Serving Well in China

A Cultural Framework for Serving in China
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understand and appreciate the confusion and complexity that is modern China, and that whatever China seems to be at any given moment, it is, in fact, the opposite.
identify key cultural "rules" that govern how people in China interact with one another.
identify key features of the Chinese educational system and who how it directly affects and informs the worldview of the Chinese people they encounter.
identify areas of expectation that they are likely to bring to their China experience and predict where adjustments need to be made.
identify key principles for successful cross-cultural adjustment and living in China.


  • No materials or prior knowledge of the subject are required.


Serving Well in China

Are you a Christian preparing to serve in China, or maybe you’re already there?

Are you working with Chinese students in your home country?

This course is definitely for you.

China is one of the few places in the world where a statement can be completely true and completely false all at the same time. With a rich history and strong cultural values that are now being redefined by a complicated contemporary society, China can be a daunting place to navigate.

We’re here to help! This course is less about a set of answers and more about presenting a framework with which to process the complexities of China. When you encounter confusing situations or cultural differences, what you learn here will help you reconcile them with your cultural background and expectations.

What’s inside?

  • Five video lectures (each 10-20 mins long)
  • Accompanying quizzes
  • Questions for reflection/discussion
  • A list of resources for further study
  • Training conducted by seasoned, professional trainers with over 40 years of combined experience working and living in China, and over 20 years of experience training westerners to serve effectively in China
  • Valuable information and insight on contemporary Chinese society and culture
  • Practical advice on managing cultural differences
  • An explanation of various cultural “rules” that govern how people in China interact with one another
  • A description of the key features of the Chinese educational system and how it directly affects and informs the worldview of the Chinese people
  • An examination of areas of expectation that may need to be adjusted
  • Key principles for successful cross-cultural adjustment and living in China

What you’ll get?

Whether you are just getting started in China or are a seasoned Middle Kingdom sojourner, this course will deepen your understanding of why China is the way it is, allowing for a more fruitful and effective ministry.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for members of the Christian faith-based community who are serving in China or plan to serve in China.
  • It will also be helpful for those who are serving Mainland Chinese in their home countries.


Serving the China Ministry Community
ChinaSource Institute
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In the diverse world of China ministry, where organizations & individuals are engaged in opportunities to serve Mainland Chinese people, inside and outside of China, ChinaSource Institute provides easily accessible, high quality, professional services that are relevant and useful in equipping those who are serving China today. We offer online courses and on-site training on a wide variety of cross-cultural & orientation topics, focusing on the China context and designed to serve to those involved in Christian ministry.

Joann Pittman
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Joann Pittman is Senior Vice-President of ChinaSource. She went to China in 1984 to teach English for one year, and ended up staying for 28 years. During her time in China she lived in three different cities (Zhengzhou, Changchun, and Beijing) and worked as a teacher, program director, language learning coach, and cross-cultural trainer.

She has also served as adjunct faculty at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), Wheaton College, (IL), and Taylor University (IN), teaching courses on Chinese history, contemporary society, and Chinese language.

Joann has a B.A. from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul (MN), and an M.A. in teaching from the University of St. Thomas (MN).

She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and is the author of Survival Chinese Lessons.

Amy Young
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Amy Young began her China career in 1992, when she set off to be an English teacher. Over the course of her 20 years in China, she taught university students and middle school students. In addition, she worked as a teacher trainer, curriculum director, personnel director, and program director for a large teaching organization. She has also served as an adjunct faculty at Wheaton College (IL) and Azusa Pacific University (CA), teaching courses on ESL and curriculum development.

She is currently on the leadership team of Velvet Ashes, an online community of women serving in an overseas context.

Amy has a BA and and MA from the University of Kansas (KS), and a MA from Denver Seminary. She is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Colorado.

She is the author of Looming Transitions: Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-cultural Service.

Her personal blog, “The Messy Middle,” can be found at messymiddle(dot)com.

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