Setting Goals (Certificate): Realistic & Achievable Goals

Set yourself up for success! How to set and achieve realistic and meaningful goals.
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How to identify a meaningful goal
What motivates the goal
Setting a realistic and achievable goal
Measure the goal progress
Produce a timeline and deadlines for your goals
Rewards for achieving the goal


  • Willing to dedicate yourself to goal setting
  • Prepared to work hard on making changes to your life


Setting Goals

  • Identify the relevant goals

    - Select a goal with meaning

    - What motivates the goal?

    - What do you want to achieve?

  • The motivation behind the goal

    - What is the reward?

    - Will it improve your life?

  • Setting a realistic and achievable goal

    - Do you have a realistic timeline?

    - Is the process achievable?

    - Can you complete the goal?

  • Measure the progress and produce a timeline with deadlines

    - Monitor the progress

    - Create action points

    - Establish a deadline

    - Enjoy the milestones

  • Manage setbacks and increase success

    - Identify the challenges

    - Create a plan to manage the setbacks

    - Don't get discouraged

  • The reward for achieving the goal

    - Reward yourself for achieving the goal

    - What is the actual reward for achieving the goal

Theo Heath is helping to shape goal-focused, healthy and balanced individuals

We all have different personalities and goals

Because of that, Theo Heath help students create realistic goals and set them up for success

Looking at all these different categories of setting goals, we will be able to produce great goals that will benefit you

Benefits of setting and achieving goals:

- Goal setting creates direction

- Your goals will define you later in life

- Become more productive

- Enjoy milestones

- Increase health

- Financial improvement

- Boost your career

- Reduce stress

- Improve resting habits

- Enjoy a balanced lifestyle

- Create stability and order

- Increase your mental health

- Enjoy healthy relationships

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals wanting to achieve goals
  • Individuals willing to learn how to set realistic goals

Course content

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