Shut Up! Experience the Power
3.8 (27 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,196 students enrolled

Shut Up! Experience the Power

The Power at the Tip of Your Tongue
3.8 (27 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,196 students enrolled
Created by Clarence W. Fell
Last updated 6/2018
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What you'll learn
  • …gain leverage at work and home.
  • …use the strategy of the Shut-Up principle any time you choose.
  • …transform the chatter inside your head into supporting support.
  • You have the tools required if you can listen and make application.

Don't be a door mat for people to wipe their feet on.

This course grew from my work with inmates in the state prison system.  They needed a simple and yet powerful way to take more control in their lives.  I am delighted to bring this experience to Udemy and share it with you.

This course…

            ● Is gruff but loving.

            ● Provides a free PDF copy of the book: Over 101 Ways to Shut Up and Make Your World a Better Place

            ● Shows you how not to take the bait and get drawn into a pointless argument.

            ● Shows you how to turn inner chatter into inner support.

            ● Shows you how to appear much wiser than you might be (cool trick).

            ● Reveals a simple way to improve relationships.

            ● Supports you as a Life Coach, Counselor, or Minister.

            ● Can be downloaded for offline use.

            ● Provides downloads in both PDF and RTF formats so that you may edit and use as you desire.

            ● Does NOT promise to magically cure all the problems of life (I'm not that good, sorry).

            ● Believes that together we can make a difference.

If you desire to gain leverage in your life, then this course has something worth looking into.  I'm not promising that it is a fit for your personally, so watch the previews and then you will know if there if value here for you.

Wishing You the Best
Clarence W. Fell

Who this course is for:
  • You, if you desire more control over your life.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 04:20

Get a feel for the course to see if it is right for you.

Preview 04:20
+ Family Time
8 lectures 35:13

Relationships excel when you take charge and refuse to waste time on non-issues.  Family becomes more of the dream you desire when you simply learn to shut-up and pick our battles.  You can know when to choose silence and simply take control by walking away.  Don't take the bait. Exercise your right to keep your mouth shut.  I know it sounds counter intuitive, but it is extremely powerful.

Preview 04:43

Relationships grow and flourish when people feel rested and refreshed.  You have the power to make that happen. Don't unintentionally bring discomfort and pain into your life; shut-up and ask yourself if your next move is truly empowering.  Specifically ask if you need to pester and aggravate someone when they are taking a break and enjoying a little "healing" time.  The shut-up principle teaches us that if an emergency does not exist, then shut-up and let people relax for a while.  It's a powerful strategy to set the stage for deeper love.  

Shut-up! Create Refreshing Energy

A marriage license is not a license to be stupid.  Great relationships master the shut-up principle.  In marriage and all relationships, the little things set the stage for great love or misery.  Excel at life. Take control and keep the clutter off the stage of your life.  

Shut-up! Instantly Transform

If people were perfect, then nitpicking and nagging would be tough games to play, but thanks to our common imperfections, these are easy games to play.  Shut-up!  Don't play those games.  If you do not enjoy being the victim of constant, incessant, never ending, droning on and on and on nagging, then don't be a bully.  Shut-up already!

Shut-up! Vaporize the Nag

Don't be the person that derails an enjoyable moment by interrupting with trivial corrections.  Pointless correcting erodes relationships and the respect needed to build awesome relationships.

Shut-up! So What?

Never attempt to be funny by making fun of someone.  Even if they laugh, they will still think that you are an idiot. 

Shut-up! Entice People

Engage real people in real life.  Who will be there in your time of need?  Will the actors of your favorite television program or the sports heroes of your favorite team come to your aid?  Share your hopes and dreams with real people.

Shut-up! TV Will Betray You

Give your children space to be children.  They do not understand the "adult" things that you understand and need your guidance.

Shut-up! Empower Your Children
+ Self-Talk
9 lectures 45:55

Your victory is both an inner and outer game.  Your inner game is the most important.  If you are not on your own side, then you will struggle even though you have great people around you. This lecture helps you excel at supporting yourself. 

Preview 05:20

You have great things inside you.  Listen to your heart.  Let its song ring out through your life.  Don't take your song to the grave unsung.  This lecture encourages you to sing with all your might. 

Shut-up! Set Your Heart Free

Your playtime has no strict rules except one.  After your playtime you should feel as though your emotional and mental batteries have been recharged.

Shut-up! It's Play Time

Discussing a plan is a helpful preparation step, but it is not execution.  This lecture encourages you to move on to execution of your plan.

Shut-up! Just Do It Already

Real winners shut-up all the inner noise and bring their real game onto the field. Anyone can talk the talk, but few people can demonstrate the talk. This lecture encourages you to join that team of elite, the few, the ones that demonstrate their game.

