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We live in a digital world, and everything around us is shaped according to that. In order to blend into this world, we use SEO tools for our website content. All of the major websites owe their success to SEO. That is why we can say that it is something inevitable. So what is SEO, and what makes it so crucial in the digital world? SEO stands for search engine optimization. To know what is SEO, first, you should know what search engines are and how they operate. Then you can see the importance of SEO.

If the internet is a library, search engine is a librarian, and the books are web pages. You go to a library to search for something, and you ask the librarian where are the books that you are looking for. The librarian shows you where you can find the books. However, a search engine goes beyond that and brings you the results it considers the best.

When you type something to a search engine, it looks through all the content in its index and gives you the most relevant results. So how does the search engine do it?

It gives the best results according to the search content. So let’s say you are looking for something specific like ‘floor wax,’ the search engine gives you the most relevant web pages according to the content that they include as keywords. This is where SEO kicks in.

The web pages the search engine brings out on the first page or the first row doesn’t have to be the best ones. For example, the first web page about floor wax, may not include the best quality wax product. However, there are some adjustments that the page owners did to rank it higher up in the search engine. These adjustments are called Search Engine Optimization.

In our lesson, we examine the topic of SEO down to the finest details.

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