SFIA Implementation Guidance

Attract, Develop and Retain your Top Tech Talent!
How to attract, develop and retain top tech talent
How to use SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age
What the key challenges are for IT executives
Talent management for digital, IT and technology-related skills and competencies


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Designed for those who are thinking about using SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age, in their organization. Suitable for technology managers, Human Resource specialists and Learning and Development managers, and all with an interest in Digital Skills Management for their specialist resources with Information and Communications Technology, Digital, Cybersecurity, Systems and Software Development, and any other technology-related disciplines.

Why is SFIA important to you?

  • People, their skills and experience, have become a critical aspect for the operations of companies with a dependency on Information & Communications Technology.

  • Most companies don’t know the current skills of their Digital, Cybersecurity and ICT Workforce, or what they need short, medium or long term

  • Without this, there is significant risk of visible business disruption, cybersecurity breach, digital transformation and project failure, compromised ability to deliver products and services to customers at agreed levels, poor employee engagement, recruitment and retention, ineffective training and development

SkillsTx are a Global SFIA Training Provider, accredited by the SFIA Foundation

Our full catalogue and a schedule of instructor-led training is available on the SkillsTx website, including accredited training courses at foundation-level, for Practitioners and Consultants.

Check out your Digital Skills Management Maturity (DSMM)

In this world of ever increasing change, survival means reaching digital maturity ahead of your competitors.

With skills in VERY short supply, effective Digital Skills Management (DSM) is critical to your success.

So ask yourself, how well does my organization do DSM, where are you on the maturity scale?

We’ll provide with a detailed analysis of your maturity together with over 40 pages of advice and guidance.

All this for a 5 minute survey!! Available on the SkillsTx website

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in using SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) in their organizations
  • CIOs, CTOs, IT executives, CISOs
  • HR Business Partners working with IT
  • Learning and Development specialists working with IT

Course content

2 sections7 lectures43m total length
  • SFIA Implementation Workshop


SFIA Accredited Consultant and Trainer
Matthew Burrows
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 74 Reviews
  • 553 Students
  • 2 Courses

Matthew Burrows is a past President of the Institute of Service Management, contributor to service management and project management standards and publications, member of the SFIA Council and the Global Design Authority for SFIA (the Skills Framework for the Information Age).

An internationally-recognised thought leader, SFIA Accredited Consultant and Trainer, Matthew and his colleagues in SkillsTx work with companies and governments to improve Digital Skills Management maturity, and how to attract, develop and retain Digital, ICT, Cybersecurity and other technology-focussed professionals.

Accredited by the SFIA Foundation
SkillsTx Accredited Global SFIA Training Provider
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 74 Reviews
  • 552 Students
  • 2 Courses

SkillsTx are a Global SFIA Training Provider, accredited by the SFIA Foundation.