Shamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide (Certified)
4.8 (189 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,760 students enrolled

Shamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide (Certified)

How to restore and refocus your life to amplify healing and manifest with the moon via psychic mediumship and shamanism
Highest Rated
4.8 (189 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,760 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Work with different meditations and ceremonies for the eight moon phases to enlighten and enhance your skills as a shaman and psychic medium
  • You will be able to deepen your connection and relationship with spirit through mediumship, meditation and shamanic journeying
  • We will show you how to harness the power of the moon to bring happiness and peace into your life.
  • Discover how to meet and work with your moon guides and create your moon altar
  • How to use the moon to cleanse and heal yourself with shamanic rituals and tools for a deep personal spiritual connection
  • How to actively work with mediumship and shamanism following the moon phases to manifest your life goals
  • One pillar candle and essential oils (note the oils can be expensive - they are not a requirement however if you have them use them. Myrrh, Cedarwood and Lavender are a great combination
  • 4 tealight candles or 4 taper candles
  • A journal is handy to record information received from your guides, meditations and journey's

Shamanic Moon Magic, Psychic Mediumship & More is happily waiting for your attendance. This course will show YOU HOW TO manifest your desires working with shamanism and psychic mediumship with the moon as a way of transforming your spiritual practice to a new level of consciousness.  You will be working toward rebuilding your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. You will be able to think clearer, sleep better, feel better, and feel fewer negative emotions simply by syncing with the moon.

• Sharon and Julian offer you a certificate of attunement and lineage by request for free at the end of this course.

What people are saying about this hot, new Shamanic and Psychic Mediumship Moon course:

"The course is really unique - Ramel makes things that you just can't find in this particular area anywhere on the market". Gustaf H. - 2019

"I wanted to know more details about Moon ceremonies and manifestation. Both tutors delivery is engaging. Great course." Katherine J. - 2019

"I am never disappointed in any of Sharon's courses. She is a walking blessing. Even in our first meditation, I was being drawn into the magic and mystery of her words. I do not know Julian, but if Sharon chose to work with him, I am immediately relieved of any concern. I am eager to get on with this course. Although it would be useful for anyone at any level, I would personally recommend that this not be a student's first course with Sharon so that they can get the fullness of the way Sharon teaches and leads. We are here together in this special place of healing and spiritual creativity. We are working genuinely with the Moon for gifts of revelation". Carol C - 2019

"This collaborative lesson is a wonderful pairing of Julian and Sharon. Julian is engaging and entertaining in his presentation of the material. I love his meditations and sessions. I connected instantly with him from day 1. Wonderful and knowledgable teacher! Sharon is an amazing teacher who connects instantly with her students. Her courses are packed with information and all material is accessible to masters and beginners alike. This course taps into the moon energy and its phases. It is exactly what I have been drawn to for several weeks and it has come to me at the perfectly right time with the perfectly right teachers." Jennifer N - 2019

The Moon can be a potent enabler in our lives - witchcraft and shamanic practices globally have always paid homage to the power of the cycling moon. By knowing how to harness the energies of each lunar phase and understanding how they affect us, we can then positively channel our intentions as we bathe in its light. The pure power of the Moon and its enchanting glow has long been associated with shamanic lore, witchcraft and magic rituals globally. For moon magic to be ceremonially useful and deep, it needs to be built on the knowledge of the nature and cycles of the Moon. Integral experience is key of any calling or Moon working. We will show you how to effectively work with the power of the moon

The Moon always reminds us that no matter what phase we are in that we are still whole. Ritual and ceremony will guide us into our core truth.

The Moon is always with us and accompanies and influences us in many ways, even if we can’t still perceive it.

In days long gone people were extremely sensitive to the lunar cycles and sensed the effect that the Moon and its phases were having on them. They worked with her phases.

Discover how to re-wild yourself and once more tune into the unique gifts of the Moon. We will show you how to use this information to make better decisions and expect better results in life matters. Join:

  • Julian Jenkins, experienced and renowned psychic medium and

  • Sharon Ramel who will weave the shamanic pathway of direct revelation leading you to discover through your direct experience with spirit. Sharon is one of Udemy's top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally.

