[Sendinblue] Email Marketing Certification (part 2)

Sendinblue Academy: Free email marketing course
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10 successful tactics for growing your email contact list.
How to create an eye-catching signup form with Sendinblue.
Welcome emails and the common mistakes to avoid.
Always choose the right design for your emails (HTML vs. plain text emails)
Create outstanding emails with the Sendinblue Drag & Drop Editor.
Get a best practices checklist on what you should test before hitting the send button.
Be aware of the key components that affect the delivery rate of your emails.
Understand the impact that your sender name, subject line, sending time, and sending frequency have on the open rate of your emails.
Learn how to design your emails and newsletters to maximize clicks.
A full overview on how A/B testing in email marketing works.
Knowledge on when to test which element and how to analyze the results.
Guidance on how to set up an A/B test in Sendinblue.


  • Free Sendinblue account (optional)


In Sendinblue's email marketing course, you will learn email marketing from the ground up. Upon completion of the certification, you'll have the knowledge to create an email marketing strategy that effectively builds lasting engagement and stronger relationships with your customers as you grow and scale your business!

Learn email marketing the way it should be done from our email marketing experts as they show you hands-on practical tips and give you insights from the latest market trends!

Get expert advice on

  • how to handle personalized contact management and segmentation.

  • how to optimize your campaign's performance.

  • how to growe your subscriber list with compelling signup forms.

This course is designed to give you the full view on how to become a successful email marketer! Give your career a boost by getting the email marketing certification!

Get certified as an email marketing expert!

Learn everything you need to know about email marketing – from email deliverability to GDPR.

After finishing this email marketing training certification, you will receive your personal expert certificate. You can add this to your CV or LinkedIn to show that you are an email marketing expert. This can help increase your career opportunities within your company as well, and prove that you know how to use email marketing successfully.

Learn how to use a professional email marketing tool with confidence, increase your market value, and actively contribute to the success of your company with your newly acquired knowledge. Success knows no boundaries. Continuing education with Sendinblue Academy can help you justify your next salary increase and give you more job security.

Who this course is for:

  • designed for beginners and advanced marketers
  • email marketing managers
  • CRM managers
  • online marketing managers
  • sales managers
  • CEOs
  • CMOs
  • consultants
  • agencies

Course content

4 sections26 lectures1h 58m total length
  • This is part 2 of Sendinblue's free email marketing course
  • Designing Your Signup Form
  • Signup Form Positioning
  • More Tricks to Grow Your Email Contact List
  • Creating a double opt-in email with Sendinblue
  • Creating a signup form with Sendinblue
  • Extra Tip: Welcome Email
  • Creating a Welcome Workflow in Sendinblue
  • Using the Profile Update Form
  • Creating a Profile Update Form with Sendinblue
  • The Ideal Unsubscribe Process
  • Creating an Unsubscribe Form with Sendinblue
  • Quiz
    4 questions


CRM & Academy Manager @ Sendinblue
Valerie Khalifeh
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Email marketing is my passion. Since 2016, I have been studying this broad field and regularly give talks on the subject. My specialty is attracting, retaining and reactivating customers with the help of strategic automation mailings. In my talks, I give advice on this, show best practice methods and illustrate the tips with newsletter examples from practice.