Learn Shamanic Journeying to the Lower, Middle, Upper Worlds
4.7 (351 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,523 students enrolled

Learn Shamanic Journeying to the Lower, Middle, Upper Worlds

Discover shamanism journeying to the lower, middle and upper worlds to awaken your transformative, powerful potential.
4.7 (351 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,523 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Develop the core foundational practice and skill in shamanism to take a Shamanic journey to the “Upper,” “Middle” and “Lower Worlds,” and have an understanding which one you should access at different times and situations.
  • If you're already a healer in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) you'll be able to quickly apply and integrate these rituals in your own life and work with them to provide healing to others.
  • Receive a Shamanic Journeying to the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds Certificate upon completion from me
  • How to approach your health differently discovering new ways to take care of your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical life
  • Discover why shamanism is relevant today, and how it can be bridged into modern-day life to improve all aspects of life.
  • Create the foundations for effective, safe intentional spiritual shamanic journeying that you can apply for a lifetime as you awaken more fully to the sacred dimension and start to live and breathe the spirit of love and beauty in your daily life.
  • Identify wounds that you may not be aware of and have the ability begin to heal them for self-discvery. Perceive through your heart and mind at the same time, access information from other levels of reality, and experience a deeper communion with nature, dissolving your sense of separation.
  • Connect with your spirit teachers & other guides, unseen allies who you can continue to access for advice, healing and support
  • Become more embodied, whole and empowered, living in greater attunement with your body and the needs of those around you
  • Perceptual seekers wishing to use Shamanic journeying to see through your hearts and minds at the same time, experiencing a deeper communion with nature, which dissolves your sense of separation.
  • Awareness of the pathway of a shaman is desirable however this course is in stages and can be applied by newcomers as easily as the more experienced person

Discover the ONLY Shamanic Journeying course on Udemy that teaches you how to journey into the Upper, Middle and Lower worlds and how to work with them effectively for self-empowerment with Udemy's pioneering top-selling instructor Sharon Ramel

  • Sharon offers you a certificate by request for free at the end of this course.

The Shamanic Journey is the number one tool of shamans. It’s a form of trance, which allows us to travel between dimensions to retrieve knowledge. Join me in this step-by-step system of spiritual practise that’s distilled from cultures around the world and delivered in a form that you can easily apply in your life.

The Health Benefits Of Shamanic way of living and healing: You will be working toward rebuilding your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. You will be able to think clearer, sleep better, feel better, and feel fewer negative emotions.

You can learn how to do a shamanic journey. Here is what others are saying about "How to do a Shamanic Journey to Lower, Middle, Upper Worlds"

“Thank you again Sharon for a deeply transforming course. I look forward to taking all of your courses. Your teaching style and content are engaging, ethical and life-altering”.  Mary-Ann  2019

“This course allowed me to see visually what I have read about and gave me a structure for creating my own practice”. - Deborah 2019

“This course has allowed me to go deeper into the journey of the path of light in shamanism. It is a great course which I would recommend to everyone who is on their spiritual path to enlightenment. The knowledge of the tutor is nothing less than brilliant”. Nelash 2019

"This course is fantastic, the best I have taken on Udemy. The teacher is so completely sincere and loving, the information is wonderful. I have read many books on Shamanism but none of them come close to this instructor's teaching. She is really gifted. One of the unique aspects of this course is the creation of a sacred circle including all the course participants, giving a sense of community and love. I would highly recommend any course by Sharon Ramel". Jennifer - 2019

Shamanic journeying is the art of using intention and rhythm to enter into an altered state of consciousness. Once here we connect with the spiritual dimension of reality. Gain skills learning how to access the ancient calling of the shamanic journey — a foundational practice of shamanism and the key to developing and deepening your relationship with your own power animals, spirit guides, and helpers. They will inform and guide you through life’s various pathways helping you to choose the best life for you.

  • Imagine you have access to your own helping spirits, devoted to your healing, growth and evolution. They can provide you with excellent knowledge about how to navigate essential areas of your life — from career to love to discover your highest purpose - why you incarnated this lifetime.

  • Imagine you have a connection to your ancestors, who can pour their blessings into your daily life.

  • And, imagine you can cultivate new capacities and virtues and, from compassion to courage, empowered by your own helping spirit allies.

None of this requires a massive leap of imagination - this is a simple truth. This ability is available right now to each and every one of us to discover.

Discover how to employ this vital skillset for your self-fulfilment and to share this with your family, friends and community all whilst developing your own unique spiritual pathway. This skill is the shaman's practise of journeying

You may have thought this course was unreachable living in the midst of your super busy life, with no funds nor the time to travel to a  rainforest or mountain retreat centre, all so far away, expensive and impossible given where you are right now. However, in our virtual sacred space, everything is possible.