Here's A Peek At Some Of What's Inside This Shamanic Mediumship Moon Offering:

  1. How to do an Elemental ceremony, to re-wild and re-connect with the sacred elements

  2. How to create your Moon altar

  3. Meet your Moon course guides, Julian and Sharon

  4. Discover the Moons' magical pathway and mediumship phases

  5. How to do an effective Moon meditation to empower your life

  6. Learn about the new moon and the dark moon, how to retreat, restore and renew your dreams

  7. Discover Dadirri and how to effectively use moon manifestation to achieve stillness in your mind.

  8. The Waxing Crescent Moon - how to work effectively with the silvery crescent moon

  9. Discover how to do simple effective spells which are sprinkled throughout the course

  10. How to balance and work effectively with the half Moon or First Quarter Moon.

  11. How to do the Moon magic thirteen breath meditation to make space

  12. Work effectively with the Waxing Gibbous Moon, this is a high energy moment before the full moon

  13. How to fully manifest with the Full Moon. It is the time to reap the opportunities from our new moon intentions

  14. Reflect and see how to work with the Waning Gibbous Moon as it calls us to be grounded

  15. Learn about the Last Quarter Moon (Half Moon), it can sometimes be seen as the conflict moon

  16. How to actively withdraw working with the Waning Crescent Moon

  17. Wrapping up our Moon time together

Throughout history, Witches have never 'tuned out' remaining well aware of the power of the Moon and her changing phases, they instinctively developed spells and rituals that adjust to take as much advantage of this beautiful moon energy as possible.

“All who depart from the world of the body go to the moon. In the bright half, the moon delights in their spirits. In the dark half, the moon sends them on to be born again."  - Kawshitaki Upanishad

Shamanism is not a belief system nor is it a religion. It is a pathway of direct revelation. What you discover, you will do so through your experiences and through direct contact with the spirits. If shamanism is to live, it must work and be useful for your life.

Being able to work with and harness the power of the moon is such a powerful spiritual tool, and when there is a real understanding of the phases, you can dig down into the many ways to amplify your mediumship and shamanic skills.

For me the ability to connect with yourself and spirit is very much the critical path to realising your spiritual goal and life's purpose, but if you add the ability to connect and build a humble relationship with the moon everything will increase tenfold.

Understanding the different forms of meditation and practices will allow you to hook into the core phases and develop a relationship with your moon guides in a way that will resonate on so many different levels. Mediumship is a powerful tool to use to connect with spirit, but once we learn to amplify that connection with the power and beauty of the moon our spiritual toolbox opens allowing us to use all the wisdom, love and magic to help heal and raise the vibrations of those people who need it the most.

I am proud and privileged to be working on this course with Sharon Ramel and together with our blended energies ensure that this course will truly help you advance along your spiritual pathway and get the spiritual results you so desire.

Know that, you are sheltered by the sky and the stars. Always there shining upon you.

If you're already a healer in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) you'll be able to quickly apply and integrate these practices in your own life and work with them to provide healing to others.

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Who this course is for:
  • If you are looking to begin studying shamanism this is an ideal course for you to dip into. Please note it does not teach you the core shamanic practice of journeying. This does not detract from your experience of this magical course.
  • On the mediumship side this course will help the first stage beginner right up until the experienced medium
  • For those wishing to serve future generations to keep the wisdom traditions alive alive the moon to pass on magic rituals, witchcraft and the shaman's tradition.
  • Shamanic apprentices and newbie witches will see this as an indispensable part of their growing toolbox or magic tradition.
Course content
Expand all 62 lectures 06:11:47
+ Introduction to moon magic, manifestation and mediumship
5 lectures 41:33

During this shamanic moon magic and psychic mediumship course you will connect spiritually with a like-minded community and together, we can create a beautiful world that works for all.

Closure, cleansing, and letting go and often difficult as we cling to patterns of behaviour, worn-out relationships, jobs we really dislike simply because we are afraid. However, here is a way forward to you can literally start or kicks start any aspect of your life right here and now with the power of the moon. This will help achieve your full potential and take all aspects of your life to the next level

Here are a few hints to make this course so special for you. It is ideal to commit to a schedule, add the same time into your calendar each week to watch one section at a time. Plus don’t forget this is a course about the phases of the moon so why not start by putting at least the new and full moon into your calendar today. Complete all videos, read the PDF's and answer any assignments that help you to deepen your practice. Watch the video or listen to the audio, and practice the ceremonial aspects.

Allow yourself to contemplate your growing practice. This is deep but fun work. It is a great idea to review and to listen again and practice again from your emerging new moon savvy awareness. The information we have lovingly crafted here has so many layers to it - you will discover more by repeating the rituals and ceremonies.

Remember that this is your sacred journey. When a ceremony, teaching or practice touches you deeply or brings you a new revelation or breakthrough, gift yourself an opportunity to pause and explore your experience.

By doing this simple step you will gain deep insight on how to navigate the path of your current life with greater wisdom and joy.

If you’re new to shamanism - easy - you can start doing the journeys as a meditation and as your practise grows you will naturally fall into it - as Sharon always says Shamanism is a practice of direct revelation. If you are new to mediumship - great as I will gently guide you into the depth of it with the moon by our sides. Plus this course is sprinkled with easy to craft magical spells that anyone can do - you don’t need to be a practising witch.

