanker Shipping Basics starting with an overview of the different cargo types and vessel classes. Understand the capital and operating expenditure of tankers and get to know the crew composition on board.

  2. Introduction to Tanker Chartering
    Introduce yourself to the Tanker Chartering world. Get an overview of vessel technical characteristics, clarify the differences between vessel ownership and management, the voyage and fixture definition as well as the Chartering department ecosystem and interactions.

  3. Tanker Chartering Daily Routine
    Understand the Chartering department’s daily routine, including communication with Brokers and the marketing of vessels, the market and competition monitoring, the voyage options assessment and earnings estimation.

  4. Cargo Selection
    Get into the calculations for the optimal cargo selection and deep dive in voyage income, expense and duration components. Understand the drivers of cargo assessment and selection.

  5. Fixing Negotiation
    Dive into the pre-fixing stage, cover the offering and negotiation process including the key terms, clauses and time validity importance.

  6. Tanker Operations Ecosystem
    Understand the Tanker Operations ecosystem, how a vessel Operator communicates with other departments in the company as well as how they interact with external stakeholders. Have also a look at their daily routine which includes route, speed, weather and consumption monitoring, voyage information handling and voyage management system updates.

  7. Tanker Operations Key Actions
    Familiarize yourself with the communications driven by the Operator during the pre-fixing stage. Dive into the key actions while the voyage is performed including matters related to cargo operations and transportation, tanks preparation, port calls, vessel certificates and much more.

  8. Bunkering Function
    Introduce yourself to the bunkering universe, getting to learn about vessel consumption, different fuels and bunkering options. Bunkers procurement is a pre-requisite for the voyage planning, optimal voyage execution and cost minimization.

  9. Port Cost Management
    Get an overview of the port operations from arrival to sail and understand the breakdown of port costs. Port call optimization has a material impact on voyage duration and expenses.

  10. Post Fixture Operations
    Understand the post voyage operations and the process of freight, demurrage and claims statement, invoicing, negotiation and collection.

Who this course is for:

  • Entry to mid level professional fond of the tanker maritime sector


Shipping and Technology
Signal Group
  • 5.0 Instructor Rating
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  • 241 Students
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Established in 2014 The Signal Group is a diversified shipping services group with offices in London and Athens. The Signal Group offers commercial ship management services to a pool of Aframax class oil tankers and Product Tankers (MR). In addition, The Signal Group develops and invests in next generation shipping related software technologies. It is led by an executive team who has more than 65 years of collective experience in ship management at the highest level. The leadership team is supported by a world-class mix of commercial shipping professionals, finance professionals, strategists, energy market analysts, data scientists and developers.

The Signal Group Companies:

Signal Maritime Services

Signal Maritime Services brings together shipping best practice with internet-age advanced analytics and management methods. Signal Maritime Services is focused on high-performance, sustainable commercial management and the creation of innovative pooling models providing flexibility, transparency, enhanced commercial performance and more fairly distributed returns.

Signal Ocean

Signal Ocean is the technology arm which has created the Signal Ocean Platform. The Signal Ocean Platform allows charterers, brokers and shipowners to securely process, aggregate, analyse and interrogate a complex array of private and public shipping data. Powered by sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, the platform processes the available data to deliver customised, exclusive insights for smarter, faster and more-informed decision-making.

Signal Ventures

Strategic investments in advanced software technologies related to shipping and the oil industry

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