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Attention websites who want to increase their revenue, profit margins and get more FREE traffic:

You're about to discover the secrets of How to get more leads, traffic and sales with SEO AND without the pain of spending $000s of dollars on ads.

Hi, my name’s Julian Goldie, I’m not going to bore you with all the marketing hype but I’m a published author of the best-selling SEO book link building mastery, the owner of link building company Goldie Agency, you might’ve seen my YouTube channel, I’ve helped thousands of websites with SEO.

And now I'd like to invite you to watch our FREE course:

SEO Link Building For Beginners: How to 10X Your SEO Traffic & Grow Your Website With Backlinks!

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  • The game-changing secrets to ranking higher on google to get more leads, traffic and sales

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  • Everything you need to know about backlinks and how to use them in SEO.

Who this course is for:

  • Websites owners and SEO beginners who want to increase their revenue, profit margins and get more FREE traffic.


Founder and CEO of Goldie Agency
Julian Goldie
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Julian is the founder and CEO of Goldie Agency, a link building agency that helps websites boost their rankings with backlinks.

He has helped hundreds of sites, generated over 200+ 5 star reviews on UpWork from happy clients and made millions of dollars for my clients in sales.

He is a best selling SEO author of his book Link Building Mastery

Created the Link Building Mastery video course

He also created the Link Building with Julian Goldie podcast, Youtube channel and Facebook Group

His story: 

Things may seem smooth and easy for me now, but they weren’t always this way…

Despite spending months writing content and building my first website, I knew I couldn’t rank without backlinks.

But I had no idea where to get started:

– I tried building links on social media sites and forums, but that never yielded results.

– I posted on Facebook Groups and nobody was interested.

– I tried doing all of this and still, nothing helped my website’s rankings.

The truth was, it wasn’t just my website’s rankings and domain rating that were dismal, my self-confidence had taken a huge hit too.

I have always been someone that would set goals and achieve them… and when I saw that backlinks could help me get the traffic that I yearned for, I wanted that…

However, no matter how I tried, I just could not “crack the link building code”. I stopped believing in myself.

After a while, I realized that I was doing ALL these things, but nobody was paying any attention to me no matter what I tried.

That was until something life-changing happened… I read an article about link building and realized that I had been doing it all wrong. I needed to try something called “outreach”.

I decided that I would do exactly that… every morning, I would dedicate an hour solely to link building outreach.

I implemented 5 key strategies:

1: Create amazing content that I knew could attract links

2: Follow up with every single website I contacted – at least 2-3 times

3: Reach out at scale – and email dozens of sites requesting a backlink

4: Build relationships with website owners and create an ‘army of sharers’ willing to link to my content

5: Use cold email to do all of this at scale

I thought all would be solved once I started working on link building outreach but it’s not that easy. I had to painstakingly tweak and optimise every stage of the process.

– Every email I sent needed to be optimized for email deliverability

– Every prospect I reached out to needed to be carefully filtered.

– And the content I produced had to be the best in the industry.

I stuck to my guns though, each time I failed I picked myself back up again and again.

It got easier…

Slowly but surely, I grew my website to 1,500 visitors a day and started getting more sales.

(That seems like a tiny amount now but it felt like a massive improvement at the time!)

I’ll never forget how I managed to build 30 backlinks from outreach in 1 week, just by using the same process over and over again.

As time passed, my self-confidence grew as well…

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