By working with the moon you will have created the extraordinary capacity for adventures of consciousness that can reveal far more about yourself and the world. As you develop your own moon magic, you can open to seeing and exploring the world through new open eyes.

So let’s get started!

Preview 03:33

Let us prepare ourselves for a sacred ceremony together.

We find ourselves in an ancient grove of sacred trees. In the middle, there is a crystal pyramid altar room. We step into this crystalline room calling back the elements of fire, earth, air and water. This brings us all together in sacred space so we travel together. This ceremony will bring you harmony, happiness and a sense that we are one.

Don't overthink the ceremony - simply breathe and be. When we let go of controlling the outcome peace comes to us. This opens our psychic pathways and we see clearly.

Preview 05:30

Open up your elemental sacred space inviting your deep relationship with your elemental guardians. They have waited in the shadows for your heart to call them forward. In our sacred grove together we will conduct a powerful gentle ceremony calling ourselves home. Earth, Air, Fire and Water have patiently waited as have our celestial friends.

Moon magic holds us in sacred space in our ancient grove. We come together in a very special sacred ancient grove to re-wild.

Preview 14:43
We meet in a sacred grove, travelling to our sacred crystal pyramid altar room (don't overthink it). We remember the elements and all the blessings that come naturally with them. Call in your spirit guides, power animals and once more seeing through your ancient eyes see the spirit world come alive.
Meeting your elemental guardians
1 question

The Moon Altar:

This is a great way to show your appreciation to the amazing soul of the moon, this lecture will highlight how you can build your own little shrine, enabling you a place to worship and say thanks for the abundance of love and gifts we are given. Start yours today.

Preview 02:26

Moon Guide Meditation:

We go on a fantastic guided meditation for you to connect with your moon guides and also to understand the role they will play in your spiritual journey going forward.

Meet Your Moon Guides through meditation
+ Meeting your guides and miscellaneous moon facts and treats
10 lectures 44:05

Moon Guides.

We have many guides on our spiritual journey and one guide you may or may not have been made aware of is our moon guide. These guides work behind the scenes to help you navigate the different phases of the moon. This lecture will not only help you to understand the role in depth but how to connect with them.

Get to know your Moon guide Julian Jenkins

Sharon Ramel and Julian Jenkins are offering this inspirational moon offering. We are inviting you all to gather in our sacred grove to grow and reach out potential under the magical light of the moon.

You will be guided on a metamorphic journey into the genesis of living from your heart.

Each of us brings our unique gifts to this course this is Sharon's manifestation dream for you all here today as we connect and work deeply with the moon.

Get to know your Moon guide Sharon Ramel and the moon journey that awaits you

The moonrise has a predictable timing pathway - follow it and you will soon get to know its patterns. This is a quick takeaway to show you the basics of moon time. When we work with the moon and the energies pouring from her into our life will assist us in bringing harmony, happiness and a way to move forward with your life.

Discover moonrise timing. The moon has a predictable path is follows.

Moon Months.

We take a very simple and quick look at the months and the different phases of mediumship and meditation needed to again ensure we harness the moon in a way that will give us the maximum connection and relationship.

Moon Months

The moon is magical

Mediumship Moon Phases

It is part of our shamanic work to ensure that our rituals and spirit work will stay connected with nature, not separated from it. You could say that we should know how to find East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

Moon knowledge is best learned from the Moon, the Sun and the Earth themselves. So how do you get started?

To support your study, you will find the next video showing the basic patterns of the Sun and Moon’s Journey across the Sky. However, your real Moon School is out there, under the open Sky. So go out and begin by finding the right place with open horizons from east to west, where you can stand facing the south. Here is your Moon School. The closer it is to your home, the better it will serve you. Find the directions and the sky arch. The four directions are the solid foundation which all your moon observations relate to and make sense from. Become familiar with them, without GPS, as humans have always been. And now you can apprentice yourself to Moon itself, throughout the year, the days and nights.

At the beginning of your Moon studies, a Moon or Sky app might also help you find the directions and grasp the geography of the Sky. However, actual moon knowledge and connection are found offline, in the Sky and stored in your deepest soul. You build it from your real presence, attention and patience. There is just you and the Moon, and nothing stands between you. There enchantment and magic will embrace you

The moon's happy magical pathway introduction

The pattern of Moon's coming and going is in a predictable pattern. However it does take your involvement and being with it to grasp. In the beginning, your mind may wander just when you think you've understood the Moon's dance. I urge you to keep up your Moon-apprenticeship, you will see that eventually one night the Moon will also your clock, your compass, and will help you find your way. It will deepen and ground your experience of the Moon's enchantment and mystery.

See how the moon's happy magical pathway arcs across the sky

A Total Lunar Eclipse happens albeit briefly when the Earth’s shadow falls directly over the Full Moon. For a brief period of time, the Moon disappears, and the night turns dark. In some cultures in the ancient days, it was considered a bad omen. However, eclipses are gifts from the Universe. They reveal to us the next chapter of growth that is getting ready to unfold for us. Spiritually this is significant if we are to grow.