By the end of this shamanic journeying course you will know how to:

  1. Access hidden dimensions, unseen allies and healing wisdom for your life and our world.

  2. How to open your heart and expand your mind to experience the sacredness of life.

  3. How to harness your ability to understand the underlying causes of physical and emotional illness — both in yourself and others — and to bring balance and maybe heal those imbalances at a spiritual level.

  4. How to gain access to a team of helping compassionate spirits, devoted to your healing, growth and evolution, they can provide you with information on how to navigate important areas of your life — from career to love to fulfil your greatest purpose.

  5. See your direct connection to your ancestors who walk with you pouring their blessings into you once you open to their wisdom.

  6. Cultivate new capacities and virtues, from compassion to courage, empowered by your helping spirit allies.

  7. Discover a skill that, once learned, could help you to live a magical enchanted life – where you are connected to the universe and your sense of purpose?

  8. How to leave behind negatively, struggling and thinking that life is so hard.

  9. Radically transform how you hold power and connect through your heart.

  • How To Approach This Course:

    It is ideal to commit to a schedule, add the same time into your calendar each week to watch one section at a time. Please complete all videos, read the PDF's and answer any assignments that help you to deepen your practice. Watch the video or listen to the audio, and practice the ceremonial aspects. Contemplate your growing practice. It is a great idea to review and to listen again and practice again from your emerging new awareness.

    Weekly is ideal. However, it may work better for you to take longer in between each section. The same is true of the opposite you may watch several parts at a time. This is your sacred journey.

    When a ceremony, teaching or practice touches you deeply or brings you to a new revelation or breakthrough, gift yourself an opportunity to pause and explore your experience

This is a step-by-step method of spiritual healing practice. A practice that will become unique to you as you gain experience. This spiritual healing self-improvement programme I am offering you has been distilled from many cultures around the world that I have been privileged to immerse myself in. I deliver it to you in an easy to grasp format so you may work with the information straight away. Whether you are new to the shamanic pathway or have been practising for some time there is something here for you.

  • If you like to learn on the go or while you are commuting then dive in - get the theory side done so that when you have little more time you can journey away into the other realms. Please do not journey whilst driving!

  • Discover profound ways to personal development by accessing your own amazing sources of spiritual healing, inner wisdom and healing intelligence. 

  • This course will assist you to navigate the many challenges life throws you.

  • Instead of feeling helpless, you will feel more confident and capable of meeting the challenges life brings. 

  • Gain access to amazing true wise allies, from beloved ancestors known and unknown, power animals and archetypal guides gifting deep spiritual healing.

  • Connect with our spiritual community through ceremonies that are rejuvenating, healing, and fun - for fun is also essential!

  • Discover how to enter into shamanic journeys that are both well protected and open-hearted.

Join me today as I have trained over 44, 000 people around the world in core spirituality and self-improvement, knowing, and skills for personal use; sharing and working with clients professionally. You are in loving, safe hands when you choose to enter this initiatory self-improvement path with me. Through this powerful online format, you’ll not only save time and money on workshop costs (plus travel, accommodations and meals — which would cost thousands of dollars). You’ll also be able to benefit from teachings and practices from the comfort of your home — at your own pace!

What's Inside:

  1. Your introduction to this dynamic masterclass

  2. How to do a shamanic journey, welcome seekers of light.

  3. Together we create sacred altar space in the crystalline realms

  4. Let’s create our crystal pyramid sacred altar room

  5. How to journey to the lower world to discover your power animal

  6. How to journey to the upper world to meet your guardian spirits

  7. How to journey to the middle world to meet the elementals

  8. Create your heart dreams and establish healthy life outcomes

  9. How to ignite the power of forgiveness transforming your words and thoughts

  10. Directly experience your inner light as a shaman

Together We Will Create A Sacred Virtual Community to Serve Us And All Who Stand Here With Us

I will be here guiding, initiating and teaching you all here is our sacred community. Each of you has a responsibility as a co-creator. The nature of co-created ritual is one where every person brings their consciousness, commitment, love and full intention in our sacred spiritual space for personal development and group elevation. And together we raise our vibrations into a greater, more powerful ritual that can be done alone.  You are already here in our sacred space.

We are actively seeking to go beyond the teacher model. We are all here discovering with each other

  • Shamanic journeying requires very active participation rather than a passive “patient” or “client”.  You are invited to actively participate; practising the skills of co-creation within our sacred group and that, in turn, offers profound self-improvement for everyone who joins.

  • Everyone here will be working on your behalf to support your health, spiritual wellbeing and success. This is deep spiritual healing that we create together as one breath, one heartbeat.

  • Experience has shown that our physical presence is not required for spiritual healing and transformation to take place. Indeed, With the power of voice, drumming, prayer, our community opens no matter our location. This makes the internet a very powerful portal to work with.

