Side Hustle Engineer
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Side Hustle Engineer

Take or Create a New Side Hustle to the Next Level
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4 students enrolled
Created by Saul Mendoza
Last updated 10/2019
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There are very few prerequisites to side hustling. To be successful in using this

model, mostly you need:

  • The right frame of mind.

Specifically, you need a willingness to learn and experiment.

  • The willingness to act.

Even though I’ve tried to write a very practical book, merely reading it

won’t do much for you.

• You don’t need much money.

Put away your credit cards (at least the ones with high limits) and don’t

worry about needing to raise capital or ask someone for a loan.

• You don’t need much time.

To be fair, you’ll need some time. But the time required to start a hustle

should be minimal.

You don’t need a business degree or any kind of specialized


Most business education teaches people how to be a corporate manager,

which is fine if that’s what you do for your day job.

• You don’t need employees, assistants, or business partners.

You may want to get help at some point, but not right away.

  • You don’t need experience starting a business.

You don’t need to be an “entrepreneur” to start a side hustle.

Who this course is for:
  • entrepreneurs
  • hustlers
Course content
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+ Introduction Week One
6 lectures 01:11:35

A side gig/job has many benefits, but it all starts with the right plan. This first week of hustling will teach you how to create hustle ideas that actually make you money.

Preview 05:30

Think and forecast about your future.

GOAL #1: Make some extra mollah for a specific purpose?

GOAL #2: Replace the quality of life.

GOAL #3: Replace the money you make from your current job.

Preview 08:07

Some ideas are far better than others, right? Do you know the 3 qualities that make for a great idea?

Day 2 How Money Grows

Ideas surround you. Using your knowledge about high potential ideas, it’s time to go on a think tank.

Day 3 Brainstorm, Borrow, or ethically take Ideas

You have several ideas, now right? , let's look at their potential

Day 4 Barriers and golden opportunities

Future earnings, no need for fancy tools,  just pen and paper.

Day 5 Predict your bottom line
+ Week Two Choose Your Best Idea
5 lectures 57:37

Ideas never stop. You can choose any new idea and pick the best one all the time.

Day 6 differentiate and select ideas using a simple method

Check out your competition and then, do it better—or at least differently.

Day 7 Develop your detective skills

Your customer is out there buying someone else's product. Spy on them to see what you can learn.

Day 8 Sit down with your ideal prospect

Idea plus customer, now give them an offer.

Day 9 Take your Idea and make it into an offer

Be your own hero of your own movie.

Day 10 Generate you origin story
+ Week 3 Prepare to take off
6 lectures 01:12:01

1. Get a bank account that’s just for your side hustle.

2. Similarly, get a separate credit or debit card you use only for expenses associated with your hustle.

3. Pay for everything you can upfront.

4. Set aside at least 25 percent of your hustle income for taxes.

5. Be fast with invoicing.

6. Whenever possible, insist on a written agreement for service work.

7. Legal structure: operating as a sole proprietor is perfectly acceptable for many hustles.

8. Right from the beginning, set up a very simple accounting system.

9. If at all possible, set aside a dedicated hustle workspace, even a small one, in your home or apartment.

10. Once you’re making money, pay yourself first.

Day 11 Practical details and skills

1. Whenever possible, design your hustle with recurring revenue in mind. Why sell something once when you can sell it over and over? Recurring revenue isn’t possible in every hustle, but it’s a worthwhile point of consideration when comparing different ideas. If all other factors are equal and one idea offers the potential for recurring revenue—like a monthly membership, or regular, paid upgrades, that idea is likely your winner.

2. Consider offering pricing tiers, where customers can pay more to get more. It’s good to give people some amount of choice, but not too much. Have you ever been to a restaurant that has 150 different items on the menu, or one that offers many different types of cuisines? If you haven’t, you’re not missing much—it’s hard to make decisions about what to order, and the food at such places is rarely good. The same goes for creating offers. When it comes to pricing options, two or three choices is usually enough.

3. Be careful of being too clever, and leave the gimmicks to the home shopping networks. A seemingly clever “pay what you will” fad recently swept the world of online courses and e-books. This is not usually a good idea—it confuses your customers, and most will end up paying less than they would if you simply took the time to find the optimal price. Instead of having clever pricing, have a great product and a fair (fixed) price.

4. Don’t stray too far from market prices. Remember how Jake Posko, the guitar teacher, started out at $50 an hour and eventually moved to $80– $120 an hour. You may wonder why he didn’t keep moving it even higher. Well, as he experimented with different prices, Jake discovered that there was a natural ceiling for his new profession. No matter how awesome his “most awesome guitar lessons in the universe” were, $80–$120 was the highest acceptable range for guitar lessons in general. If he priced any higher, he’d lose clients. If he priced much lower, he’d lose money. After all, if you could keep increasing a price forever without customers dropping off, we’d all be running our side hustles from a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Day 12 Pricing your offer

Be ready like Batman and his belt.

Day 13 Shopping list

Getting paid is the most important step.

Day 14 Getting paid (set up)

Listing out your next steps is critical.

Day 15 Create a workflow

Focus on the 2 most important things

Day 16 Understanding the 10% rule
+ Week 4 Lift off (get your idea in front of the right prospect.)
6 lectures 01:00:14

When do you know that you are ready?

Day 17 Launch your offer

You need to sell like a Girl Scout and make mollah!

Day 18 offer just like girl scout cookies

Don't be afraid and get the word out. Your buddies will help you.

Day 19 Ask friends for a bit of help

Find everything you can, and experiment with new things and keep a tally of the results.

Day 20 Test and try different things

Deals, discounts, and special offers are your not- your best to encourage customers to buy. There’s a very good reason that so many stores “go out of business” every 90 days .

Day 21 Burn down the store
Day 22 Your First dollar, dollar, bill YO!
+ Week 5 Regroup and refine
5 lectures 50:59

Take note of the most critical metrics and create and action plan.

Day 23 Progress tracking

Don’t get distracted —identify what’s working

Day 24 Grow but also let go

If everything’s going well, consider adding another version of the hustle

Day 25 Look for money in the couch cushions

To make significant improvements (and save more time) as you expand your hustle, systemize

Day 26 Let it go

End of the road…or beginning?

Day 27 The end of the road