Whenever there is an intense lunar activity, it always creates the perfect vibration and environment for working and strengthening our psychic and intuitive gifts.

Lunar Eclipses can open up part of our soul contract or soul path as they often unlock events that align with our destiny. The energy from the Eclipse can make people feel uncomfortable as they come face to face with why they incarnated.

To counteract the feeling of dis - ease, it’s essential to see what signs the cosmos is trying to show us. It is a great time to tune in and express your creativity, doing some karmic releasing work, maybe some exercise, plus get plenty of rest can also help to bring balance to your body.

Discover how lunar eclipses work their magic on our soul bringing change

La Luna or Der Mond? Maybe Chandra or soma moon? The moon is a masculine identity in India according to the Upanishads. We shall briefly journey into the heart of ancient history and see how the moon has always informed us. Yet other cultures see the moon has a feminine heart.

"May the gods accord you a life that is renewed every month, like the Moon", A Babalonian blessing

La Luna or Der Mond? Is the moon masculine, feminine or a combination?

Moon Meditation:

This meditation is all about combining mindfulness with the power and the energy of the moon. This lecture will give you the foundation and structure to be able to sit within the energy and maximise the true spirit and love of the moon.

How to do an effective Moon Meditation and set an intention to work deeply
+ The new moon or the dark moon, how to retreat, restore and renew your dreams
4 lectures 22:24

This is the first phase of the lunar cycle - it lasts for three days.

It starts when the moon is invisible and is also known as a Dark Moon because it rests between the Sun and the Earth. On the following days, the moon slowly begins to emerge in our skies.

The energy of the New Moon is associated with introspection, self-analysis and reflection on ourselves. It is the ideal time to percolate new ideas or maybe a fresh start on a new project.

New Moon Introduction and Manifestation

Join Julian Jenkins in this fabulous New Moon Meditation

Join me and I show you how to effectively do a New Moon Meditation

We are living out of kilter, you are here as you recognise that our current lifestyle collides with the fact that our Earth mother is not capable of supporting the way we are living.  This is why so many people struggle feeling happiness, peace and abundance in their lives.

We turn our attention to look to those who once lived in a state of indefinite sustainability and abundance, for a way forward. In the stillness we find in the time of the dark moon we release, we surrender to restore.

It is time to work with the moon to renew your deep inner spring of wealth and wonder.

Dadirri is an Australian Aboriginal practise of stillness, of listening to the stillness. You are invited to be the breath of stillness.

Introducing Dadirri - how to listen to stillness in the darkness of the night

Join me as we open our senses listening for the clues and cues here in the dark moon - wrapped in the inky sky in honour. Going into the stillness is a deep spiritually rewarding space to be in. Our hearts find a gentle happiness resonating in them.

The dark or new moon is a potent manifestation time. The darkness gifts us a beautiful edge to work with. The stars really draw deeply into us to assisting the seeding of our dreams.

“Dadirri is inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. Dadirri recognises the deep spring that is inside us. We call on it and it calls to us. This is the gift that Australia is thirsting for. It is something like what you call ‘contemplation’.”

– Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann, Ngangiwumirr Elder

Dadirri - join me as together we will listen to stillness in the dark moon
Working with the stillness found in Dadirri contemplate the moon and the phases. Contemplate memorable experiences under a Full Moon, a New Moon, a Dark Moon, or a lunar eclipse. From the vantage point of stillness expand on one experience working with the metaphors and reimagine it from Dadirri.
Explore a memorable experience under any phase of the moon
2 questions
+ Waxing Crescent Moon - how to work effectively with the silvery crescent moon
6 lectures 41:41

The waxing crescent moon

During the days that follow the dark or new moon, it’s time to seize the moment and anchor into your intentions. I find it best to keep it simple and focus on one thing that I wish to manifest during this lunar cycle. To that end, practice meditation, shamanic journalling and journeying, visualisations and affirmations at this time.

Focus your attention on your intention and write your new moon intention out clearly and succinctly, and read it out loud daily.

The waxing moon marks the beginning of a new cycle is a time when power is being concentrated. We see that energetically this makes it an optimum time for conception at all levels of being in both the seen and unseen world.

It is time for you to happily plant the seeds of intention and be clear as to what you wish to manifest.

Introduction to working with the waxing crescent moon

The Waxing Crescent:

After the new moon, the moon needs to start again and grow bigger and builds up in strength and intensity, signifying the sprouting growth of the seed. At this stage, there is forward motion and a hope for something more to come. There is a gush of energy and a forward moving strength that you can utilise. Moreover, plans, dreams and ideas are growing and it is at this time that you can identify your focus for growth and commitment. This lecture will discuss this phase further

Mediumship introduction to the Waxing Crescent.

