Shopify Bootcamp - Build your online business today!

A step by step tutorial to create your online store on Shopify. No technical knowledge required, No coding required.
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7,795 students
Using Hands-on step by step approach you will learn how to:
Select a right Shopify theme for your store and customize it to reflect your brand.
Add products catalogs, collections and learn how to manage inventory of your stock.
Understand different shipping strategies and configure them in your Shopify Store.
Configure various online payment processing methods including Paypal, Shopify Payment and 2Checkout.
Perform end to end test of your store to verify the functionality.
And, finally launch your store to the world.
With the completion of the course, you will have your own fully functional and beautiful online store.


  • You will need a computer, internet connection, basic computer skills like using Facebook and emails and passion to start your own online business. Rest is my responsibility!


Welcome to Shopify Bootcamp, a road to financial freedom. 

  • Would you like to build your own fully functional and beautiful online store using Shopify platform, but don't have technical knowledge?
  • Do you want to  start your business with the minimum investment

If YES, Shopify Bootcamp is perfect for you.

In just couple of hours you will be up and running your own online store! I will develop a fully functional Shopify store to demonstrate all the key features of Shopify.

How this course is UNIQUE?

This course explains important concepts of online store as well as shows how to perform each task step by step in Shopify. Students will learn by doing. Not only this, the course has taken a project oriented approach. A student will start from scratch and by the end of the course s/he will be completing and launching a fully functional online shop.

  • No Coding Required.
  • No Prior Knowledge Required

  • What is Shopify?

    Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platform, trusted by thousands of online business owners. It offers all the e-commerce tools one needs to build  and run an outstanding e-commerce business - designing elegant user interface, creating products and collections, Search Engine Optimization, Order Processing and Customer Management are just a few features of Shopify. 

    Shopify not only provides its own payment processing gateway but also integrates with Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout and many other payment processors. 

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who wants to start his or her own online business. No technical knowledge required!

    Course content

    6 sections34 lectures1h 56m total length
    • Course Introduction and Store Demo
    • Create Free trial account at Shopify
    • Login and Logout your store
    • Shopify Dashboard Overview
    • Preview your store
    • Updating Basic Information


    MF Hasan
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    Over 20 years, I have been providing technology consultancy to small, medium and large businesses. I am an expert in managing development and delivery of complex software systems. 

    I graduated from Stanford University in Leadership and Management. I relish working and developing technology professionals and align their creativity to deliver business value. Love to work with visionaries and strategic thinkers; and know the art of converting strategy into action.

    A young and ambitious tech-entrepreneur
    Faixa Faisal
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    I am a young and ambitious tech-entrepreneur and believe in learning and contributing at the same time. I am a Video Editor, Graphic Designer and VFX Cleanup Artist. Using my creativity, I infuse aesthetic elements to simple things and make them more attractive.

     I have been working in Photoshop, Illustrator and Camtasia for over two years.