  • As you experience this you’ll not only benefit from their direct transformational power but also gain insights into how you can activate similar fields with your loved ones and community.

Shamanic practices are not for the liberation of just one person, they are for the sacred spiritual healing of entire communities. Your healing becomes the healing of those you love as you gain skill and experience in shaman pathways practice.

This visual state-of-the-art transformational spiritual healing programme engages you in the core essential practise of Shamanic Journeying.  It will assist you in accessing the unseen allies and hidden dimensions that are here offering help for us all. Along this ancient but new pathway, you will discover great wisdom and spiritual healing power that you may integrate into every aspect of your life. Shamanism to a pathway of direct revelation. It can bring us all home to our highest self; assisting all of the beings present in our wonderful world as together we are fostering a soul-aligned way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits all. I bow humbly before you as your guide in this sacred way.

What others are saying about this course experience.

“Having had and done Shamanic Journeying a lot in the past it is awesome to see another approach to it. I find this course refreshing and very enjoyable :) Thank you for allowing me the privilege of taking this course with you!” Nia

“Wow, I’m very impressed with how connected Sharon is. I could feel myself diving inward during the sample drumming on the third video. It takes a skilled drummer to get me to relax and go inward.” Jordan

"Sharon holds nothing back. An example of how we all should be when it comes to sharing, our truth, a truth. Journeying is a shamanic practice to heal ourselves and the world. If you use ritual, be it with drums, plants, music, to visit realms and receive guidance from teachers, allies, guides, you will surely be rewarded and continue the old ways. I commend her for her comfortable demeanor, these topics are not understood by the mainstream and are usually difficult to communicate and transfer, Sharon does so with confidence, joy and ease. Aho" - Calvin

“Great course! I really enjoyed the content and this course definitely has improved my confidence and experience regarding journeying and really meditation in general. Will be one I return to for inspiration and guidance until I grow into my own self.” Jessica

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 - $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.

As you know Udemy offers you a certificate of completion at the end of this course. However, I am happy to offer you a certificate of completion for any course of mine that you complete. Please ONLY message me through Udemy when you have completed the course. Note - I will not answer any requests for this outside of Udemy as I need to verify that you have completed the course!

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Who this course is for:
  • Healer's in any modality (eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, etc) you'll be able to quickly apply and integrate these rituals in your own life and work with them to provide healing to others.
  • If you are looking to begin studying shamanism this is an ideal course for you as shamanic journeying in a core foundational practice.
  • Are you willing to approach your health differently discovering new ways to take care of your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical life
  • Seekers looking to work with Shamanic journeying to understand the causes of illness — both in yourself and others — and to heal those imbalances at a spiritual level
  • All who wish to awaken more fully to the sacred dimension and for self improvement and to breathe the spirit of love and beauty in your daily life?
  • A willingness to embrace Shamanic journeying to enhance your lifestyle and personal development
  • This course took over four months to produce, drawing on all of Sharon's global shamanic experiences. A range of additional course materials is also provided that will make this Shamanic Journeying Masterclass course useful, fascinating and fun.
Course content
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+ Your Shamanic Journey Begins, Welcome Seekers of Light.
6 lectures 28:34

Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to humankind. It is a universal practice. It has been practiced all over the world in Siberia, throughout Central Asia, Africa, Australia, throughout Europe, the America's and the islands that abound. In the beginning, learn the pathway to journey - be very deliberate about it. Learn the path to our altar room. Learn the path back, and that's going to help you establish your way into the transcendent realms.

Preview 04:27

Since some of you have been  with me before and some of you may be brand new, please allow me a few minutes to get everyone on the same page so we can ensure that you all have what you need to take best advantage of this course. 

For all technical difficulties please contact Udemy or look through their support pages as many of your questions will be answered there.

This course is divided into sections - please do not skip ahead  as it builds like stepping.

Some of you are new to journeying. How to journey and navigate the platform.

We are here together as one heart connected to the one heartbeat of our Earth mother. Those of you who know me well understand that this is central to our being at peace as knowing we are deeply connected to everything that is a part of the wonder filled world we live in.

Your Shamanic Journeying accidentally starts here as you are about to meet someone very special to me..

Preview 06:12
Here we are together as one heartbeat, Without warning (well you had a little clue) I invited you to join me and meet not only each other but a very important Guide in Ishlar.
I Threw You In
1 question

I have the honour of my helping spirits who have taught me how to try not to escape what was going on but to stay present, no matter what is happening. Plus they have gifted me the tools of how to work through whatever was happening in my life - be that a great challenge or a delicious desire. Everybody on the planet today is given the same tools - on our journey together we will reconnect with these sacred tools.

Guidance From My Guides To Assist You Into Your First Shamanic Journey

It's really important to understand that shamans work in the invisible realms. That is where their work happens. The true Shamanic Journey is a way of life.

