Intermediate Android: Jump Scare App Clone In Kotlin

Learn the techniques used in the prank app Shock
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Learn the techniques used in the shock prank app
Storing Objects in Shared Preferences
Downloading images to app storage
Working with TextToSpeech


  • Working PC or Mac that can run Android Studio
  • Must be Android Developer(Kotlin)
  • Must not be a beginner. This course moves fast.


Note: This is not a beginner course. This course for people comfortable programming Android Apps that want to explore new possibilities.

In this course we will be learning how TempestStorm pulled off some of the techniques in the prank app Shock. This course walks you through the technique used. After exploring the prank screen we build out the rest of the app. This app covers downloading images from web, saving objects into Shared Preferences. Using LocalBroadcastManager to inform parts of the app to update itself. MediaPlayer is used to play scary sounds. TextToSpeech adds a unique touch to this app. This is the Kotlin version of this course. If you know Java, there is a Java version of this course.

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Who this course is for:

  • Android Developers who know kotlin
  • People wanting to expanding their Android knowledge and creativity
  • People who like fun unique apps

Course content

2 sections13 lectures3h 16m total length
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