Shopify SEO Hacks Tricks & well done strategy for Beginners

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Learn the latest & Most powerful modern SEO Techniques and get higher rankings & Traffic
Reach your potential customers through 2021 optimization techniques
Increase your traffic by over 1000%, from optimizing your Webpage with Google Search Console
Improve your overall Business Brand through Content Optimization Techniques


  • Own a website with at-least 200 pages
  • You don't need anything much; be ready to Learn Obsessively.


Learn directly at the feet of experts that have combined efforts to earn $3,150,000 over the past year on Shopify ONLY.

Every niche on Shopify right now is cut-throat. It's either you do it right every time or go home. If you don't make the right Search Engine Optimizations on Shopify, you'll lose both your current and potential customers. This is not a threat; it's just the harsh reality.

But should you give up? Never! There is no medal for those who gave up.

We know you have great things to offer your customers. But they won’t know if your Shopify business isn't visible. So be glad that you are here!

In this course, we'll set your feet on the right path. When you execute what we teach, you'll see results in weeks. Then, in one year, you'll look back and marvel at how much your sales have grown.

Two Funnels Away has everything you need to be successful. But, then, it's time to Hack it!

Recent Course Update:

  • Updated information on SEO practices and the Algorithm system

  • Update on the current best practices for Google search console

  • How businesses optimize their product pages and how you too can.

  • How to make your headlines better and optimized

  • Hacking your SEO strategies to drive drastic business growth

  • Tools and plugins to ease your marketing process for better results

Who this course is for:

  • All eCom entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket results with SEO


Platinum Level Seller, Entrepreneur, Trainer and Coach
Aviv Malka
  • 4.1 Instructor Rating
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  • 143,050 Students
  • 8 Courses

My name is Aviv Malka, an eCommerce Expert with a passion for imparting knowledge. 

Over the past year I've sold on eBay & Shopify over $Millions worth of items making me a Platinum Level Seller.

I've trained many eBay and Shopify sellers from absolute newbies to the most advanced eCommerce merchants and shared with them my knowledge and experience in this very competitive market.

My various business ventures give me the opportunity to do the things I love and most of all travel and take my family to far-off places.

Saving You Time With The Newest Automation Technologies
AutoDS - Automatic DropShipping Tools
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 9,213 Reviews
  • 139,552 Students
  • 15 Courses

AutoDS is a company comprised of Dropshippers from all around the world, who work together to provide tools and information that help aspiring Dropshippers like you succeed!

At AutoDS, We Have 4 Core Values:

1. Freedom

We come from the development and automation world. We believe that everything can be automated. Our mission is to save you as much time as possible by using the newest technologies. We want our customers to do the things they really enjoy in life while we do the rest for them.

2. Innovation

We always listen to our customers. We gather your feedback, improve the platform and stay on the edge of the technology to automate your dropshipping business. When the rules of the game change, we keep up-to-date making sure to improve and adapt our platform to provide you with the most advanced tools and automation processes.

3. Think BIG

Success requires growth and thinking BIG. We believe that you always need to play in the big boys league. To beat them, you must think big, and we're there to help you stay updated with the latest market news and strategies.

4. Community

Everyone needs help, and no one likes to be lonely. We believe that as a community, we can grow together and achieve the goals we set to ourselves. We are always here to help you, answer your questions, connect you to other sellers like you, and to dropshipping mentors who will take you to the next level.

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