Be Still And Begin To Open Your Senses To Gain Full Entry to Shamanic Journeying

The shamanic journey must be approached with your 100% focus. Any less and you are missing the wealth and richness of the experience. This is an easy exercise to draw you into the 'right' space to journey. 

How to begin? Simply start by receiving some deep breaths because we want to smooth out our energy, keep breathing. Breathing is a way to help you come to centre. It's a way to help you come to a place of balance.

Preview 07:27
In order to journey deeply and receive the benefits it is essential we leave our cluttered minds, the day to day tussles behind. The exercise you have just gone through gifts you easy ways to achieve this
Primary Senses Awakening
2 questions
+ Introduction for everyone who is new to the shamanic journeying process.
8 lectures 38:13

We  all have to start somewhere! Some of you are new to shamanism and have never heard about a shamanic journey never lone taken one before. This section is specifically here for you to give you enough information to come with confidence into the journeying realms. Shamanic Journeys are a core practice of shamanism practiced globally. There are commonly three worlds we speak about - the lower, middle and upper world.

Introduction for Everyone Who is New to the Shamanic Journeying Process.

Shamans commonly called empty reeds or  hollow bones as they focus and they open up and allow the power of the universe flow through them - what they see they see - they do not try to force or anticipate an outcome. When you begin to prepare for a shamanic journey bring all of you to the altar of respect.

How to prepare, it is Essential to Effectively Perform a Shamanic Journey

This exercise if to assist you to focus your attention, as you must be fully engaged in order to undertake a shamanic journey. It is not about zoning out - it is about tuning in.

Exercise; Flickering Flame Focus To Attune Your Attention to Shamanic Journeying
You were asked to merge yourself with the candle wick and flame in order to bring some focused attention into being. When we journey to the other realms we do so intentionally fully aware with awakened heightened senses attuning to the energies that are present.
Flickering Flame Exercise
2 questions

There are three worlds that are commonly spoken about when we talk about Shamanic Journeying. Whether you're talking to a shaman in Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas. They are - the lower world, the middle world, the upper world. These worlds are referred to as the dream time, , the other realms, the hidden universes, the invisible realms, the nonordinary realms.

Shamanic Journeying is a core practice throughout the world.

Preview 04:25

Taking a Shamanic Journey - indeed all aspects of engaging with Shamanism is a discipline. You're going to want to learn how to set aside times of the day when it is important, where you take the time away from other activities to really focus on your shamanic journey.

It's a very sacred ceremony

"Be fully conscious of each thought, intention, and action. Take care to make them positive and healing." - Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Discover that Shamanism Is A Discipline

Here we are going to discover the basics of actually how to journey into the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world. I am going to do guided shamanic journeys to get you started. I will actually take you on a pathway, talk you through a way in. 

However when you're on your own, you'll be finding your own access ways into the lower, middle and upper world so that you can conduct your very own successful revealing shamanic journey.

How Do I Do A Shamanic Journey part A?

Here we are going to discover the basics of actually how to journey into the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world. I am going to do guided shamanic journeys to get you started. I will actually take you on a pathway, talk you through a way in. 

However when you're on your own, you'll be finding your own access ways into the lower, middle and upper world so that you can conduct your very own successful revealing shamanic journey.

How Do I Do A Shamanic Journey part B?

Sometimes is is tricky to know what to ask our guiding allies when we are embarking on a shamanic journey. Here are a few quick tips to assist you.

Focus your attention on your intention to successfully enter into a shamanic journey.

Questions to Ask Your Power Animal or Guiding Spirits on a Shamanic Journey
+ Together We Create Sacred Altar Space In The Crystalline Realms
3 lectures 17:18

Together we will create a sacred crystalline pyramid shaped altar space that we may journey to for help and guidance - this is an important part of our work globally. This is a spiritual place where we can come together and visit at any time.

Healing pyramids are perfect to channel and amplify our intentions. Use them as a meditation focal point and for manifestation practices. Pyramids are ancient sacred geometry used for centuries in healing they have powerful energies that bring well being and healing into our daily life.

Together we will engage in group ceremony in the other worlds, we will be creating a sacred crystalline altar for our group to visit throughout this course and beyond. Your talents, gifts and strengths that you bring into this circle are honoured.

  • Create a community crystal pyramid altar in the non-ordinary realms where we may visit and share blessings and support

  • Place your personal requests for prayers and blessings for yourself, others and the planet on our altar

Our Altar Is Going To Be Created

Where we live there is a crystalline grid above us that was created by a group of amazing spirit beings I call light warriors - they have been helping me for some time, within it I have created a sacred altar with a divine pyramid above.  We are going to actually go into a shamanic journey, however it's going to be a very different kind of journey. We are going to go together and create our sacred altar space.