Waxing Crescent Meditation:

We go deep into the spiritual cave to be able to get our collection of crystals and understand the role they play through the different moon phases.

Waxing Crescent Meditation

Many people are interested in spell casting. Know that unless your intent is pure that it may not come to pass. Work closely with this phase of the moon for money manifestation. Clear the blockages that hold you in there grip and life will begin the flow is all directions for you.

Money manifestation spells for you maybe just a PDF?

Together we are going to nourish our soul by working with both the energy of the star and moon wisdom to assist us in propelling forward with our new moon dreams.

There is a PDF for you to make moon water. Moon water is simply water that has been exposed to the moonlight and charged with intention. This water will bathe under the moonlight for three consecutive nights. It does not have to stay out all night long and should not see sunlight! Once done your water will now embody the properties and energy of that moon phase and we can use it at other time in our spiritual work.

You can use it to connect with the moon!

How we care nourish our spirit with the crescent moon and a star introduction

This is a great spiritual practice. Together we are going to nourish our soul by working with both the energy of the star and moon wisdom to assist us in propelling forward with our new moon dreams. You will choose one fear that may be preventing you from fulfilling your new moon manifestation desire. You will choose a star to work with - the star will mulch the fear.

Join me as together we will nourish our spirit with the crescent moon and a star
+ How to balance and work effectively with the half Moon or First Quarter Moon.
5 lectures 40:52

The first quarter moon occurs a week after the new moon, thus it is aptly named. It appears in the sky as if it is a half-moon with its illumination. This is the time when we start to feel some resistance in the form of obstacles. We planted our intentions in the dark/new moon and here our your first hurdles at achieving these goals are experienced. This moon will thow up challenges, decisions, and action..

We must remain agile and vigilant - attentative to our intentions. For me yoga and meditation are essential to keep me moving when this moon 'itches'/

Your introduction to the First Quarter Meditation and some obstacles you face

First Quarter Meditation:

Reaffirm our trust and love for the divine and spirit. The first quarter can bring lack of trust for our spiritual journey and a strong affirmation practice needs to take place.

This meditation is the meeting of you moon guide at Stonehenge where the power of the guides give the support and confidence to carry on and move forward through this phase.

First Quarter Mediumship moves

We are going to engage in a shamanic spiritual healing breath cycle based on the number 13. Thirteen is the archetype of Enlightenment and the number of moons that we had in a calendar year

We can use this cycle to bring clarity into the darkness that can occur in our dreams, to mulch them see them dissolved so that we may be the change we wish to see.

Here is an outline of the technique. For the first four cycles, you would look sideways to the left followed by sideways to the right we will gaze upwards and then we will go gaze downwards.

Breathe into your nose and out to your mouth.

The first cycle of 13 breath is looking sideways to the left and we are looking to release the opposite what we wish for. For example, if you are going to wish abundance first you must let go of the fear poverty of lack if you are going to create health first you must let go of the fear of disease.

And then turn to the right for the next cycle of 13 breath. Turning to the right, we wish to absolve all released at the dreams that have created poverty and disease. We understand that the life that we have right here and now is one that we had dreamed into being. And so we wish to release the fear and destroy the dream that created the poverty that created the disease.

We will then engage one cycle of breath looking upwards. We shall release all of the cosmic energy that gave birth to the dreams that resulted in the problem in our life

The next cycle of 13 breath sees us facing downwards. We release our reflection to replace it with the reflection of the dream that we've chosen to live. Depending on what you wish to achieve through this dream.

And the final cycle 13 breath, we look forward to dating straight ahead and during this cycle, breathing into your nose and out through your mouth feel and relax. You may use words such as I am a worrier in the dream state I remain lucid working with my spirit guides the positive dreams while I sleep.

Moon magic - thirteen breath make space inhale and exhale cycle introduction

Make space as you surrender what you do no longer need. Breathe into your nose and out to your mouth.

Simply breathe - working with our goddess Moon, our star brothers and sisters, the wonders and infinite gifts of the universe.

This practice will nurture your dreams as it alters your neural pathways setting you in the right direction from your dreams to manifest.

This can be rocket fuel for any spiritual practice.

Moon magic - thirteen breath make space, inhale and exhale cycle

“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”―Ming-Dao Deng

The Shaman's Way

If you come to me as a victim I will not support you.

But I will have the courage to walk with you through the pain that you are suffering.

I will put you in the fire, I will undress you, and I will sit you on the earth.

I will bathe you with herbs, I will purge you, and you will vomit the rage and the darkness inside you.

Seek balance during the half-moon time. Too often we give out so much of ourselves, it is important to retreat to fill yourself up at this midpoint.