Shut-up! Bring YOUR Game

Spending too much time in the past or future is a waste of time. Learn from the past, plan for the future, and execute your plans in the present. You can be awesome.

Shut-up! Get Into Now

Your time is far too precious to waste playing the blame game. Other people are wrong, you are correct; now get over it and live your dream.

Shut-up! It's Not Worth It

Sure life is tough and sometimes you just need a good cry, but crying is not the tool that brings about your success. So, if you need a good cry to help you process a loss, then have a good cry, and then get back to work.

Shut-up! I Think I Can…

This application of the shut-up principle tells you to stop complaining about the difficulties of life.  Yes, you are correct that the difficulties exist, but does complaining make them go away?  Does complaining lead to quick success?  No, so don't waste your time and energy complaining about obstacles.  The bumps are what you climb on.  Either ignore them or make them work for you.

Shut-up! The Bumps are What You Climb On
+ In the Work Place
11 lectures 40:53

Many of us could not count the times we opened our mouth and put our ignorance on display.  If only we had had the foresight to shut up and spare ourselves the agony.  Unfortunately, we just couldn't keep quiet.  In a fit of enthusiasm, we just threw-up our ignorance all over everybody.  We opened our mouth and proudly spewed our ignorance everywhere; and no one appreciated, except for your competition in the work place.  They love seeing you crash and burn. 

Preview 02:43

Sometimes people suggest an idea at work as though they are making a joke.  If others don't like the idea, then they back off claiming, "oh, I was just kidding."  This might work once or twice, but it won’t work for long.  Shut up!  Don’t hide behind humor.  Boldly put your ideas out for others to consider.  If you want people to take you serious then be serious.  There is nothing wrong with a little humor, but don't hide behind humor.  Don't be a coward.

Shut-up! Step Out into the Open

Our next application of the shut-up principle is to shut-up and stop trying to make others think that you are superman or superwoman.  You are not.  You never will be, and that is a wonderful blessing.  It takes a lot of pressure off you.  If you have been living in that fantasy world, then it is time to come back to reality. 

Shut-up! Come Back to Reality

Our next application of the shut-up principle is to shut-up, stop complicating things.  Keep things as simple and reasonably possible.  Remember the K.I.S.S. principle.  Keep it simple, stupid; someone did not like the bluntness of that and chose to say, keep it sweetly simply.  Either way, there is power for the person that will keep it simple.

Shut-up! And Kiss

Our next application of the shut-up principle is to shut up and stop your bootlicking and kissing up.  Any power that you get from this practice is quite shallow and limited.  Sure, it works a little in some situations, but most careers are not going to advance based on such nonsense, it takes something more to build a really satisfying career.  And, I have to wonder if the bootlicker is really enjoying a deep level of satisfaction or if he feels like he has betrayed himself.

Shut-up! Boot Licking is Ugly and Taste Bad

Our next application of the shut-up principle is to shut-up and stop playing the one-up game.  You know the game.  You are sitting around with your coworkers telling a story, and there is that one guy that always, always, has a better story.  You know it’s coming, and then you hear, "Well, I have one better than that," then he tells his story, ugh, don’t be that person.  He is not gaining any power in the workplace with that behavior.  All he is doing is isolating himself and hindering his career.

Shut-up! Gracefulness is Power

Our next application of the shut-up principle is shut-up the empty promises.  You know the coworker, the one that always tells you that he is “on top of the situation,” but you know he is not.  And he always has some lame excuse.  I’m sure he is on his way to the top of his career field—only in his dreams.

Shut-up! You Can Fool Some of the People

Stop fishing for applause and approval.  People know an outstanding performance when they see one and will applaud it.  If they are not applauding, then your performance must not be that great.  If you have to go fishing for applause, then something isn't right.  Shut-up and turn your focus inward.  Reevaluate your performance.  Apparently, your greatness is not that obvious to other people, or maybe you have other behaviors that cause people to ignore your success.

Shut-up! Fish for Something Better

Shut-up and stop resisting criticism.  Be quiet and listen for a moment.  You just might learn something.  You and I are not perfect.  We need input from other people.  So, sift through the critical comments.  Pick the parts you will reject and the parts that you will consider further.  When you listen and improve your game, then you improve your career.

Shut-up! Helpful Information is Everywhere

Stop whining and belly aching about your job, you are getting a paycheck, aren’t you?  Do you know how many people are out of work and would love to have your job?  Many people are funny in a way, they moan about not having a job, bust their back to find a job, and then do nothing but complain about the job.  That's not a happy way to live.

Shut-up! You are Being Paid

Are you one of those people that always knows the answers that your boss doesn’t?  Are you the proverbial armchair quarterback?  If so, then shut up.  If you are that smart, then why aren’t you the boss? 

Shut-up! The Boss isn’t Stupid