How to Prepare to Enter Our Sacred Altar Space

How to perform this? Start simply with your breath. Breathe with me as you imagine your heart opening up in love as we come together to transform, to feel love from each other, and to feel compassion for each other and to inspire us. J

And through intention, allow your imagination take you from the room that you're journeying in right now presently and let your heart follow me into a special place in the invisible realms. Don't think about it. Just follow me and enter into the crystal pyramid. Our pyramid extends up high through to the stellar realms and is mirrored below. There is a sacred doorway - enter and you will be blessed by light beings who tend this sacred space.

How to do a Shamanic Journey to our Sacred Altar Space
Through intention, your imagination took you from the room that you were in journeying into our crystal pyramid altar space in the invisible realms. Opening your heart into the beautiful love filled sacred space. Come here at any time to leave offerings in the prayer bowls, or simply be.
Journey to our crystal pyramid altar space
2 questions
+ A Lower World Shamanic Journey to Meet Your Guardian Spirit or Power Animal
5 lectures 28:58

We have a "we are one" opening meditation to welcome in and start to activate the power of our community gathering together to perform shamanic work. She’ll introduce you to the shamanic journey and how the helping spirits in the invisible realms can provide guidance and healing in your life.

During this section:

  • Discover how to let go of your daily activities and leave your ordinary thoughts behind.
  • Deepen your experience of shamanic journeying via movement, drum, rattles and more to open fully
  • Meet a helping spirit in the “Lower World”
  • Experience the exponential creative and healing power of working in community
  • Discover how to journey on your own between course sessions

    Your Overview To Perform A Shamanic Journey to the Lower Worlds

    Part of the preparation work is about welcoming helping spirits and also welcoming everybody in our community also. Shamanic Journeying is a pathway of direct revelation. However we must all respect and come together as one breath. breathing in and out, allowing yourself to fully come back into centre and balance; opening up your heart.

    How to Perform the “We Are One Ceremony” to Come Together

    This is a quick overview of travelling the shamanic way to the lower worlds. There are two different levels here - one for those new to this sacred work and a more challenging assignment for the more experienced practitioners here.

    A Quick Introduction on how to to Journeying to the Lower World
    • Shamans decide when they're going to take a journey. They don't just slip into a journey at any given time - it is always a conscious decision. 
    • There are many ways other than journeying that we may communicate with our helping spirit friends.
    • Never perform a shamanic journey for anyone else unless you have obtained their permission beforehand.
    • Two bonus drumming tracks for you to use during out time here together to extend your shamanic journey time
    Your introduction to Shamanic Journeying Etiquette

    Right here are now we're going on a shamanic journey to meet a power animal in the lower world. Open up all your senses as you desire hear, feel, see, taste and smell. In the beginning you might notice that you hear messages from your helping spirits, or some of you might be a little bit more visual or some of you might get a feeling in your bones. 

    As you become your experienced with the process of shamanic journeying you will really want to make sure that you open up all your senses and go deeply into the journey so that you are experiencing it on all levels.

    Exercise: Join Me In A Shamanic Journey to the Lower World. I will guide you
    Preparation work is something that you need to do on your own. Practice your journeying to the lower world through the week using the instructions that were given to you in the video. Set your intention before beginning your journey. In a least one of these journeys set a 'healing intention' for you
    Lower World Journey
    2 questions
    + Join us in a Shamanic Journey to a Teacher in the Upper World
    5 lectures 58:51

    Together we shall journey to the upper world - we are wishing to meet a spirit guide in human form. Please understand that our power animals, helping guardians, compassionate spirits exist in the lower, upper and middle worlds. It is simply expediency that has called me to place power animals in the lower world, guiding spirits in human for in the upper world.

    How to come Together In Focused Preparation Before Journeying To The Upper World

    Join me as I rattle us into the upper imaginal realms to journey to meet a compassionate human form teacher/guide. Here we will ask for healing a blockage or dis-ease that maybe manifest in our human body. Shamanic Journeys are a powerful way to receive messages that are unique for you. Try not to compare your journey and messages with others - they are unique to you - they are for you to discover the signs and signals you are receiving.

    For many of you this journey will not feel long enough. Understand that you may return over and over and over to deepen and continue your relationship with your guide and the healing. There are many spiritual unique gifts that the spirit world it wishing to share with you.

    This is a unique initiation in to realms of spirit guides and helpers.

    Join Us In A Shamanic Journey To The Upper World. Your how to get their guide.
    Try a few deepening practices plus continue and work with our crystal pyramid altar in the hidden realms. Try a rattling journey, and really tune in and notice the effects of the healing ceremony over time, remembering that the effects might be subtle.
    Deepening Your Shamanic Journey Experience
    1 question

    Many years ago working with a local psychic Cliff Rollins; i was introduced to the power of virtual altar spaces using a pyramid soaring high into the stratosphere and its mirror image reaching down into the molten core of our Earth Mother. Shamanic journeying is a rich pathway of direct revelation. Enjoy the sacred peace within.