Join me for healing as we must also receive, seek balance at the half moon
Often we are so busy creating, crafting, coaching our dreams into being that we become ragged lost and confused. This is the halfway point to the full moon is a fabulous place to stop, take stock and receive the half moon’s healing blessings.
Half Moon Healing
1 question
+ Waxing Gibbous Moon work with this high energy moment before the full moon
5 lectures 29:40

While the moon has its own beautiful magic, any manifestation is actually an art, a process - it cannot happen on its own. Our most significant desires don’t merely arrive when we click our fingertips. They take time, and we must trust divine timing. The phases of the moon provide a natural framework to turn to over and over again empowering us to find peace and understanding in the unfolding of our lives.

The waxing gibbous moon

This is an amazing high energy moment, right before the full moon. It offers us deep perspective. With the lunar momentum building - waxing to its peak, things should start to feel like they are aligning. Therefore, this is the time to raise our energy in our life. Take action now on behalf of your intended desires. Pursue them with your whole heart.

Your introduction to working with the Waxing Gibbous moon

Waxing Gibbous:

When we get to this stage we start to feel the power of the full moon and the intentions of the new moon start to feel a reality. This is where the darkest part of the night starts to turn into the day

The meditation is the beautiful hill top where we lay on our back with a space next to us for spirit to come close and join us.

How to do a Waxing Gibbous meditation introduction

Waxing Gibbous Meditation:

This is a beautiful meditation where we sit on the top of a hill and invite spiritual loved ones to join us.

Join me in this Waxing Gibbous meditation

We are in the fourth moon phase. This phases begins on the 10th day after the Dark Moon and lasts until the 13th day after it. Patience is called for at this time. Look up and around to perceive the power of the Universe and allow it to take control - fall into its natural spell. Slow down to work with its pace and be the witness in your life. Observe the state in which your projects are. Analyse, relax, and plan your next move.

Develop patience and quietly wait. If you have started casting a spell during the previous moon phases, this is the time to sit tight and allow the Universe to do its job. This is a birth phase in which we don’t really have to do anything in particular. Use this time to get ready for the next phase.

If you receive or know there is something you need to clear or cleanse then try this protection or banishing spell. This is also a great time to do a quick dietary detox to prepare for the potency of the full moon.

Introduction to how and why we might do a waxing gibbous protection spell

I am inviting you to join me as it’s time to light four candles in a ceremony on your sacred altar. We are using this to symbolize the birth of a change or transformation or a protection that is desired to enter your life.

Candles represent a very powerful spiritual connection because the single act of lighting a candle is associated with all Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

Join me as together we perform a protection spell under the waxing gibbous moon
+ The Full Moon is the time to reap the opportunities from our new moon intentions
7 lectures 29:09

Full Moon Intro:

This is where we bath in the spiritual light form the moon, and celebrate the amazing energies that surround us and the manifestation of our intentions and spiritual journey.

This is a thanking meditation where we sit at the moon temple and absorb the amazing energy

Your introduction to working with the power of the full moon

Full Moon Meditation:

We visit the Moon Temple to call upon the powers of our guides and the energy of the moon. This is a very powerful meditation x

Join Julian in this manifestation Full Moon Meditation

There are plenty of ways to journey to set your magical intentions free to manifest!

Special events occur on full moon dates here from March to November along the coast of northern Western Australia, the Staircase to the Moon is a beautiful optical illusion. Only created when the full moon reflects on exposed mudflats at extremely low tide, it forms a magical staircase reaching up to the moon. It is a wonderful natural event to journey on the staircase to the moon.

Prepare for your journey - calling to the moon. Focus your attention on your intention and for a moment, picture the scene. There is a bountiful full moon rising from the ocean. You are standing on the edge of the water. The moonlight is shining across the water. There are gentle ripples so that the light shining across the water almost looks like a series of steps. This is the stairway to the moon. See yourself walking to the stairway across the water up into the space of the moon. That's how it might begin for you. While you're musing about that, allow the vision to flood your imagination, see your sacred body comfortable, swaying to its and the moon rhythm. Ask your spirit guides for assistance, blessing and protection for the journey up the amazing stairway to the moon. You are in the void, preparing to journey to the realm of the moon.

Always we journey with our spirit guides in love on the wings of the moonlight.

Instructions to get the most benefit from your full moon journey

Instructions For Your Full Moon Ceremony:

  1. One pillar candle - if you can (not essential) some essential oils - Myrrh, Cedarwood, Lavender are a beautiful heady mix for journeying and crafting. As the Prayer ends you will pour your essential oil mix into the candle wax pool. (Be aware it may fizz and hiss as the essential oils release).

  2. Beforehand prepare a small altar space for your full moon ceremony. Please note you can do this outside with the rising moon if weather permits. There will be an mp3 audio file for you to download.

