Sexual harassment at workplace

Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual hrrassment
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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 in detail
Applicability, Scope and Covered bodies
Common scenerios
What is sexual harassment and What is not sexual harassment
What constitutes Complaint Committee
How to file a complaint
What are important timelines
Explain how the redressal mechanism is carried out by the complaints committee
Enlist the rights
Duties and obligations of Employers
Answering FAQs
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  • Knowledge of using the internet to browse the web.
  • Understanding of the English language.


Self-Assessment questions:

  1. Are men also covered in the Act

  2. If a guy proposes to a girl for marriage/for a date. Is this sexual harassment?

  3. If a male friend has hugged her female friend. Is this sexual harassment?

  4. If something happens while travelling in an office bus. Does this come under this act?

  5. A female staff has got her nails painted and a male staff teases her for that. Is this sexual harassment?

  6. Now if this same male staff is the husband of this female staff and teases her for her nail paint. Then is this sexual harassment?

  7. Starring/winking. Is this sexual harassment?

We will be covering this and many more topics in detail.

Section 1: Self-Assessment and Objectives

  • Self-Assessment and Objectives

Section 2: Introduction

  • Purpose of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013

  • History

  • Applicability and Scope

Section 3: Sexual Harassment

  • Meaning

  • Types

  • Different scenarios

Section 4: Complaint Committee

  • Complaint Committee

  • Powers

  • Complaint Mechanism and Timelines

Section 5: Employer

  • Duties and obligations

  • Penalities

Section 6: Rights of Complainant and Respondent

  • Complainant

  • Respondent

Section 7: FAQs

  • FAQs

Who this course is for:

  • All the employees/employers
  • Legal professional who want to be a part of Complaint Committee

Course content

8 sections16 lectures46m total length
  • Self-Assessment and Objectives


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