    Our Sacred Virtual Crystal Altar is real, some Encouragement

    In the journey to our sacred crystal pyramid altar we will form two circles around our altar. The outer circle will be conduits for healing - you may dance, drum, rattle, chant. The inner circle will simply receive the healing and transmit it out to our Earth mother and all who need it - again - simply be open and receive. This is a powerful introduction on how to conduct a remote healing via a spirit guide/power animal.

    Preparation on how to do the Healing Crystal Altar Journey

    This in a wonderful shamanic journey to our pyramid crystal altar room. You will receive healing from our friends in the transcendent realms. You will each experience a deepening in your ability to work as a conduit or vessel. This is a great gift to enable as you can them tap into the universal healing wisdom that is available for us to work with. I often ask my guides to perform healing on others - especially remotely. They always understand what the person in need actually needs at any given time.

    Discover this Deep Healing Shamanic Journey to our Pyramid Crystal Altar Room
    + How to Weave the Sacred With our Elemental Spiritual Allies
    6 lectures 53:08

    Right now let us focus on our sacred breath. Receive a breath from the universe and begin to focus your attention on your intention. We will be journeying to the middle world in a short while. Already we choose to set the desire to leave the distractions of our day to day life behind. We join our hearts and hands here in sacred time.

    Connect with the unseen forces and the amazing spiritual allies in nature. This has the ability to improve your health and wellbeing. Together we shall journey into the invisible realm of the Middle World: we shall discover an element - earth, air, water or fire - that can be a healing ally for you when you open your heart to the possibilities that Arte everywhere waiting for you.

    Your Quick Introduction how to Begin Focusing Your Attention on your Intention

    Sometimes we need a little re-assurance that we are doing it right. This is a human need - especially in our 'instant fix ask google world'. I am asking you to trust your intuition, your instincts allow them to guide you. Y.our shamanic journey is yours - the signs, signals, messages in their various forms are for you to interpret

    How to Honour Your Shamanic Journey Try Not To Compare Your Journeys to Others

    It is tempting to do a Google search to find out the meanings of our spiritual messages from our various guides however you may miss the point completely if you follow the interpretation of others. Whilst these guides maybe useful - turn inside as shamanism is a pathway of direct revelation. Grow and nurture your seed messages for true spiritual growth. Shamanic journeying is a very powerful way to connect with your guides in all realms of being.

    How to Look Within For The Messages That Are Here For You

    Join me in a brief rattle journey as we uncover the mystery and magic of the middle world. Open into the wonders as they present themselves to you. We shall discover an element to journey with either  earth, air, fire or water  - you will discover that your elemental healing ally for you when you open your heart to the possibilities that are everywhere waiting for you.

    A Rattle Blessing To Work With In Preparation To Journeying To The Middle World

    There is an element waiting for you here in the middle world as journey into the wonder and wealth of it all. Will it be earth, air, fire or water? Be open to whom ever presents. Maybe they will offer you a healing - be ready and let us move forward.

    • Engage in a shamanic journey to meet one of the elements (earth, air, water or fire) to work with as a helping ally

    • Receive a healing from this ally of you are ready and absorb its power

    • Discover how you can experience a Middle World journey to meet a rock, crystal, plant, tree so you may connect and communicate with the elemental spirits we find everywhere in nature. (NB I have a faery shamanism course that dives deep into some of the extraordinary hidden folk.)

    How to do a Journey to the Middle World Connecting with the Elements

    Connect with the unseen forces and the amazing spiritual allies in nature. This is an advanced practice that takes us from our m we are working in to outsider in nature. This journey has the ability to improve your health and wellbeing. Together we shall discover an element - earth, air, water or fire - that can be a healing ally for you when you open your heart to the possibilities that are everywhere waiting for you.

    An Advanced how to Practice With Nature & Weaving the Sacred Into the Ordinary
    In shamanic cultures the four directions; South, West, North and East are honoured, every culture has a different way of honouring them. The directions of below, above and within are directions too. Journey to work with one of the directions and create your own invocation to honour them.
    Work With The Four Directions To Create Your Own Sacred Opening Ceremony
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    + It Is Time To Create Our Heart Dreams And Establish Healthy Life Outcomes
    9 lectures 01:20:27

    In this section we will discover how to distinguish between what your ego desires and what your spirit is leading you toward. Together we will use our imagination to dream into being a good life for ourselves and for all of creation. And we will end this section with an amazing fire ceremony travelling out from our crystal pyramid altar room.