  3. Have ONE short precise (5-10 words maximum) intention to propel your life purpose or new moon intention.

  4. Light your candle approximately 30 minutes before we begin - before moon rise is optimal.

  5. When you hear the music begin it is time to step into the Upper World - the music is your cue. It will be the same when you return - you will hear music and know it is time to return to your sacred space.

  6. Focus your attention on your intention as we set the scene to journey and spellcraft on this magical night of the full moon.

It is time to take up the gifts of our spiritual heritage, to acknowledge our own mastery and innocence, our own remembrance and readiness. We stand in the centre, in the Silence - listen Dadirri - that deep stillness within the stillness, here in our Sacred Space with our Spirit Guides, the Moon, the Stars and the Sun and the Earth dreaming with us, our spirit guides with us.

Join Sharon here a we together we perform a Full Moon Manifestation Journey

This is the most potent mystical, spiritual and explosive time of the month, we are here together and the moon is at its fullest.

Since times long past, full moons have been associated with influencing not only the tides but also human behaviour. This includes having massive effects on our relationships, finances and our happiness and general well-being.

Introduction to two full moon spells

Here is an effective full moon wishing spell:

Gather with your friends or alone under the full moon. I invite you to go outside with a glass of wine or juice of your choice. Gaze lovingly up at the full moon, feeling her moonbeams pouring into you and tell her in detail what you wish, visualising the wish coming true. When you are ready; gaze up to the full moon, raise your glass in a toast to the moon goddess and say, with more visualisation of the wish coming to being:

''Lunar Goddess, look and see

This goblet that I offer thee,

It is yours for all you do

Gracious one of silver hue.''

How to perform an effective wishing spell under the full moon

Join me as we head out under the full moon to perform a ring manifestation spell. This spell makes a moon ring which harnesses the moons power to assist you to manifest your intentions.

How to perform a full moon ring manifestion spell
+ The Waning Gibbous Moon calls us to be grounded and to reflect
5 lectures 33:58

The waning gibbous moon

After the full moon, while the light of the moon naturally begins to wane. It is time to consider what you need to let go of, to release. During this vital phase, we have space to reflect on what is holding us back from receiving our desired outcome. Listen closely to any energetic blockages or leaks holding you back from expressing your desired dreams. Embrace the ease of this magical time and simply let go of what’s blocking you from having what you want.

The waning gibbous moon asks us to both reflect letting go and to propel forward

Waning Gibbous:

This phase of the moon is where we truly give thanks to the divine and the amazing spiritual journey we are on we feel truly blessed and the need to say thank you and being anchored and grounded.

Waning Gibbous Introduction

Waning Gibbous Meditation:

We sit in the power and will ground ourselves with nature whilst performing a very power protection meditation. Giving us the grounding and strength to sit in the silence of the full moon just departed.

Join Julian in the wise Waning Gibbous Meditation to let with compassion

The energy of the Waning Moon asks us to let go. Here is a very simple ritual and let go of any negative situation.

This spell can be cast under a Waning Gibbous, Crescent or Last Quarter Moon as these lunar phases share one common quality of banishing or removal

Please gather:

  • Pen and paper

  • 1 white tealight candle

  1. Write on the paper what is currently bothering or what you want to remove from your life. It could be an emotion, a person bad habit, a symptom or a situation.

  2. Light your tealight candle in a safe place and place it either in a holder, a cauldron or on your table.

  3. Burn the paper if you are using a cauldron or similar vessel. OR leave the paper next to the candle. Meditate and once the candle has burned down, tear the paper into pieces and through it in the trash with the remains of your candle.

A gentle banishing spell to work with of the waning phases of the moon

We embark on a soul restorative living ceremony to expand our hearts. We wish to become healing lights reflecting the wisdom teaching of the moon. Together we embrace the subtle changes that are taking place as we work deeply with the moon.

I invite you to journey into the soul-animated reality, to the waning gibbous moon. Now, close your eyes. Relax deeply. Letting go. Relaxing. You are receiving moon rays of life-affirming light, for empowered living.

Join Sharon on a journey to a soul restorative living ceremony
+ The Last Quarter Moon (Half Moon) can sometimes be seen as the conflict moon
5 lectures 33:50

Last Quarter Intro:

This is the penultimate phase and we need to find the energies and emotions we now know we don’t need to move forward and let them go.

Intro Julian

Last Quarter Meditation:

This is a beautiful waterfall cleansing meditation, where we visit the rainbow waterfall and get presented with our own crystals. A perfect way to balance your chakra's get rid of any stale or negative energy and get ready to start the phases all over again.

Last Quarter Meditation

A Moon Ritual for Last Quarter Magic

You will need one candle and one small crystal or pebble or shell, aromatherapy oil helps but is not essential.