    Introducing How To Create Heartfelt Dreams For Healthy Outcomes

    Discover the difference between what your ego desires and what your spirit is leading you toward. Ecstatically embody shamanic journeying for success - this is not a movie you are watching. This embodiment can take in the present that will lead you to your desired outcome as you fully not partially engage with the process. Understand that what you are dreaming into being is real

    How to work with Ecstatic Embodiment to Gain the Most from Shamanic Journeying
    • Explore ways to change your daydreams to create the life you desire for yourself and for the health of the planet

    • Recover a lost dream you would like to retrieve and nurture through a guided journey to the Cave of Lost Dreams

    • Experience how the universe and the creative forces of life love you, so you understand that you deserve the best that life has to offer

    • Gather the power of community and perform a virtual fire ceremony to call in personal and collective dreams

    Three Journey Intentions To Choose From to Change Your Daydreams

    In this video we will journey you have one of three intentions that you may wish to journey with. Please ensure you have focused your attention and have your intention clear before we begin. Take the mantra from the assignment into your heart and all will unfold in perfect trust for you.

    1. You can simply go and ask a helping spirit to discuss, what would be a good dream for me to work with in the ceremony tonight and in my practice on dreaming? And discuss it with them.

    2. You can journey to your future self and also to a helping spirit to look from the future back on your life now and to discuss a possible dream you can manifest.

    3. You can go into the Cave of Lost Dreams with your future self and with your helping spirit to recover a lost dream. A dream that you may have buried or forgotten, or maybe it is a dream that you never felt confident that you could manifest. 

    Journey To Discover The Dreams The Dreams That Are Your Birthright.

    We are exploring ways to change your dreams and your daydreams to create the life you desire for yourself and for the health of the planet. A very effective way in to fine tune each of your senses - this gifts to access to a richer world of being. Another beautiful way to to work in the pause or the void/darkness - where everything vibrates richly in the time just before creation.

    • Experience how the universe and the creative forces of life love you, so you understand that you deserve the best that life has to offer

    Explore How to Dream Effectively in Different Ways

    We are preparing to gather the power of our global community and perform a virtual fire ceremony. Together we will be calling in personal and collective dreams. You have a PDF explaining how to craft a prayer tie - you can make one or many if you wish or simply take a tie from our virtual altar space.

    How to perform a Fire Ceremony Tips

    Join us as we journey into our sacred crystal pyramid alter room. Together we sit and then choose a prayer tie. Weave your dream by blowing your intention into your tie. We go then to our fire ceremony blessed by the elements to weave our dream into being. This is shamanic journeying at its most powerful.

    Together we perform a Sacred Altar and Dreaming Fire Ceremony
    In shamanic journeys, we can go forward in time and backwards in time because we're journeying outside of time, we are not fixed in one point. Thus we can journey to our future self, our future self who could look back on our life now and can give suggestions back to the younger you.
    Three Possible Intentions to Dream Journey With
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    I thought this section was finished however I was asked to put in a quick journey to our ancestors - you can ask them for a healing, a seed dream. They are here for you - please journey with your power animal, elemental or spirit guide.

    I encourage you to do a series of journeys to learn about their stories, the stories of your ancestors and the gifts and the strengths that they gave you. 

    Perform a Journey To Our Ancestors To Heal and Dream with me as your guide.

    We bow humbly in gratitude for all the assistance we are given with our shamanic journeying, with our dreaming our lives into being.

    The important thing is to establish a feeling of friendship and rapport across the divide of time and place.

    Offering Gratitude For Assistance With Our Dreaming, Our Shamanic Journeying
    + How to Ignite The Power of Forgiveness Transforming Our Words And Thoughts
    7 lectures 01:19:11

    Discover the role our thoughts play and see them from a shamanic perspective. They see thoughts as form.

    It's important to recognise our thoughts and emotions and be aware of the effect they have—not only on each other, but also on our bodies, behaviour, and relationships.

    Discover How Shamans Perceive The Power Of Words and Work Effectively with them

    In this session will explore the concept of oneness - and how the shamanic teachings around the power of words and how the words we use create what we experience in our lives and in the world. You are invited to transform the energy behind your thoughts so you’re sending loving energies to yourself, your loved ones and to our divine Earth mother.

    How To Transmute Heavy Energy Part A

    Once again in this session will explore the concept of oneness - and how the shamanic teachings around the power of words and how the words we use create what we experience in our lives and in the world. You are invited to transform the energy behind your thoughts so you’re sending loving energies to yourself, your loved ones and to our divine Earth mother.

    How To Transmute Heavy Energy Part B

    Journey to release a limiting belief if one has already come to you or journey to identify a limiting factor that is holding you back from from using your creative potential. There is an audio only file of this shamanic journey here in the resources section.

    Journey With my guidance to Release a Limiting Belief
    When we forgive ourselves and others, we gift ourselves the ability to reprogram the toxic neural networks of our egoic brain; but in order to truly forgive, we must upgrade the programming that is the source of our limiting beliefs. Transformation through transmutation assists this process.
    Forgiveness - A Key To Heal
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    We are preparing as this is such a cathartic personal transformation journey for so many of us. Layers of deep buried issues often surface and need to be released for us to reach the light. Look at who you need to forgive (including yourself) and prepare here before we go on to perform a group fire ceremony where you will be supported by our sacred community to release limiting beliefs that block you from tapping into your true creative potential

    Preparation: How to do our Fire Ceremony Burn to away a Limiting Belief.

    Fire reads our hearts, together we journey to our Crystal Pyramid Altar room where we chose a fire stick to release a limiting though or belief into the stick and ultimately the fire outside.

    A Guided Powerful Fire Ceremony To Release A Limiting Belief

    Thank you for opening your hearts to journey to transform - to transmute, releasing limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Shamanic journeying is a pathway of direct revelation. Enjoy

    What A Journey! Releasing Is Key To Transformation
    + A Guided Discovery into the Power of Initiation Through Dismemberment
    8 lectures 01:17:10

    Sometimes our sense of identity is more tied up with our bodies than we think it is, this is a journey to release the trapped energies. We all carry old structures in our energy that keep us stuck. It is time to shake it all up and out! Discover how shamans view the “little deaths” we go through in life as well as the big deat after we receive our final breath from our life long friend the element of air, as we transcend at the end of our lives.

    What Is Dismemberment And Why Should I Do It?

    The transitions we go through in life are actually initiations or rites of passage that lead us into new stages of life. Spirit can be strong and can transform apparent death into rebirth through a dismemberment journey.

    A Little Bit More About The how and why's of Dismemberment

    My life was not on track - during it a fell into the Munay Ki and during these Rites was set on a series of spontaneous dismemberment journeys that literally scrubbed my bones and then my long term power animal wolf oversaw that I was re-membered and came back strong.

    My Spontaneous Dismemberment Journeys For Your Information

    Spirit know and is with us in more powerful ways than you could imagine. Open yourself up to be ready for this shamanic journey to will leave your cleansed in a way that shows you you are not your body.

    Before We Begin Our Dismemberment Journey ..... How to Prepare

    Every change you go through in life involves a letting go or if you like a death. In shamanism, death is not seen as an end but as a transition. The transitions you go through are actually initiations or rites of passage that lead us into new stages of life. Spirit can be strong and can transform apparent death into rebirth. Surrender blocking beliefs in order to get back to the core that is you.

    The Power of Initiation through a guided Dismemberment Journey

    For those of you who are becoming more confident here is a dismemberment shamanic journey and the re-member with an activation of your third eye when you are remembered.

    Experience this rich journey that includes disintegration of what ever you chose or is chosen by spirit, illumination of your third eye during the re-membering to assist you dissolve your sense of separation from oneness from Source and the wonder filled creative forces of the universe.

    Do a Dismemberment Shamanic Journey with a lot less of me!

    Everything is and has always been accessible and open to us. However we have forced ourself into a corner from where we can see no other way out than looking after number one. We have chosen a very limited interpretation of reality and that is why we often see nothing but limitation. This is why we engage in dismemberment to be remembered for our essence and to choose to live in that light.

    Post Dismemberment Journey Preparation to Travel Into The Light Matrix

    After our dismemberment ceremony - being stripped basic to whom we truly are - let us soothe our souls by entering into a light matrix ceremony where we simply enjoy the light and serve without the need for recognition.

    How to do a Light Matrix Guided Soothing Journey
    Dismemberment eventually leads to a rebirth to being re-membered; to new ways of being. The darkness which had seemed endless and impenetrable is at long last revealed to be simply a very difficult passage -- the proverbial tunnel, at the end of which is a brilliant, welcoming light.
    Service In The Matrix Of Light
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    + How to Experiencing your Inner Light.
    4 lectures 19:16

    Evolve your shamanic practice to journey to experience who you are beyond your skin — which is divine spiritual light. This is a core practice that will evolve as you grow in your confidence and power.

    How to fully experience your pure radiant inner Light

    In this shamanic journey you become the light - simply radiating without effort. Like the stars, the moon and and sun - you simply drink the light into every cell of your being and become the light.

    Engage is this Divine Light Radiating Journey - a guided sensory world.

    Can you believe it! We have come to the end of your beginners masterclass in Shamanic Journeying. If you enjoyed this offering be on the lookout as I have an advanced shamanic journeying technique class waiting in the wings.

    Radiant Light Beings I Humbly Give Thanks To You All

    This is my chance to say thank you to you all and to offer you discounts to my other courses. Blessings to you all for being here.

    Preview 01:22