  • Light or diffuse an essential oil in your favourite oil disperser (please note this is not essential - it simply adds to the ambiance). Cypress, Lavender and Frankincense work very well with this moon phase. If you don’t burn oils maybe some fresh herbs or flowers from your garden to bring the gentle scents of nature to nurture your spirit.

  • Awaken the power of this dedicated and resourceful Moon with the following chant. Repeat it three times: “Oh Moon high up in the sky, you shine and pour your light down through me, help me feel renewed”

I had to re-record the spell as the sound was very bouncy! Sorry, my lips don't quite sync!

Join Sharon in a gentle Moon Ritual to bring in last quarter magic

Too often we rely on technology for our answers rather than the wisdom of nature and wisdom that resides in our hearts. As the moon wanes we are called to see that we are nature, and when we connect with the cycles of nature and tune into the harmony of natures rhythm we find peace. Live in the flow and you will truly live. Cycling with the moon makes this an easy thing to accomplish.

Living in the flow of the sacred last quarter (half moon balance)

This Quarter Moon time is rarely a dramatic event. It is a little bit sneaky that way. This moon arrives on a bed of subtlety and often slips softly as moonlight into our lives, changing the tempo through more subtle means. Look for the new rhythm in critical or uncooperative people, things naturally not flowing with ease. Look at things that make you feel sad, angry or maybe lonely. It is a bit like an annoying little itch. If we are not paying attention is easy to miss these subtle moments as personal change timers. That's why most of us feel at odds or a little bit itchy in the feet at these Moon Quarters and wonder why the same problems keep happening to us again and again.

"Moon phases help us decide our wise next steps. Whatever occurs at the Quarter Moons, we're invited to see it as two forces in conflict. Something wants to move; something else resists. This tension seeks its release in change, involving struggle, or assertive and decisive action." - Dana Gerhardt

Join Sharon in this last Quarter Meditation. You can do it as a shamanic journey
+ The Waning Crescent Moon is calling us to start our active withdrawal
6 lectures 33:06

As the moon retreats in our skies, the old cycle ends and the new one is near. This is a time to withdraw from the world, rest and renew yourself to let go of all that no longer serves you. This is a great time to think things over, and complete anything remaining. Think of what you need to let go, such as projects, relationships that are no longer serving you or that you have lost interest in, as you prepare for new seeds with the start of the next cycle.

Welcome to the Waning Moon - a time to surrender and see the mystery that we are

We are afraid that if we let go of the consciousness of our agendas, dreams, stories, desires and wants, then things will not happen, focus will be lost, and outcomes not achieved. This is because we believe that we are responsible for holding things together, gripping so tightly that we can no longer see. Yet you are being given the opportunity to let go at this special moon phase. Let go of this responsibility. Become mysterious to yourself.

How to let go and become mysterious to yourself

Waning Crescent:

This is where we sit in the beauty of the darkness and breath a deep breath in the delight that all that went behind us and all that is going in front of us.

This is also an important time to sit and listen to the subtle messages from spirit.

Waning Crescent Introduction Julian

Waning Crescent Meditation:

This powerful but very subtle meditation will allow you to sit in the energy of the moon when it is at one of its dark moments and enjoy the feeling of honesty and love.

Waning Crescent Meditation

How this ritual spell works:

Prepare by gathering one white candle and a box of matches. Other tools you may wish to use include a wand or athame (witches sword). Please note - I am NOT asking you to purchase these, your index finger will work just fine.

The bonds that we establish with others be they friends, lovers, work colleagues have a power that spreads far beyond the physical plane. Did you know that there are invisible cords? They appear as tendrils or threads that are energetic bonds are created between two or more people. These cords are continually transmitting information, emotions and many other energies.

These energetic cords are most potent when we share a close intimate bond with another. They are powerful because they link our auras in a chakra-to-chakra connection. Be aware that they can enter through different parts of the body - they do not confine themselves to our main chakra areas.

Join me is this powerful ritual spell to cut cords and remove all energetic bonds that no longer serve you.

A guided spell to cut and clear all energetic bonds introduction

Please join me here as I demonstrate how to work with a simple Cord Cutting Ritual. This works to effectively remove the energetic bonds that tie us to situations, places or people.

You will need one white candle, matches to light the candle and an athame or wand (optional) so that you can cut spiritual cords and other psychic energies. Please note the athame and wand are not necessary, I am NOT asking you to go and purchase these. You can use your index finger just as effectively. Other substitutes include a letter opener, a table knife, a piece of wood for a wand.

Join Sharon in how to do a guided spell to cut and clear all energetic bonds
The moon allows us to add another dimension of energy to our spiritual practice and our meditations will ensure that we are harmonising with the moon giving us the best chance to develop. This assignment will help both of us truly understand the experiences from within.
Moon Meditation Assignment
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